Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 19)

Starts with rads getting up from sleep,she thinks of arjun and their intimacy and recalls Misha’s words,she looks at mirror goes and drink water,see Misha and tiitu sleeping goes to them and kisses them and goes to sleep.

Next day at clge,department function is on full swing, cabir and charu looking after arrangements, neil-misha,arjun-rads are final rehearsing for dance, rocky-tittu are rehearsing for music ….pia as usual eating some stuff and making fun of others, bubloo comes to her and says u don’t have any work uh…see all others are doing some work.
Pia: I am also working
Bubloo: wat
Pia: eating also one kind of work sir
Bubloo: don’t call me sir,am I look older
Pia: ur looking like my uncle
Bubloo gets angry,grabs her stuffs and runs,pia scolds him.
Arjun and rads are dancing,arjun feels uncomfy,whereas rads is lost in admiring him….


Finally the function was inaugurated, program is on full swing…rads is getting her makeup done,she is dressed in black gown,with back fully exposing at same time arjun gets ready he s wearing black transparent shirt…it’s time for their program, arjun and rads come from their respective rooms. They look at each other and gets mesmerized,their name is announced, arjun hold rads hand and they both step in stage…students cheer them up,lights is focused only on arjun and rads,they perform on sizzling bheeng loon…arjun touches her bare back,lifts her up,twirls her around him,both were lost in each other and they GIve very hot performance, all get shocked to c their firing dance…next they perform on dheere cheers song Neil and Misha joins them,both couples give their outstanding performance… All clap for them.rocky-tittu gives their performance followed by others.


Function is nearing its end,its time for results,chief guest announce two pairs name for dance, arjun and rads for bheeng loon,roshan-ruhi for tere meri and both couples for dheere dheere song…I request these six to come onstage…students cheer them up,cg tells let’s start the countdown to c wos winner,the focus light reflect on these couples and stop at ardhika and mineil Jodi…all began to cheer up for them, arjun out of excitement hugs rads tightly… First time rads feel for his touch and reciprocate her hug to him.arjun re
Realizes wat he s doing break from rads goes and hug Neil,Misha hugs rads, cg gives them trophy and they pose for photos….

Rads start to feel for Arjun

Credit to: Deepa


  1. Brity

    Heyyy Deepa…. First of all GOOD MORNING… Everywhere is Aradika… Really too much excited… I am sure that Aradika will be the winners…

  2. Anu

    Hyy deepa good morning yaar…….finally radhika fall on arjun wow very intersting and waiting for more cute ardhika moment gud job deepa……

  3. Poulamee

    Again a fabulous episode deepa dear……keep writing……..also take care of your health…..

  4. Roma

    Hi deepa, amazing episode.keep it up.loving your story very much. Eagerly waiting for the next you loads…tight waala hug…

  5. Aparna

    Dear sona here misha is playing the role of sam. Anyways deepa again such a wonderful episode. Bt why is arjun behaving so weird when he is going near rads. Want the 1st wala arjun back yaar.

  6. daizy

    Hii deepa…nice episode …now ardika falling in love wid each other….hope they realize it soon….waiting for next update…

  7. nandhini

    super episode as usual.But i want arjun fall in love with rads first yaar.Anyway ardhika rockz….

  8. hiiii deepa … feels good to c your update after long time… how are you dear? ??
    wowww episode was awesome… ardhika won dance competition! !!! thank god radz start feel for arjun… but what about arjun ? he loves radz or not…. omg seriously its very crazy love n make your fan more crazy like me.
    love you dear .!!!! keep continue. 🙂

  9. nisha

    Hey deepa,

    Finally found out a way to come here. For lesser time but no big deal.

    Atleast can be able to read or to comment.

    kWoooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Lvoed the dance between aradhika on bheeg loon.

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh. So dashing.

    Loved you dear. Keep writing and adding the songs.

    Lvoed ou dear. Keep writing Lovedu always.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.