Arguments but Love :Kriyam (episode 5 )

Recap:Krishna gets chased by goons  . Sayyam saves her n puts on her mangalsutra
Sayyam: (smiles , holds Krishna hand is about to leave )
Goon 3:(gets up and holds a gun )rukh!-wait!
Sayyam and Krishna :(stop n look back . They get shocked when they c da gun in his hand )
Goon 3 :bohot herogiri dekhaiya tune. Ab dikhati hu mein tujhe -u showed a lot of strength , now I’ll show u
Goon3:(he pulls the trigger at Sayyam)

Krishna:don’t plz don’t harm him
Sayyam:Krishna back off
Sayyam:just do as I say Krishna
Krishna :(backs of slowly )
Sayyam:shoot if u have the guts
Krishna:(looks scared )

Goon 3: 2
Sayyam:(closes his eyes )
Krishna :(looks at Sayyam)
Goon 3: and ..3 (he shoots at Sayyam)
Sayyam:(opens his eyes and gets shocked )

(The wind blows hard in da Backround)
Krishna:(got shot on her right arm trying to save Sayyam, she begans to fall )
Sayyam:KRISHNA!!!!(he runs to hold her )
Goon 3 :I shld get out of here before police comes  (he runs away )
Sayyam: Krishna (he holds her face ) wake up . Wht did u do ? Have u lost it
Krishna:(eyes open a little )ur ……o…..ok…right ?
Sayyam:I’m OK . But ur not . (He hugs her )
Krishna :(passes out)


 Suhani:doctor she will b ok right ?
Doctor :we can’t say anything. She lost a lot of blood . The rest depends on God . All u can do is pray
Sayyam:(doesn’t say anything and goes in front of the idol )
Sayyam:(cries quietly )y? Y do u always do dis? Everytime u separate me from my close ones . When I was lil u separated me from my mom even tho I wasn’t at fault , I was only a day old . All my self , I spent it at the orphanage . Then , now … u harmed Krishna . I don’t believe in u . But Krishna has a lot of faith in u . Don’t Let her down . Make her well.

Suhani:(cries and watches him from the corner )o god . Plz listen to my son . He suffered a lot . Plz don’t separate him from Krishna .
Yuvani:(comes running) mom …..Krishna ……
Sayyam:(goes up to them ) Krishna wht? Yuvaani speak .
Yuvaani:Krishna ……is responding

Sayyam:(looks at the idol and runs to the doctor )
Suhani:(prays to the idol)thank u bhagavangi(she follows Sayyam and Yuvaani)
Sayyam:Doctor how is she now ?
Doctor :it is a miracle tht she responded so quickly . We weren’t sure if she can even live after so much blood loss . But God is unpredictable
Sayyam:(smiles wid relief )
Suhani:can we meet her now?
Doctor :yes but for now only one person can go
Sayyam:mom if u don’t mind can I go first
Suhani:yes beta of course , she is ur wife
Sayyam:(enters the room )
Krishna:(looks at Sayyam)

Sayyam:(sits down on da chair next to her)idiot
Krishna:ur supposed to b kind to me , I saved ur life n ur calling me a idiot . How nice
Sayyam:it’s bc the things u do r idiotic. Who told u to save me ?
Krishna:if I didn’t then u wld have gotten shot
Sayyam:so wht . I don’t care . Noone cares if I die .

Krishna :I do . I care a lot
Sayyam:(looks at Krishna . Their eyes lock)
Krishna:I mean…. I care about aunty . She loves u a lot (she notices his hand bleeding )y r u bleeding ?
Sayyam:when I was fighting with ….
Krishna:(looks concerned )u didn’t aid it ?(she holds his hand ) y r u so careless ?
Sayyam:(takes his hand away)I’ll do it later (takes out his phone to check something)
Krishna:(sees her reflection in Sayyams phone ) sayyam…I don’t have sindoor on my head . Fill my hairline .

Sayyam:u cld do it at home. There’s no sindoor here
Krishna :but,..
Sayyam:(fills her hailing wid blood ) there . Happy ? I’m leaving now.
Krishna:(holds his hand )don’t leave me
Screen freezes on them holding hand

Precap: Krishna:I luv u Sayyam . (Sayyam stand wid a shocked face )

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