Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 10)


starts with rads rushing to class,tittu-wer did u go?….teacher shouts and tells them to listen to class……..classes are going on,some news regarding dance is announced…

Arjun and his friends are at computer lab,they were chating without listening to class,teacher scolds them and tells them to get out…arjun gets up,holds her hand and kiss her and tells THANK U MAM FOR UR WISHES…..UR VERY SWEET MAM and hugs her…..teacher gets shocked by his behaviour and fells down uncounsiouss…whereas all students leave the lab…and enjoy their time.

During break,rads and tittu are discussing abt dance competition,misha joins them aswell,all three decides to participate in dance.

Rads ask tittu abt assignment work…Tittu: oh,oh…. I forget dr,rads start to scold her…tittu says HMM…UR VERY TALKATIVE DONT KNW WHO S COMING TO MAKE UR MOUTH SHUT…..rads tries to beat her,tittu escapes and run from there….rads smiles seeing her.


All the students are waiting to give their auditions,arjun is the judge…rads come there with titu to give her name for dance and is shocked to see arjun as judge…arjun sees rads and give cute smirk….rads gives her name….she s called first to perform.students laugh and gossip abt her performance….she feels upset and looks at arjun….small eyelock between two….arjun come out of his trance and shouts next……all the students gave their performance,rads is shocked to see their flexible dance.

Aft dance,arjun comes to stage and tells abt their co-partners
rocky-tittu; neil-misha and last he look at rads and tells u vll b paired with me,,,,am ur partner….rads looks on shocked.


Rads look on shocked,arjun too looks at her,they both look at eachother,whereas all students start to leave….aft sometime rads start to leave,arjun stops her,and ask DO U KNW Y I CHOSEN U AS MY PARTNER……rads look at him with questining eyes….he looks at her and says OH…OH….I CANT ANSWER NW,U VLL UNDERSTAND IT BY URSELF….she looks confused,arjun holds her cheek and tells WAIT AND WATCH BABE…till then b cool and gives her flying kiss.he take his bag and waves BYE,BABY and leaves from there…rads s shown thinking.

Precap dance practice is on full swing….arjun tries to get closer to rads…

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. Hai Deepa..this is Muskan aka Aaliya..
    How r u dear…i am ur fan honestly I love ❤ ur writing…Whenever I read ur stories I saw Ardhika in front of me and I just get mesmerized…Thank u for writing this stories…i just love ❤ it…
    May I ask u a question that r u studying or working.,I know this is my first msg I am asking this question to u..i just got a doubt…Sorry in advance..and Thank u for writing….love u and ur writings..Good going…by Aaliya…

  2. Pls update ur story soon waiting eagerly to know what is going to happen next…love u loads and ur stories by ur crazy and lovely fan…

  3. Hey muskan

    hru dr…..thanks alot yaar…..nice meeting you for first time…by t way am studying

    1. My pleasure ? writer….Aww.Same here..Nice meeting u..Me too studying…R u studying in College or School..May I know the exact timings of ur story update..Eagerly waiting…Thank u…by ur fan…

      1. Hey muskan,am studying in clg yaar,,,,wen am free i vll update it yaar…..thanks for ur feedback buddy

  4. God… Its a amazing story…. Loved it

    1. Thank u ashi

  5. clg wali meri fav love story….Deepa whr hv u been? waited for ur story do muchhhh….fabulous story

    1. Oh my dear dipi,sorry busyfor past two days dr,so only couldnt update story yaar…kindly excuse ur friend buddy…

  6. Hello deepa ,
    I love the way you write…..plz continue with this story……it is just spell binding….eagerly waiting for ep 11

    1. Hi poulamee,hru dr…..thanks alot buddy…

  7. Hi deepa
    This is Mira I have been reading ur story from beginning bt commenting fr d first time
    Ur story is awesome…….
    Gud luck,,,

  8. wooooooooow,amzing nice deepa,i am in luv with ur story,keep it up dr…………

    1. Thank v soso much jeyaru

  9. Nice….Deepa ur writing is really superb…iam great fan of this serial after IPKKND, Mahabharath & Rangresiya….i miss Arjun nd Radhika 🙁

    1. Hi meenakshy,thank u so much dr

  10. hey deepa….congo buddy…see hw many crazyyyyyyyyy fans 4 ur story……tight hug my dear…cheers…..

    1. Oh my dearyyyyyyyy thena,tight hug for u too dr,missd u yaar,waiting for ur story since long time ma….update it na,love u buddy

  11. Lovely track girl. Keep going deepa. Just keep continue writing your story.

    Loved the track dear.

    Well Song of the day. Tell me if want the video

    Yeh sama sama hain yeh pyar
    Kaa kisi ke intazar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa
    Yeh sama sama hain yeh pyar
    Kaa kisi ke intazar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Basane lage aakhon
    Me kuchh aise sapne
    Basane lage aakhon
    Me kuchh aise sapne
    Koyi bulaye jaise nainon
    Se apne nainon se apne
    Yeh sama sama hain didar
    Kaa kisike intjar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Mil ke khayalo me hi apne balam se
    Mil ke khayalo me hi apne balam se
    Nind gawayi apni maine kasam se
    Maine kasam se
    Yeh sama sama hain khumar
    Kaa kisike intazar ka
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Me to hu sapno ke raja ki rani
    Me to hu sapno ke raja ki rani
    Sach ho na jaae ye jothi
    Kahaani jothi kahaani
    Yeh sama sama hain iqaraar
    Ka kisike intazar ka
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Yeh sama sama hain yeh
    Pyar kaa hmm hmmm
    Hmm hmmm hmm hmmm
    Hmm hmmm hmm hmmm.

    1. Hey nisha….love u buddy

  12. I am a fan your writings deepa?????

    1. Hello meha,nice name yaar,,,thank u yaar…stay stuned

  13. Hi mira,thanku somuch dr

  14. Hi deepa luv ur story. Im big fn of ur’s writing. Im comentng 4 frst time. Plz don’t stop writing luv ardhika

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