Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 21)


Starts with arjun driving car, rads, tittu and Misha are sitted back,Neil at front.. There is perfect silence,, arjun adjust the mirror and his gaze is fixed on rads, she to looks at him… Misha, tittu and Neil notice them, to bring them back to senses Neil coughs, Misha gets him water arjun suddenly applies break which make Misha to hit the seat and out of balance drops bottle on Neil… He is full wet and is angry.

Neil: what the hell are u doing
Misha: oh, oh.. Am sorry, actually I was helping you in getting water,,, but because of break I dropped it on you
Neil: in that case, y u have to open and give,, am I blind,,, can’t I do it myself
Misha: I was helping you
He looks at her and says I don’t need ur help, u got it… Misha murmurs idiot, Neil ask her hey what did u say now,,, Misha tells nothing I was wishing that u should get nice girl in future…
Neil: oh,, just shut up and keep quiet…

After some time they reach hostel, tittu and Misha gets out of car and give thanks to arjun… Rads was about to get down, her duppata get stuck, arjun goes to help her and leans on her, she looks at him lovingly, their face is to close and their cheeks touch, rads feels his sensitive breath on her body…. At last arjun gets her duppata, rads get down and looking into his eyes she says thank u so much…. Arjun looks at her tum hi Ho song plays in BG…. He waves them bye, goes to car and wears his seat belt and drives of, rads looks on.

Sc ene 2

It’s night, arjun and Neil are sitting in pool and playing carom both are shirtless,,

Arjun: what dude,u seems to b very cold, how to make u hot buddy Neil thinks of Misha and gets angry… And at the same time he himself know wat arjun is up to and he cleverly distract arjun by using his same trick.
Neil: am cool only buddy, but u were seem to b very hot,, how to make u cool buddy,,, arjun thinks of rads…
Neil: tell buddy,, how to make u cool,, arjun smiles and jumps into pool inorder to avoid his question… He tells now am so chill buddy,,, u go and make urself hot he dips some drops on his face,,, neil silently moves from there, arjun in pool still thinking of rads.


Next day, at CLG, rads and tittu are in class.. Rads asusual thinks of arjun, tittu controls her mind and bring her back and ask her where did this idiot Misha went… Misha is coming towards class, just then someone pulls her to a corner room she is about to shout, the person covers her mouth, she is shocked to see Neil… Neil removed his hand from her mouth and looks at her…
Misha: what u doing
Neil: I need answer from you, tell me it’s yes or no,Misha looks on confused…
Neil: yesterday u were scolding me idiot right, I need only yes or no,,, Comecon tell…
Misha: I need to go to class, will tell u later,,, she goes… Neil looks at her.

Rads plan to say her feelings to arjun, Neil and Misha to come closer.

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. Wow….Deepa… Nice one Buddy.. Love it a lot…

  2. Hi deepa
    Nice storyline….
    But where is our sweet sam???????

    1. Hi Mira,,,Sam s not here and Misha vll b playing in Sam’s role yaar

  3. hey deepa gud episode dr.luving to read ur story. precap is interesting buddy.update nxt asap yaar.

  4. Hi deepa. ..lovely episode. . Neil misha cute. .. love ardhika eyelock. ..

  5. As usual today’s epi was fabulous. …..I hope arjun realize his love for radhika.little confused(neil n misha)

  6. Hey deepa dear….. nice one…. but obe thing if rads confronts her feelings infront of arjun if he said no…. then deffinetly rads will break na plz dont do that….. plz i cant see this….

  7. Very nice episode. Please continue…Eagerly waiting for the next episode.Love you

  8. tooo crazy yaar that’s fabulous ……………………………………….

  9. deepa, finally neil misha story start!!!!!!! thnx for it.
    omg radz going to say her feeling !!!!!
    I’m eagerly waiting for arjun’s reaction.
    plzz dear update next part soon.
    love you dear!

  10. wow super dear

  11. deepa, the way u have woven the story is truly remarkable……keep up this good job dear…..

  12. Good epi ? buddy…Liked Neil and Misha’s scene too…Preacap is good…Deepa u r making me curious to know whether Arj loves Rads r not…i am waiting to know that…If Arj breaks Rads heart na then it will heartbreaking yaar…
    Waiting for next epi buddy..take care ?..

  13. hey deepa……nice episode… will wait to see neil-misha love story too…n want to see arjun realizing his love for radz soon…come soon with next update…

  14. Wat shud I say ur spichless yaar Deepa !!????

  15. Superb.yaar

  16. Wooooooooooooooooooow, deepa,

    Lovely episode.

    Really nice to read even neil feelings.

    Asusual Love aradhika.

    Well izhaare ishq hone ko hai between the two couples.

    2 songs comes in mind Check out girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees .

    Check this song deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies Arijit song

    Aisa lagaa mujhe pehlee dafa tanha mai ho gayaa yaara

    Huin pareshaan sa mai ab ye kehne ke liye

    Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko zinda rehne ke liye

  17. I have another song also .

    Want to listen . Answer

    Need deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    A song by radhika mishra izhaare ishq from her side.

    In the college when she sang a song for arjun in a dum sharaas game she sang it with having a guitar in her hand .

    With her gorgeous smile she start to sang a song .

    Tell us what d song is ?????? Any guesses. ?????????????

    By that song she unfold her feelings to arjun??????????

    Love you all deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.
    Keep writing and keep commenting.

  18. lovely episode newtrack of neil and misha is nice.Please do care for ardhika love and scenes.
    Deepa you are always very good tomake audience enjoy the scenes in your stories.Amazing job do continue

  19. update nxt dr plsssssss

  20. Awsumm…. Update…..Deepaa…
    Plz… Update regularly…..
    We are.. waiting for ur nxt part… 🙂 🙂

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