Arguments but Love :Kriyam (episode 4 )

Sayyam:(mumbles in his sleep)I……love…u….pagal ladki(his lips touches Krishnas)
Suhani:I have to do something before everyone knows about it . But wht is Sayyam mumbling (she grabs the judge of water and sprinkles it on their faces) wake up both of u
Sayyam:(gets his head up holdin it )my head hurts
(That’s when he noticed Krishna , he gets up right away )
Suhani:wht is this ?
Sayyam:idk how dis happened mom . Trust me . Apki kasam
Suhani:(sprinkles more water Krishna )
Krishna:(gets up and almost falls again due to weakness but Sayyam holds her)wht happened …n y can’t I rmbr anything (she feels Sayyams hand on her bare back , he removes it quickly )
Suhani:ye bhagvan . Tum dono ko kohi andaza b hai tumne kiya kara-o god do u 2 even have a clue of wht u did
Sayyam and Krishna:(look down )

Suhani:I trust u 2 . I know u won’t do anything tht will bring shame to the family
Sayyam:I thot u didn’t trust me bc after all I’m sambhavs son..
Suhani:(inturrupts)no. Ur nt sambhavs son u r Suhanis son . My son.
Sayyam:(gives Suhani a quick hug )
Suhani:how did happen tho?
Krishna:yes aunty. She gave drinks to me and Sayyam
Sayyam:I was wondering y she was being so nice suddenly , bc she never doed anything widout a motive behind it
Suhani:Buh y wld Baby do smthn like did?
Krishna:I don’t know but there has to be reason
Yuvaan:(enters the room )u all r here?n I was looking all over for u guys . Then Baby said tht Krishna is here
Krishna:we were just talking
Yuvaan:well u can chitchat later bc I need u 2 cm wid me right now (he takes Krishnas hand n takes her )
Sayyam:(looks at them)

Suhani:(notices this ) Sayyam do u have anything u want to say to me ?
Sayyam:no …(he looks away )
Suhani:r u sure beta?it’s not too late yet
Sayyam:(he looks at Suhani )yea mom don’t worry
Suhani:(smiles )buh tell me if u have anythn to say . N who do u call pagal ladki
Sayyam:(looks worried ) Noone….y do u ask?
Suhani:Just askin(she pats him n leaves )
Sayyam thinks:mein tho sirf Krishna ko ye namse bulathi hu lekin yeh maa ko kese patha laga-I only call Krishna this name but how does mom know
Yuvaani:(gets on microphone)now it’s time for a dance everyone . Come on hit the dance floor

DJ  plays “Ye tere saang yaara”
Krishna:(looks for Yuvaan)where the heck is Yuvaan. We were supposed to dance
Sayyam:wht happened . Y do u look worried
Krishna :I can’t find Yuvaan. I wanted to dance
Sayyam:then go ahead
Krishna:I need a partner
Sayyam:jus grab anyone on the dance floor
Krishna:I feel uncomfortable. C u dance wid me ?
Sayyam:i said no

Krishna :wait I’m telling aunty tht ur bothering
Sayyam:y do u always try 2 threaten me using mom
Krishna:bc u don’t listen . If u listened 2 me nicely then I wouldn’t have had to use my other method
Sayyam:fine I’ll dance wid u
(They go to the dance floor )
Sayyam:(puts his hand around Krishnas waist . His arm touched her bare back .)
Krishna :(holds Sayyams hand n puts the other hand  on his shoulder )
(They continue dancing along wid the music . Wid each move they get closer . Their nose was touching . Their lips touched . They were lost in each others eyes .)
(Music stops and someone claps , they turn to see Yuvaan. Everyone looks at them)
Yuvaan:tht was superb . Sorry I got late Krishna . I had to do something . But seems like u found a partner.(he looks at Sayyam)
Sayyam:(smiles and thinks )wht was I thinking . I can’t get close to Krishna
Screen freezes on Sayyam thinking and Krishna looking at him .

Precap:Baby :Today I have a surprise for everyone (she turns on the projecter to reveal pics tht shock everyone  )


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  1. Could you upload next episode please I love this ff it’s different

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      No rockstr urs is bette. Buh c u plz update live kill all fear plzzz. 8th really good . I’m gonna pass out if u don’t update it within few hours .???

  4. Really good…..please update the next episode today asap…..

  5. May I ask something???? Have u changed the name of the ff?

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      I’m sorry I messed up the name guys

      1. Did u mind me asking about the name???if so I am really sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt u….I just got confused.. That’s why asked….again sorry…..anyways I honestly like ur ff…’s awesome….ur writing skill is too good and story lineline is very interesting….please update soon….

  6. Aarti32

    It was awesome.. Nevermind d confusions ??

  7. That was awesome. Pls update it everyday.

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  12. this was really nice…..can you update next episode of THE SWEET WORLD OF KRISHNA AND SIYYAM….WAITING

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