Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 25)


Starts with Neil asking Misha, y ur so tensed for this, she may have gone for some important work, Misha says she won’t go anywhere without informing me, Neil says OK she would have forget to inform you, Misha says let it be whatever, but dunno how v going to reach hostel, and it’s raining heavily, dunno what important work she is doing in rain, Neil says then what u think, everybody will b resting and playing like u uh,u only don’t do any work, let ur friend at least b smarter than you, am happy tat radhika is not like you she s good girl, am very proud of her, Misha looks at him and says rads is my friend she vll b good only, Neil ask her whether she called rads, Misha says yes, but her phone is switched off, idiot girl, Neil says ur friend na, she vll b like u only, Misha says oh, what a comedy, I laughed… Better try something different, Neil surprisingly looks at her fun loving nature.

Scene cuts to ardhika arjuns lips is mere inch away from rads lips, rads is shivering heavily and still has her eyes closed, arjun clutches her hair hard, she winches in pain and looks at him bewildered, arjun ask what did u say, u have started loving me uh, wow, what a joke, what a joke, rads looks at him shocked.

Scene 2

Rads looks at arjun, arjun pushes rads and says what status u have to love me. Tell me ardhika,, tears roll down from rads eye hearing his words, he holds her and ask which ur fallen up to and how can u think that I will accept ur love, come on tell me… Rads stand there she’ll shocked, he start to insult and taunt her more, rads unable to bear this, burst out asking if u din love me, y did u come close to me, tell me…. Arjun says hey look this is modern world everyone has their taste of living, and their taste also differ, u are not equal to me, u don’t know to be modern also, finally at last I can’t answer all ur question, my confession is that I never loved u, and it’s impossible for me to love u,u got it so better go in ur way, becouse ur way and my way are different,,,, good bye… Arjun leaves from there, rads is shattered by his confession, she breaks down into crying, all the incident starting from first, their first meet, kiss, intimacy and dance come into her flashes and at last arjuns words, what status u have to love me, and ur not my type girl, she wipes her tears and start to walk.


Rads is walking all lost, arjuns confession echo’s in her mind, Misha sees rads going and calls her, but rads continues to walk, Misha runs after her, rads reach main road and is still lost in arjuns words, some car rushes to her with heavy speed, Misha sees the car and shouts ardhika but before rads get hit, Neil saves and drags her to the side, Neil scolds rads, rads still lost, seeing rads condition Neil holds her and and ask what happened radhika,Ru ok, Misha rushes to her and ask the same, but rads remain silent, both Neil and Misha get tensed…

Rads hugs Misha and cry vigorously, Misha tries to console her, suddenly ardhika faints, Neil takes them to hospital

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. very nice.neil concern is much more better than arjun today.what is the motive of arjun’s this his reality or facking ? don’t know but eagerly waiting for the more to happen..
    great job deepa please continue.

    1. Thank u nandhini,act arjun hasn’t realized his feeling for her,his ego and status vll not allow him to accept his feelings…

  2. Deepa dear… painfull episodde????…. plz dont do this na…. patch up karlo yaar….

    1. Hi hayathi come n yaar,heraft only the story s going to get interesting and soon vll see rads bold and modern avatar yaar

      1. Oh thats nice dear….actually with out twist and turns story nahi hogi….. keep rocking…. u r from tanilnadu…. i am working at chennai

  3. Yen deepa endha arjun epudi panuran. .. Pavam rads. . Tight slap vidanum arjun ku… Neil wow such a sweet boy. .. arjun na nalla rads pinadi alaya vidunga. ..rads avalo sekeram accept pana kudathu arjun na. …eagerly waiting for rads bold n Morden avathar. ..

    1. Hey aradhana new solrathu correct than yaar,arjun rads pinnadi poganum avan beg pannanum,even though rads shouldn’t accept him,then arjun should again make her fall for him by going crazy

  4. Nice one 🙂 really surprised why arjun is behaving like that…!!

    1. Tats his character anvesha he s so rich na,


    1. Hey Valli,same yaar arjun s loving her,BT his status and ego vll not allow him so easy to accept his love,well he doesn’t have any motive n all yaar,his story s full of romance,no suspense, no revenge game n all,its only abt love

      1. I Am waiting for next u yaar..

  6. Deepa dear,Arjun’s words really harsh, it broke Radhika very badly. Liked the nimish scene.Neil’s concern and saving Radhika was really nice…Keep it up dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode and bold and strong Radhika…Please update soon…love you loads

    1. Hi Roma,thank u so much Dr…

  7. Aradhana naaga Tamil ha ? Which state

    1. Tamil nadu

      1. Hey deepu and aradhana mee to Tamil yaar

      2. I am also tamilian

  8. Hey deepa…nice episode dear….i hope neil makes arjun realize his mistake…..waiting to see a new and modern rads….

  9. Heyyy Deepa… How are you??? Missed yesterday’s episode… Anyways I loved today’s one…. Hope Arjun will come to hospital…And Neil is always cool..

    1. Hey brity am fine yaar,how abt u buddy,

  10. Deepa practically awesome buddy Neil’s friendly concern about Rads and Pairing with Misha too is nice..Emotionally Arj insulted too much yaar So poor and Sad for Rads..Rads get up and Show ur bold Attitude and Confidence and one main thing buddy Don’t Accept Arj’s feelings when he proposes u..( its not about Revenge but its about the trust u had earlier on him )
    Deepa waiting for your next Awesome storyline to come up..
    Precap I didn’t get that Rads is fainting or both ArDhika is fainting yaar..
    In making Rads bold I think Neil will help her and Make Arj realize that Rads is Gem and he insulted yaar and on seeing this Misha and Neil will definitely fall for each other..Waiting buddy…
    Take care ?…love ❤ u loads and a tight hug and it would be great if I meet u..hoping…Take care ?

    1. Hey aliya tight hug for u buddy, even u can start writing stories yaar,vill u,

  11. Hai deepa,
    Radhu- poor.
    Arjun- bad.
    Neil & misha – sweet & cute.
    2day epi – superb.

    1. Thanks so much naomi

  12. Nice deepa…….but why is arjun being like this?

    1. Hey poulame,bcos arjun is lovable idiot yaar

  13. good interesting episode dear

    1. Thank u swara,wru from dr

  14. Superb episode deepa …I hope rads will become strong now ?….poor rads

    1. Hey lucky she vll become bold yes of course yaar and even she vll take new avatar dr

  15. Hi deepa dr.I have read ur story yesterday dr,but the net speed is vry slow yaar,so iam not able to comment yesterday,now iam here to comment for u buddy,the way u turning d story is really vry nice.keep continue like dis buddy.I hope arjun realize his love for rads in further episodes.

    1. Hey chiini,no prolem yaar…hru dr

  16. One more thing dear…. if rads change like that…. so arjun ko uski style se pasand hogana usse nahi.. this is not like pure love na….

    1. Act arjun s loving rads yaar due to his ego and personality he s not accepting it…in further episode he vll b confused of his feeling for her,BT anyway he won’t accept it, by that time rads vll b turning bold enough for him…and with rads boldness and modern avater he vll go crazier to her….

  17. Waiting 4 rads new look . Surely then rads will make arjun jealous by going near other guy n neil will support her n then arjun will realize his love. Superb story. Plz deepa don’t mind if i changed ur story’s track. I was just predicting what could happen as i predict other serials.

    1. Hey aparna I loved ur prediction yaar,,,



    I love neil-misha convo at least neil love misha first and love to read their love journey.

    And moreover arjun insults rads Expected what to expect He is living outiside india. Young dashing personality Have any girl than why rads when she is a simple girl.

    Expected from him but not so harshly. But loved the episode at least he doesn’t know bechaare ko kya kya kis kis se sunne ko milegaa

    Well now neil have to go to him and realize his mistake so dat at least he should knew what he does wrong .

    And this is the time for rad to come out more stronger more confident , more focussed to her career coz she doesn’t come out from her home to just fell in love she will have to do for her mother sake.

    This is the time when she need an another guy in her life what say deepa,

    Yes an another guy now rads will have to focussed more in her studies and an another guy will have to come in her life who motivate her love her in heartedly and makes jealous arjun and makes him realize his love for rats.

    Seriously loved it because never seen arjun avataar as a jealous person .

    Oooooooooooooooooh share ur thoughts deepa dear’

    Well a video for u dear masakali deepa. Feel like fly in the air of writing.

    1. Hey Nisha,even I love to make arjun jealous yaar….this I expected more from manmarziyan,BT stupid sp axed our show…sure upcoming episode vll b more interesting yaar…as u like,love u buddy tight hug for u….ur song selection s super buddy…enjoyed it yaar

    2. hi nishu how r u yaar…missing u yaar

  19. nice epi yaar…but make Arjun love old Radhika

    1. Hi sree,arjun loves old rads only yaar,BT His feeling vll haunt him by seeing new avatar of rads…

  20. not changed one

  21. How rude Arjun was.I think it is true ego is the worst enemy.I like Nimish pairing.Waiting for Next episode.Love u.

    1. S Tanya I agree with u buddy

  22. i wanted to ask about the precap…..ardhika faints???? will both arjun and radhika faint or is it misspelt, only radhika will faint???

    1. Its only radhika yaar,spell mistske

  23. i am new here.
    Deepa really loved your story
    feel bad for Radhs

    check Monica Sehgai’s 40 seconds add for movies ok

    Selfie Queen

    1. Sure sash,wru from

  24. Gud epd yaar i think arjun fall in radhika…….but 2day epd so painful…… poor radhu and h r u deepa?

    1. Am fine snu,how abt u dr

  25. Thank god u didn’t reveal every word uttered by Arjun …or else I would hav become more emotions,..deepa u r making me attached to ur story….luv u loads …
    soon bring bold radhika dr ..waiting fr that …

  26. Thank god u didn’t reveal every word uttered by Arjun …or else I would hav become more emotional,..deepa u r making me attached to ur story….luv u loads …
    soon bring bold radhika dr ..waiting fr that …

  27. how r u deepa?

  28. Episode was nice but poor rads….neil misha scenes superb. ..I hope arjun realize his mistake

  29. were you asking me Deepa
    If so, I am from Kerala

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