Are you waiting for Pragya’s makeover and Abhi’s love confession?

Kumkum Bhagya has completed the journey of a year today. The show has achieved as great success in a very short span of time. Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya’s (Sriti Jha) Jodi has become one of the best pairs of Indian Telly. The viewers will see many more twists and turns in store for them. The latest one being Pragya’s look transition. She will don a glamorous look on the show for her music video shoot and modeling, as guided to her by Bulbul and Purab.

The rockstar Abhi has confessed his feelings to Pragya on the shoot set infront of all the crew. Purab provokes Abhi to confess to Pragya. Abhi gets mesmerized seeing Pragya’s western look. He gets jealous seeing Pragya with her male costar and gets between them. Abhi sees her finding difficulty in rehearsals and the music video which was romantic gets uncomfortable for them. He rehearsals with her and tells her I love you. While everyone applaud for his talent, Abhi is relieved to have spoken up and then changes it saying he was acting. Pragya realizes it was from his heart and gets glad to know their feelings got mutual finally and all awkwardness breaks up between up. Pragya is all set to steal the thunder from her rockstar husband. All media at Abhi’s concert decides to run after a new model and not a seasoned rockstar.Pragya looks stunning in her new look and this is definitely a worth watching makeover. What do you have to say on her makeover and the romantic love confession coming ahead in the show? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. yup yup yup yup… but yaar plz change abhi .. agar aahil abhi ki jagah par rockstar hota to aur bhi maza aata….

    1. excited …abhi and pragya is perfect….don’t change anything…

  2. Hmmm nice atlast they paired up hurrah

  3. anxiously waiting for phunishes of aliya for his dids

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  5. But let it nt separate them..

  6. Can’t change abhi…he is perfect

  7. Ya let it be but plz dnt make usual thinga dat pragya bcome model nd abhi get jealous dat his fans becom her fans nd dis make rift btwm thm like plz dnt show usual story ll try to give something differ….

  8. All I can say is OMG

  9. We would love to see pragya ‘s new avtaar and a jealous abhi ..
    Make him confess soon …

  10. R U know tanu lies to pragya that she is pregnent in coming episodes

  11. Nice …finally rab ne banadi jodi….plz dont change anything….

  12. How can a professor turn to model!!!!!!!!
    Seriously bakwas story……….

  13. Even now I think she is a beauty.

  14. OMG Sathyabana

  15. How the hell will Tanu be pregnant?? WHo she pregnant for?? and if she says its Abhi then she must be carrying an elephant because it was a loooooooooooooooooong time they dint have any contact,except for a hug or two…lol ..Abhi should confess his love for Pragya soon, I cant wait. And Bulbun and Purab get married quick. The Corporator and Alliyah should get married, theyre on the same page, and Suresh and Tanu should marry… lol

  16. When pragya becomes modern abhi will forget tanu

  17. I am neither waiting for Pragy’a makeover or that cycle rickshaw puller Abhi’s love confession. ALL I am waiting is for this crap show to finish ASAP.

  18. Pragya’s facial expression during that photo shoot scene was silly….put her in beautiful dress with beautiful makeup and them she puts on those facial expressions….what’s the point? lol

  19. Director sir, plzzzzz adhi has to confess his love to pragya v r waiting for tat moment…dia s only serial am watching dnt take story usaul path as before our frnd said….and show them as perfect pair loveng each other

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