Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 15)

Starts with arjun looking at rads lips for getting answer,she stammers,arjun lift up her chin to make her look at him,arjun ask her to answer his question looking at him,he forces her to tell and gets closer to her,rads get nervous push hi hard and start to run,she collides with neil..

Neil: hey…wt u doing?
Rads: oh…am so sorry
neil: open his mouth to say something,he sees arjun coming to him,rads feel his breath on her,she gets hyper,and starts to leave.neil look at her and then turns to arjun.bef neil could speak,arjun drag him from there.

At greenroom,rads is practicing dance,arjun comes there hides behind the pillar and watches her dance mesmerised,he start to walk to her,rads feel his presence turns and see him.

Arjun: one imp thing….astody s halfday,we cant practice here,u have muchmore to practice,so u are coming with me to my home for practice….is that clear!!
Rads: no,i cant come
arjun: i din ask whether ur coming or not,u r coming…thats it…babe,be quick,dont come late
arjun goes leaving rads shocked.

rads in library,thinks how to escape from arjun,she gets idea and says tody i vll go after all students leave,till then i vll wait here…she start to read some books

aft clg hrs,rads is waiting for the students to leave,once they leave,rads walks quietly and slowly….she is abt to reach the gate,just then she sees some car waiting there,arjun drops glasses and waves her hi…rads gets shocked…arjun gets down from car and start to walk towards her,arjun whispers in her ear shall we go,,,babe….rads: no,i wont come,she start to leave.


rads start to leave,bt arjun holds her hand and pulls her to him,he says,u cant escape,ur coming with me right nw…babe,,,rads tries to go,arjun lifts her in his arms and put her in the car and drives off,rads plead with him…

arjun and rads reach farm house

Credit to: Deepa


  1. happy

    wow…..amazing…..tensed….what ll happen……………………….bt this is so small……..need big one……pls….update 2 episodes per day…………..

    • valli

      farah another name in tellyupdates in kfar….she is amazing yaar…her story will definetly impress u….she is very good writer….u can read he stories…her story name is DRAWN TOGATHER….u will enjoy it…brity….u are new but u became friend of manmarziyan fans….welcome….enjoy stories

  2. nandhini

    wow excitement kills to know what will happen in farm house.
    He is too fast and can’t guess what is he thinking and feeling for radhika..
    whether is it a trap or real love.
    so many knots in this one..
    But i am enjoying to read it yaar.
    all this credit goes to deepa

    love you buddy very muchhhhhhhhh

    • Deepa

      Oh my dr nandhini,,,thank u yaar for loving my stories,,,,keep goving ur feedbacks always,they are precious to me ma

    • Natasha

      R u tamillian?we have here so many tamil friends. I think u only active in deepas story.thats why i dont know abt u. By the way welcome to our mmz

      • nandhini

        for long time I have been a silent reader.
        Now i just take part here to encourage all your works..
        This is only because of manmarzian which creates more creative writers here.
        This is the only serial which has more people’s love and make everyone do not forget easily.

        Thanks to tellyupdates to flourish our love towards manmarzian.
        manmarzian always rockz in people’s mind and heart
        Love all buddies who gathered here to support manmarzian..

  3. valli

    super…deepa…amaizing yaar…cant say how awesome is the story….yaar update episodes fast…cant wait….super…fabolus…amaizing….if manmarziyan writers and actors read stories of u,kfar,tanya, they will like it…amaizing yaar….ur good writer….want this story as manmarziya 2….but not in this idiotic…stupid brainless chanell non other than starplus…but want in youth channel….not brainless. long running saas bahu idiotic cryings and drama….once again…super deepa….

    • Deepa

      Oh my dr valli,thank u soso much dr,,,yes ofcurse yaar these star plus is one of idiotic sas bahu channel..they breked many of our hearts by ending our show soon yaar….

      • valli

        deepa good news yaar….in TRP starplus went to second positin….the idiotic stupid seriel which took our manmarziya place TRP is 0.9 only….stupid SP go to hell….

      • valli

        yaar for all manmarziyan fans good news….the ratings of SP went down….now colours is in first position and the idiotic seril which took our manmarziyan place SUMIT SAMBHAL LEGA ratings are just 0.5

      • deepa

        Natty,valli,nandhini.happy am also tamilan yaar,am from chennai…today hav to enjoy with sweet only yaar…sp shouldnt remain in 2nd place also yaar,it should godown to last place,tat day is my very best day im my life deariess

        thank u all my buddies for giving ur valuable feedbacks….stay tuned for further episode sweetieees… u alot all my dearieeessss,happy weekend to all

  4. Deepa amazing story dude..Arjun is too fast…Ya Deepa me too want to know whether this is a game or Love ❤ of Arjun…Cute Chashni as always..I like the scene when Rads want to escape but our hero catches her and put her in the car…Waiting to know what is gonna happen next..Pls post big epi yaar cant wait..Eagerly waiting and love u and hugs for u by ur fan…

  5. Harani

    Omg….how could I explain u my love fr ur story Deepa such an amazing episode dr…pls update soon ur crispy episodes…!!

  6. hiiiii dear, I don’t have words to describe it ..
    ardhika always rockssss.
    omg too much romance…. guys just imagine if deepa’s story will telecast on TV as DYM 2,
    OMG I’M dying to watch it …
    deepu a bigggg hug to you dear…
    next episode my favo post it soon dear. eagerly waiting 🙂

  7. Aparna

    Deepa i’m falling in luv with ur story. Eagerly waiting 2 know what will happen at farm house. After twilight this is the most romantic story i have ever read.

  8. Hayathi

    Hi deepa thank u so much for update u r tamilian or telugu?
    Any way i love this epusode keep rocking dear. ??☺⏳

  9. arjun

    guys can any1 tell me pls how can i watch mmz previous episodes tht aired on tv online again
    pls guys … help

  10. zayn

    Deepa today’s epi was awsome …….
    Loved ardhika scene ………..
    I wanted 2 ask 1 thing ….. Sam is der r not in ur stry………
    N wen r u going to post ur next update…..
    Really awsome story……

  11. Clara

    Nice episode Deepa!! Even liked reading it again. 🙂
    If possible try to update more. Eager for the upcoming episodes.

  12. nisha

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow just loved it.

    Deepa, Round of applause for you this time.

    Woooooooooooooooooow, Library romance is always a hit.

    Well used in your story/.

    And faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm house romance . Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

    Just killed it girl. Wooooooooooooooooooooow, What thinking . NOw I can guess you think so much romantic.

    In real life somewhere you are also romantic person in real life girl.. Well this is my thought say.

    Love you deepa.

    Keep writing and keep thinking girl.

    Song of the day. Match to your story plot.

    Loccha e ulfat ho gaya From 2 states

    Library romance and fresh college romance

    And the another romantic song. Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko from Zid

    • deepa

      Hi nisha ma,,,

      thank u yaar,ya tats true,aft watching manmarziyan,i become addict to write some romantic stories yaar….

      Both songs are nice girliee,loved it,most romantic they are ma….love u buddy

  13. Deepa I was a silent reader of ur story
    But today I couldn’t resist myself without commenting
    U r really awesome….. I don’t have words to express ur talent

  14. sweety

    hyeee deepa!!!! am a silent reader of yurs…. nw yu made me to comment here wid yur story.. wow watta story yaar … such an awesome one dear…. excited wid each of yur chapter… way to go dear big hugssss to yu!!!!

  15. sweety

    Deepa really your stories are toooooo good ………amazing dear……but ya its too small…..and some more if time is there……

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.