Are you interested in watching another leap in MATSH?


Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is heading for another short leap. Mohit Abrol will be seen opposite Radhika Madan. Mohit will be playing the role of Nirbhay. There will be one or two years leap in the show. Ritika was in jail and now she is back. She will be taking revenge with Ishani and Ranveer. Ritika will be joining hands with Nirbhay to ruin Ranveer and Ishani’s love.

Shikhar and Ishani go to gather proof. Shikhar is helping Ranveer in the case. Ranveer is in jail and his face starts getting even uglier by the virus spoiling his face. Some scientist makes that virus antidote and gives it to an unknown man. Then that man meets Ritika and they conspire against Ranveer. The antidote would make Ranveer cured of that deadly virus.

Ritika waits for Ishani’s arrival to seek the antidote. Ishaani is trying to find out the antidote for the virus injected to RV by Milan. Ritika will be helping Ishani with the antidote on the condition of making Ishani getting away from Ranveer, that too by the cheating angle. Ranveer will be hating Ishani for deceiving him. A similar track like Ishani-Shikhar track. The difference here is Nirbhay will be negative character, unlike Shikhar. Are you interested in watching another leap in MATSH? Let us know your opinion on this show and upcoming leap.

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  1. rj arif stars

    I like this meri aashiqui tum she hi

  2. Tired off leapsssss

  3. just stop this bludy drammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma no leaps completly stop it its bullshhhhhiiiiiiiittttttttttt

  4. Please stop the leap. Reunite ISHVEER and make the story as having a children.

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