Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 20)


Starts with rads is dancing with arjun in dream, he kisses her hard in lips which make her to wake up… She thinks of Misha’s word and says Is Misha is right am I falling for him, she goes into flashes of their intense moments and little shy smile appears on her lips, she goes to washroom to freshen up, while she is washing her face, she sees arjun face on mirror, she goes to touch it, just then image disappears, she smiles and tell u have really become mad rads… Before leaving, she kisses the mirror.

Since its weekend, rads, tittu and Misha went for shopping, Misha ask rads to try western dress BT rads refuses, Misha says what chasni,ur not bored to wear this same costumes,try something new chasni… Rads says no,i Iam comfortable with wat I have… Tittu says but we are not comfortable to c u like this all days…seriously chasni our eyes are paining, rads tries to speak but Misha shushes her and says ur not going to Open ur mouth, just do wat we say… Misha and tittu drag her to trial room and hands over the dress to her. After sometime rads step out wearing blue jeans and p ink tops, Misha and tittu compliment abt her beauty and says hey chasni ur looking so s*xy… They tease her by calling arjun… Rads closes her ear and goes into wear her normal clothes.

Scene 2

After shopping, they were enjoying ice cream at near by shop, some men’s eye them and comes to them, just then arjun and Neil step out of car, these men goes near the girls and misbehave with them, they tried to leave, but one of the men hold rads hand, arjun senses something wrong turns back and see rads, rads plead with them to let her go,,, tittu, Misha began to beat them but they hold their hands too… Arjun gaze is fully fizzed on rads, his eyes is burning in anger, men’s grab rads duppata this make arjun to lose his control, he runs to them and give one kick to the guy, he fell down, Neil also comes to their rescue, they began to fight, those guys unable to bear punches, leaves her duppata and runs from there… Arjun look abgrads.

Scene 3

Rads feels uncomfy, seeing this arj
un picks her duppata walks to her and wraps it on her shoulder nafrathon Milli plays in bg, she feels his gentle touch on her body,,, arjun ask her what’s the problem,y they are misbehaving, rads is lost in staring business didn’t listen to his words. Arjun gasps at her to bring her back into senses… Rads: watt ur asking,, sorry I din hear.. Arjun looks her, before rads could answer, Misha tell him everything, he again looks at rads, and offers lift to drop them at college… They look on.

Arjun drops them in hostel, while rads is getting out of car,, her duppata get stuck in door, arjun goes to help her

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. sorry deepa.. i had been your silent reader till now..
    good entry of arjun..and radhika too is nice in the new dress.
    and the chemistry was awesome

  2. Hey super deepa… arjun hero entry amazing. .. sema punch…rads dreaming about arjun soo cute. .. sekerame arjun purinjikanum…rads love him nu…soon update nxt part. ..

      1. S lulu I am from tamil nadu

  3. Wowaeee…. Nothing to say… Speechless…

  4. Wow!Arjun came as a saviour today.I loved it!

  5. you are awesome writer yaar.I like most that their love starts blossoming slowly,steadily and superbly .Please continue writing and update fastly dear.

  6. Deepa today’s epi was rocking. …finally radhika realises that she in love with arjun. .wow …can’t wait for next update plse update today itself (i know it’s not possible)

  7. OMG…. superrrrr dear.. such an wonderful story….

  8. hai deepa, innikum unoda update supera irudhadhu. neeyum oru maha episode update pannu. this is my request. pls.

  9. Ardhika chemistry awesome.

  10. wow super story

  11. Wow nice deepa pls update daily

  12. Hey deepa…Nice episode dear…….arjun came as saviour for dat part….

  13. Oh oh Rads finally Realized that she is in Love ❤ with our hero oops its not our its her Hero,Arjun…oh…Deepa u r still making me curious to know about whether Arjun is loving ? our Rads or not…want to know soon yaar..
    1 Suggestion if u don’t mind pls add Arjun and Neil’s convo too yaar..we want to know both sides yaar like Neil teasing Arj by calling Rads name like u told abve Girls teasing Rads by Arj’s name…Sorry if it hurts u I just said my point yaar..
    One more thing who is the hero of titu yaar..Misha is for Neil’s right..
    Good going…waiting for next…Keep writing…take care buddy…

  14. Nice deepa darling !! ♥♥♥

  15. nice deepa.continue yaar waiting for nxt dr.

  16. hiii deepa, how r u ?
    amazing deepa arjun fights for radz safety ….woooow what a intense love. radhika also start feels for arjun. precap is also awesome!!! plzz next episode update soon.
    we all are eagerly waiting for ardhika scene.
    love you all my dear friends.
    have a good day! !

  17. Hey deepa dear.

    Loved today’s episode dear.

    Woooooooooooooooow Hey Your story is going amazing day by day.

    Keep going dear Waiting for the upcoming episode izhaare ishq.

    Kuch khaas hai kuch baat hai kuch ajnabi ahsaas hai Song Tell me if it match to our couple aradhika Deepa dear and all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    1. Ur song selection is so nice. …this song is suitable for aradhika. …

  18. Deepa how r u? Storys going well

  19. hi deepa, my dear, soooooooperrrrrrrrrrr yaar. liked hw arjun saved radz n he turned, felt the mess there. super dear…..

    1. Hey thena hw r u dear ????
      N hws life goin ???

  20. Hey deepa whts up nice fanfic love it can u upload the next episode

  21. Hi deepa, very nice episode. Loved it and I can imagine the each and every scene of it. Very well done. Loving this story very much. Loved the way radz realize her love for arjun and arjun felt danger for radz and came to save her. Eagerly waiting for the next episodes. Please continue. Love you loads…

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