Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 17)


Starts with arjun removing his shirt and looks at rads,he lies next to rads and his gaze is fully immersed into hers,he stares at her from top to bottom with burning feelings oozing from his intense eyes,his intense gaze over her body,make her to shiver and makes her heart beats faster,arjun starts to caress her face,rads unable to hold his proximity,tries to escape from his clutch,bt arjun who doesnt want her to go away from him,grab her both hands over her head and held her hands more tightly,rads is almost losing her control,she feels pain in her hand due to brutal hold of arjuns,arjun seeing her in pain leaves her hand,rads push him hard on other side,she gets up from bed and start to walk towards door,wen she is abt to stepout,our arjun grabs her hand and pushed her inside again,he closes the door,leaving rads shocked…he comes very close to rads,tis make rads to move away from him,he approach her by pinning her to wall,rads is breathing heavily…he touches her lips with his finger and start to caress his lips,rads is burning in his proximity,she feels his seductive touch…she s falling for him in each and every brutal clutch of his.


Arjun cups her face and bring his lips very close to hers,she is shivering alot and clossed her eyes,his lips almost touched hers lightly,this makes rads to her hormenes to raise,and she hold on to his hand tightly,and she closed her eyes…arjun took away his mouth close to her ears and placed soft kiss on her ears..making rads to lift up her toes…he then caresses her hair,his every touch is playing with her senses…he looks at stright into her eyes,his burning intense gaze makes her feel his burning feelings…

Arjun and rads eyelock,first time rads feels something by arjuns proximity,his touch and intanse gaze,make her to loose all her senes physicaaly,atlast arjun took her in his arms and puts her in bed, he tookaway her dupatta from her shoulder,rads is solost into his…arjun throws dupaata,he tooks rose from vase and start to caress her whole body,rads hand is clutching hard to bed,she is still having her eyes closed,feeling his proximity.

arjun leaves rads,rads to fall for arjun

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. Waiting for nxt part update soon yaar

  2. Hi Deepa. I’m from sri lanka and i was a huge fan of manmarziyan. I love your story a lot because it’s about arjun and radz love story. Your story is superb. I’m waiting for your next update. Darling plz don’t take much time as i can’t wait to read the story. Good job dear. Keep doing. Wish you all the very best for everything u do.

  3. deepa…..pls….hereafter i cant wait….becoz i dont have a courage to wait…pls deepa update ur story..pls. we also loveur story as MMZ,…..but pls dont be like them(swastik prdtn.MMZ)…as theyfinished …..but pls deepa dont do this to us….”WE WANT CRAZY LOVE”….PLS DONT HURT ME.. SWEETY ….IM WAITING FOR U..dont disappoint me…..:-((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  4. please update the nxt episode. .

  5. deepa where have u gone yaar it almost 4 days .pls..,……………update the story soon plsssssssssssssssss………………..,………………………….,………………….

  6. Deepa whr r u? R ur exms going on plz reply once. Evry1 is waiting yaar.

  7. Oh mmy Dr friends,first of all forgive me my dearis,,,I was suferring from fever last week drs,so only can’t update it…from tody I vll update regularly yaar…tears are rolling from my eyes to see huge fans for my u all and missd all of u very much u people mean a lot to me lovely drs…don’t worry all I won’t atop my stories
    Like sp,,,,surely I will entertain u all with this crazy story drs….once again sorry far making all waiting…kindly excuse and forgive ur Deepa….love u alllllllllllll….tc drs

    1. hey deepa…finally ur fans got ur response…u don’t know how eagerly all were waiting for ur story…update d next part soon…

  8. It’s ok deepa health comes first…..hope u r fine….n welcome back dear. …really missed u

  9. deepa finally ur here.anyways health comes first, so take care dr.waiting for ur update buddy.

  10. Pls deepa update soon

    Really wating 4 ur upate

    Love ardhika scenes

    Very hot yaar

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