Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 23)

Starts with Neil holding Misha hand tightly and looks at her angrily, Misha tells him to leave her hand as it’s Hurting, Neil leaves her hand, he ask her what’s her problem, y ur always making me angry by doing silly things,,, Misha says it was just an accident, I didn’t do it intentialy, and anyways it’s ur fault who told you to come in my ways,u should have stopped seeing me right…
Neil: how dare u, ur pointing finger at me…
Misha: am not pointing you, I am just telling the truth, u should have stopped seeing me
Neil: oh,, ic!, he start to walk towards her saying ur telling that, I bumped to u wantedly, is tat right…
Misha step backward and tells oh,no it’s not like that, but anyways it’s my mistake only, am sorry, she fells into the bench, Neil comes closer to her, Misha gets afraid, Neil says ur sorry doesn’t matter to me, u have to pay for ur deeds, he stretches his arms Misha closes her eyes, Neil took another cup of drink and pours it on her, Misha gets up and shouts what the hell u did,, Neil says oh am sorry problem finish that’s it, now go and clean ur clothes, I don’t need it help u got it, he looks at her and leaves from there, Misha gets angry and scolds him.

Scene 2

Rads is in library keeping some books in her hands,, she is thinking how to meet him and tell him abt her feeling, just then she sees arjun coming to library, she watches him for sometime, he s busy talking with librarian, after their conversation arjun leaves from there, rads gets up and follows arjun, she din have guts to call his name, so she follows him wherever he goes,,, arjun reaches field he feels rads presence turns and sees her and ask her what u doing, what u want, rads with great difficult tells him that she have to talk to him something important, arjun says speak loudly, I can’t hear anything, rads gets shy abt how to start, her nervousness increases when she sees arjun coming towards her, arjun comes and stands in front of her, rads stood blankly, arjun ask her to tell him what’s the matter, rads struggles to get words out from her mouth, whereas arjuns concentration is on her lips.

Scene 3

Heavy winds blows, flowers are blossoming over them, both looking at each other, arjun comes closer to rads, rads heart is jumping inside by his presence, arjun raises his hand and pluck out the flower from rads silly hair, he then caresses her hair, rads shivers by his touch, stubs hand reaches her face, he caresses her face leaving rads to close her eyes,,, arjun huskily tells her, still u didn’t tell me anything, how long u going to take it to tell… His husky voice makes her drove towards him,,, she slowly opens her lips and tells l,l,l I have got feelings for you, she still has her eyes closed, arjun looking at her.

Arjun gets close to rads and holds her hair…

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. Oh no deepa dear…. first arjun havebto tell his feelings plzzzz.

  2. Hi Deepa dear, I like Neil misha pair too. Superrr job dear…

  3. Heyyy…Deepa.. Is it a dream secuence??? I mean is Radika dreaming??? Anyways love it Buddy…. How are you? And @Mandy,@Tasnim,@Hayatri,@Thena,@Nisha And the others… How are you GUYS???!!”

    1. Hey brity dear….. i am fine what abt u….. ?????

    2. Hayatri… I’m fine… And a very Good Morning…

  4. wow nice update buddy,waiting for nxt. update asap dr.

  5. Waiting fr some more romance…ur episodes are so nice dr

  6. deepa episode was so good.I felt liking neil and misha more than ardhika in this epi…good going

  7. wow deepa dad by day its very interesting

  8. deepa nice epi….liked the counterpart between neil n misha….liking there story too…hey dear one request itani jaldi aradhika love confession mat karo na thoda aur twist n turns wants….

  9. Hi deepa…nice episode dear…i liked neil-misha fights…waiting for next part….

  10. Hi deepa m commenting here 1st time jst wanted to say that ur story iz really awesome loved ardhika scenes

  11. its realy awsome…. ur very romantic deepa

  12. I have always loved the way u write deepa……I’m sure there will be some twists and turns in it…….waiting for them……

  13. Lovely episode deepa. Please don’t make Arjun taking revenge from Radz. Your story is getting very interesting.Loving neil and misha pair also.It’s really beautiful.Please continue and update soon, eagerly waiting for the next episode.. Love you loadso

  14. Super buddy..Loved Misha and Neil’s pair….seeing different side of Neil from Serial..i mean in Manmarziyaan he is cool attitude guy but here he is rude I like it..keep going buddy..Awesome epi..but I am wondering is this a dream sequence seen by Rads..u r making me curious to read next part about NeSha and titu scenes yaar today..waiting for next..pls post soon..

  15. suppeerrr yaar deepa….llved todays episode but i want arjun to tell his feelings first not rads……is he loving rads really or acting means any revenge???? but any way asusual great episode… u yaar…

  16. suppeerrr yaar deepa….loved todays episode but i want arjun to tell his feelings first not rads……is he loving rads really or acting means any revenge???? but any way asusual great episode… u yaar…

  17. hey deepa lovly epi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tot arjun wud xpress hs feelngs 4 hr………i only hope it is nt
    part f hs revenge 2 hr………..

  18. hey deepa this episode is rockz.
    I like misha and neil as like as ardhika.
    well done.
    I am eager to next episode.Hopefully radhika proposes to arjun.
    I am liking this week completely because you and natasha are updating the stories regularly.
    i am really happy ….

  19. Dear Deepa, Lovedthe episode dear.

    But in next episode we love to know arjun feelings and also his love confession dear.

    2 ever romantic songs from my side for the wonderful couple
    Piya and abhay romantic video from Pyaar ki yeh ek kaahani on Star one on dil ibaadat song.

    Enjoy it deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies

    And the another one romantic song T amo mee tee amo tu khaas hai Lovely romantic song listen to it deariiiiiiiiiiiiiies

    You will love it listen to it deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    Hellow brity , hayathi thena, deepa, mandy,nats, tasnim, zara, Love you all deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies,

  20. Nesha (neil-misha)scenes omg it was soo good…..I loved this epi. …n keep going like this

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