Are you happy with YHM’s upcoming leap news?

Yeh Hai MohabbateinYeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing for a leap. Ishita and Raman’s love story will get an all new turn after a short leap. The show will now have a new twist as Ishita will be paired with Subbu and Raman will be seen with Shagun. According to the current track, Simmi confronts Subbu for his misdeed against the Bhallas. Subbu asks Simmi to meet him. Ishita tries to stop Simmi, but fails. Bala tells the family that a reporter, Tanushree, is helping them prove their innocence. Subbu forces Simmi to commit suicide. Ishita attacks Subbu when he tries to stop Raman from rescuing Simmi and Ananya.

YHMIshita and Raman rescue Simmi and Ananya. Shaila Bua finally tells the truth about Subbu’s misdeeds to Ishita. Subbu tries to prove his innocence. He tells Raman that Mrs. Bhalla provoked Laxmi against him. Mrs. Bhalla tries to justify herself. Subbu accuses her of ruining his life. Raman asks Sujata to keep Subbu away from the Bhallas. Ishita consoles Mrs. Bhalla as she blames herself for Laxmi’s death. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Subbu for her mistake. Ishita tries to make Subbu realise his misdeeds. Ishita confronts Sujata for provoking Subbu. Subbu and Sujata apologize to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman and Ishita will finally consummate their marriage in the upcoming episodes.

According to the upcoming specific track, Ishita will find out that she is suffering from critical Tuberculosis. The doctor has given upon her case and has confirmed that her chances of recovery are very low. Hence, she plans to move away from Raman and his family. Ishita has learnt that Shagun has now changed. She is guilty for her actions and is no more what she was before. Ishita decides to re-unite Raman and Shagun and move out of his life. Ishita fakes having an affair with Subbu. She wants Raman and his family to hate her, which will make her easy to go away from him. The show will then take a leap. Are you happy with YHM’s upcoming leap news? Let us know in this poll and leave your opinion about the leap in the comments section below.

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  1. instead of this crap u can show as ishita having baby, adi and ruhi feels insecure,ishita showing more love for adi and ruhi rather than her child, that will be nice

  2. Its better to end the show then taking this bullshit leap.wil stop watching its better writers end it or create sme good n happy story

  3. If this happens….then.will will not watch this bulshit show plz dont seperate raman and ishita

  4. Ekta kapoor u dont have any sense in making every show u start with vry good beginning and then u make that serial horrible in between…u always seperate the main characters and ruin the show..but please dont do this to Yeh hai mohobaten…this is my favourite serial….u will feel guilty after soing this..many of the people dont watch this serial plz plz dont seperate raman ishita..

  5. Bad idea,

  6. Ekta mam do you think this leap makes trp rates high….no not all….if you doing thing continue…. One day in trp rate chart yhm will nt appear…go to hell u stupid idiotic ekta…..tum toh pagal….go to check up your mind in best mental specialist…no no don’t go their….also u make doctor itself as mad…with ur stupid story line….

  7. what REVATHI told is nice
    even i was thinking of that

  8. Without ruho and ishra….Noway……..sad to say …. guess I should stop watching dis show from now on…..

  9. What the ****

    Bl**dy hell . Playing with our emotions. I hardly pray to god this show instead of leap goes off air in July. At least ll write a story myself tgat without shagun n subbu ishra live happily ever after with ruhi adi n family.

  10. if it happen i will not watch the show.

  11. Please dont do this. if that happened i’ll neven watch this show.
    This is very bad

  12. No leap is ok but pls no separation of ishra

  13. The is serial deals with emotions of children and it began with Ruhi getting attached to Ishitha. Later u hav shown Adi also getting closer to Ishitha . Now all of sudden , just to continue drama how can u separate the children from their mother and ask them to again accept something which they could not.This is really bad. Playing with emotions of the children is very very bad…This serial has something close to the real society and Ishitha’s character has been wonderfully written. At least let us feel happy watching the serial and don’t make us feel that life is going to be very upsetting with full of sorrows at the end. If u really want to continue the serial show something that wid really help people find some answers in their lives from Ishitha’s character.

  14. No we r not happy with that leap such a bad leap how can u make shagun with Raman.Is there any values to relations or not

  15. hi guys. i think u r all wasting time giving suggestions to the INCORRIGIBLE HORRENDOUS EKTA KAPOOR. this show will not end until the viewers get tired of the rubbish story (that will be dragged on and on for years without any clear direction…. ) and hate the show and raise slogans that please end the show. just as it happened for sath nibhana sathiya.


  16. totally bad idea…….aur us se bhi bura raman shagun k saath nd ishita subbu k saath….SOUNDS HORRIBLE

  17. raman shagun k saath nd ishita subbu k saath….SOUNDS HORRIBLE

  18. its bullsheet………plzzzz don’t do this.raman nd shagun together sounds horrible yarr. plzzzz keep raman nd ishita together.its a really bad idea

  19. what happened to the writter ish only save the children not thinkin about her from the fire
    shagun went away and already she lived with ashok nearly 6 yrs without marrige how can
    we tolerate that raman and shagun together according ekta kapoor serial good people always suffered and they donot have peaceful life but bad people shown as very bad at a
    second they realize their mistake immediately they lived very good and peaceful life what is
    this nonsense you got best serial and so many awards for this serial for the last two years
    as international level you want to spoil this awards ah? idiot writters

  20. Am sry to say thiz ekta mam plz dont seperate our fav jodi it may be increase u r trp rating but it decreases u r fans plz this is my request frm tamil nadu plz plz dont seperate thm and dont leap the show as so soon

  21. plzzzz, do not separate ishra, i beg of you….. this is the problem with all ekta kapoor shows….the show begins with a good storyline, makes us fall in love with the show and the characters….and most ekta kapoor shows are family dramas….so , they start topping the trp charts, and then the trp hungry idiot that ekta kapoor is, she starts dragging the story for years without any concrete direction, with ridiculous twists, and when they cannot think of any more twists, they separate the leads… can someone be such a big idiot??? Ekta kapoor ‘s mantra is ” KEEP ON DRAGGING A SHOW AS LONG AS U CAN, SO THAT PEOPLE GET TIRED AND BEG THE MAKERS TO CLOSE IT”……this lady is THE WORLD’S BIGGEST IDIOT

  22. better if the leaf is going take means better raman(karan) ishita(divyanka) and ruhi we request you to come out of the serial other wise you will definitely loose your fans at the
    same time raman and ishita relationship is very loveable and strong disease cannot seperate them

  23. Please don’t t do like that…’s just a hard slap for da viewer…u can make ishita sick with TB…..n let Raman help her to get cure with his love n care….n make everyone realize he he loves her n show da family supporting her to get rid f sadnesssadness n canshow how the kids encourages her to come out f shock…… it will b afyone lessonlesson forfor everyoneeveryone than givinggiving a heartache…..

    1. totally agree this has to be happen instead of showing nonsense, if they show IshRa seperation even we will loose faith, such a understaning couple how can they have no faith in between them

  24. leap is very irritating…….

  25. This is a pathatic idea. people will actually stop watching your show. They have best jodi awards in star parivaraward that does nt mean you will seperate them. instead show that ishita is sick and raman helps him to get cure….pls pls pls domt do this

  26. such a bad bad bad bad terrible twist …………………

  27. Noooooooo plzz don’t separate Raman &Isitha

  28. Don’t like the leap. If you are going to separate raman and is highs please end the show we will stop watching star plus and not support your shows.

  29. prabhsimràn kaur

    Plzzz….ekta don’t separate raman-ishita. We want them together else we will stop watching the show.

  30. kainat shakil

    No more any leap in this show at least please

  31. plz guys jinn jinn ke paas twitter aur fb account hai.plz protest against leap and post leap track. and whoever has instagram account they can protest as divyanka offen sees instagram.plz guys its a humble request.
    Dis is starplus toll free number…. Call
    dem n tell dem not to take a leap in
    1800 3000 7827

  32. we dont want leap .plz makers try and understand.

  33. very bad idea ekta.. we want to see only raman nd ishita together

  34. at present saathiya is the biggest comepitition for yhm.and the next track of saathiya is that gopi will kill a guy and do a murder again and again tripti will come and take revenge from modi family.agar iss time pe yhm leap lega toh i am sure ki nobody is gonna watch yhm . mauke ka faida uthaana chahiye lekin yhm is breaking the hearts of almost all fans and loose its 99.99% of veiwers. then we will neither see yhm nor see any ekta serial but just laugh at their stupidity.

  35. very bad idea ekta. … we want to see only raman nd ishita

  36. hume apna protest
    jaaro rakhna hai. i will protest till
    the last moment and till its not
    officially confirmed.

  37. if it is so the serial will not be watched by most of us. it is a hopeless change

  38. nobody will watch yhm except the entire yhm team.only they will sit and watch.

  39. we dont want leap…….
    we dont want leap…….
    we dont want leap………………….
    we dont want that horrible post leap track of ishra seperation and that yhm where the heart of the show ruhi will not be there……

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