Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 26)


Starts with Misha and Neil are tensed to see rads, Misha cups rads face and ask her chasni Ru fine, what happened to you, y ur not talking, Ru listening to me chasni… Misha worries for rads, rads is still lost in arjuns words, Misha plead with her to speak something, rads start to cry vigorously, Misha says hey chasni, y ur crying, Pls tell me what happened, rads hugs her tightly and is still crying, Misha paths her hair and shoulder and tries to console her, rads break from hug and is abt to say something, just then she feels dizzy, and her vision gets blurred, Misha sees her getting dizzy calls out chasni, rads faints and is abt to fall down Neil and Misha holds her from falling, Neil ask Misha to hold rads tight, he runs to get water, Neil sprinkles water on rads face, but it’s no use, Neil holds rads hand and checks her pulse he tells Misha, v have to take her to hospital, Misha worries and looks at rads cryingly…

Scene 2

Neil goes to get his car. Misha calls tittu and says that chasni came, she s not feeling well am taking her to hospital, tittu says am also coming, Misha says, no need, u go to hostel and inform our warden, I vll call u after sometime, Misha cuts the call… Neil brings his car, he goes and pick radhika in his arms and put her in back seat, Misha to gets in and make rads head to rest in her laps..

Scene cuts to arjun drinking and remembering rads confession, he gets angry and broke the glass, his hands get injured, his blood drops in the carpet, he s still remembering abt rads confession, he take another cup and drink it in one gulp and throws the cup away, he goes to take bath….

Scene 3

Rads in hospital being checked by doctor, doctor tells them nothing to worry, due to stress and weakness she fainted, u can take her home aft some time, Misha thanks her, doctor says it’s our duty, she prescribes some medicine for rads, doctor goes… Misha comes to Neil to thank him, Neil looks at her and says I dont need ur thanks, he takes the slip from her and goes to get medicine, Misha looks at him surprised….

Rads and Misha conversation, Misha tells rads it’s time to see new radhika mishra, rads looks at her…

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. Nice epi..precap seems to be interesting. …..arjun loves radhika but y did he do this ?

  2. super yaar.misha is true friend and not able to bear the friend’s insult and do for anything.
    Neil is charming and helping .he will become the moral supporter for rads.
    Now the story is set on right path and leads its way to awesome one…
    Love you deepa.Please continue

  3. Deepa… Nice one.. And That Arjun… What the need of breaking glass and cutting hand??? Whatever you did is done now… No use of this… Please Deepa don’t mind as I said so but I get Angry when I saw any girls to be insulted by her loving one… Why the world is like this???My friend also suffered because of this…

    1. Same yaar..i too get angry on seeing those person who insults their loved ones…sometimes I too think that y People r like this..
      As the saying goes on that ” We care for those person who don’t Value us and we don’t look or care for those person who r actually and Truly Caring for us “..This is the BITTER TRUTH buddy…wat to do…

      1. Heyyy… Aaliya… Thanks dude… But why girls are became victims most of the time…. Anyways Thanks again…. Yes it’s a bitter truth… And I hope that your net connection gets faster…

  4. Deepa Awesome buddy..Misha and Rads Friendship is Awesome ? and Neil is too Awesome ❤ to c Bold and Confident and Modern Rads eagerly waiting for that….
    Waiting to c Arj’s Reaction on seeing different Rads and I am sure he will get a BBBBBBBIIIIIIGGGGGG shock..get ready ?…
    Waiting for NiMisha’s love story to blossom..
    U said me to write Story yaar…i have a Story on my mind if I have free time then I will definitely try it for u buddy..By the way Thanks..
    Take care ?..keep writing and waiting for next part ( Pls update a BBBBBBIIIIIIIGGGGGGG epi next time to c d CHANGE in RADS ) ❤ u loads..

  5. nice episode deepa…the story is more and more interesting buddy

  6. Wow Deepa! Your story everytime gets interesting.Looks like Radhika is going to have brand new avatar.Loving it.Hey everyone Happy Dussehra .

  7. Hey Deepa darling it’s really ????

  8. Hey deepa dear nice one…. arjun ko na ek tappad maarna chahiye rads ek baar arjun ko tappad maar do na plzzzz. Deepa dear

  9. Deepa super episode ya… Neil wow. ..such a sweet person. .. seiyuradhulam senjitu yen glass a udache scene create panuran arjun… rads and Neil nalla frnds aganum adha pathu arjun jealous aganum. .. eagerly waiting for nxt episode. ..

  10. Deepa two epi in one day. Im loving it. Neil was too good. Sweet. No words to describe him. And misha she is a sweet heart. True frnd. I think arjun has some history or fb that will be revealed later. I am just waiting to see the modern radz. Just eagerly waiting how events will turn.

  11. Hyy deepa day by day ur story intersting yaar…… Rads and misha friendship very nice and waiting for coming epd, luv u dear……..

  12. Nice yaar

  13. day by dad its very interesting dear keep it up.

  14. Hi deepa dear, awesome episode. Neil and misha are the best. Time to show Arjun Radhika’s strong and bold avataar. You go girl…waiting for nimish love story as well…totally loving this storyline…Keep it up and please update soon next episodes…Love you loads and very very tight hug

  15. hey deepa dr reaaaaally vry nice episode. waiting for nxt dr.ur stry is gng interesting day by day.keep continue buddy.luv u loads.

  16. Hey deepa i am a silent reader of ur stry its so sweet so romantic i love to read your story.. Wow…

  17. Thank u so much dr…anyways we r soon gng to see bold radhika …waiting eagerly for your next post…..

  18. hey deepa dear romba nal aachu ma. hey story is taking its interesting turn. superrrrrr. keep it going. nw i lik neil vry muchhhhhhhh….

  19. Hey deepa, luv u dear,

    Really nice to read today’s episode

    neil+misha = nisha bonding going stronger nice dear. Loved it. and waiting it to reached their destination safely.

    Aradhika nice to read arjun gone drunk well loved to read about his condition more and excited to read more about new avataar of radhika .

    Well even make a new career for her . In serial she is a successful writer . I doubt whats up in ur mind deepa dear.

    What do you want to make her a singer , painter , writer, or what waiting dear for ur reply.

  20. Hey deepa dear and all my lovieeeeeeees check out radhika /monica new promo shoot for movie channel

  21. hiiii everyone hiii DEEPA
    omg… I didn’t expect this from arjun’s side yarrr … I’m also shocked to see his typical guy attitude. poor radzz. plss radz never give up. we are eagerly waiting for her new attitude and boldness.
    thnx god neil n misha came on right time to save her.
    loved nimish convo. keep continue. waiting for next episode.

  22. Hey zara whats up dear

    how r u dear . So many days passed to talk to u.
    Dear can’t u visit nats page dear . There i miss u dear. luv u dear Visit there and have chat with us.

    keep writing . luv u dear.

    1. Hey Nisha tanks 4 te promo!!!n wich channel is it going to b broadcasted???sp?????I cud not watch it coz I’m busy in studies.imy xam resumes n mon.soo kindly cud u Tel me te name f te serial n in channel.

  23. @nisha – I’m fine dear… actually nowadays am quite busy according to my schedule that’s why I didn’t come.
    anyways how r you? ?? every thing is fine?

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