Are you happy with YHM’s upcoming leap news?

Yeh Hai MohabbateinYeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing for a leap. Ishita and Raman’s love story will get an all new turn after a short leap. The show will now have a new twist as Ishita will be paired with Subbu and Raman will be seen with Shagun. According to the current track, Simmi confronts Subbu for his misdeed against the Bhallas. Subbu asks Simmi to meet him. Ishita tries to stop Simmi, but fails. Bala tells the family that a reporter, Tanushree, is helping them prove their innocence. Subbu forces Simmi to commit suicide. Ishita attacks Subbu when he tries to stop Raman from rescuing Simmi and Ananya.

YHMIshita and Raman rescue Simmi and Ananya. Shaila Bua finally tells the truth about Subbu’s misdeeds to Ishita. Subbu tries to prove his innocence. He tells Raman that Mrs. Bhalla provoked Laxmi against him. Mrs. Bhalla tries to justify herself. Subbu accuses her of ruining his life. Raman asks Sujata to keep Subbu away from the Bhallas. Ishita consoles Mrs. Bhalla as she blames herself for Laxmi’s death. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Subbu for her mistake. Ishita tries to make Subbu realise his misdeeds. Ishita confronts Sujata for provoking Subbu. Subbu and Sujata apologize to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman and Ishita will finally consummate their marriage in the upcoming episodes.

According to the upcoming specific track, Ishita will find out that she is suffering from critical Tuberculosis. The doctor has given upon her case and has confirmed that her chances of recovery are very low. Hence, she plans to move away from Raman and his family. Ishita has learnt that Shagun has now changed. She is guilty for her actions and is no more what she was before. Ishita decides to re-unite Raman and Shagun and move out of his life. Ishita fakes having an affair with Subbu. She wants Raman and his family to hate her, which will make her easy to go away from him. The show will then take a leap. Are you happy with YHM’s upcoming leap news? Let us know in this poll and leave your opinion about the leap in the comments section below.

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  1. yhm makers lack brains so they just bring the tracks such horrible ones.everyone know at the rnd ishra is gonna unite but this is not saathiya that we will be excited. we fand will not be able to see ishra seperation and that too raman giving ishitha divorce. raman and shagun seperated first , ishitha and raman united,ishitha raman seperated ,raman shagun united and ishitha subbu united.later ishra will unite.all rubbish and same old story which will come in all serial.

  2. twitter par protest jaari gai. plz sabhi fans peotest keejiye against leap and post leap track.

  3. Plzzzzz Don take a leap it will ruin da whole story n interest of Yeh hain Mohabbatein plzzzzz Don separate Ishra

  4. I hate the leap.we just want ishra together. No one is going to watch the show with this leap. And even how could Raman believe that ishitha has an affair with subbu. He knows that she loves him so much. Its ridiculous. Surely EKTA is going to make a mess of the show. Worst leap ever award goes to yhm if this leap happens. We just want ishra together.nothing else can make the show a hit.

  5. This is almost going on d same track as kkb went

  6. This is no to be good, as the story’s name it self says ” This is the Love”.even I’ll stop watching this if Isitha and Raman seperated.what nonsense, are they not humans? can they change partners like this, shit….its more better if they can show Raman and children take caring Ishitha knowing her illness, otherwise this will also become Ekta’s tipical drama like “pavithra Rishta” etc….surely this drama will flop if this happens.

  7. WTF…???plz dnt seprt ishu & raman…plz plz plz…

  8. Akshatha Abhilash

    Please don’t separate ishita and Raman…

  9. This leap is going to be pure rubbish

  10. Do not seperate raman & ishita,We want to see them together

  11. very bad leap

  12. Not at all

  13. this is very bad…nowadays in the serial ishra looks nd act like very agebar people their is no life to them only their childrens issues specially adi its too boring their romance also decreses..if this lape is happened this is the worst show in the world…

  14. in my life this was the fst serial i will watch they are my fav jodi iam died hert fan of this show ish ra nd ruhi…nd do like that..i think writter mind is lost..all fans are jugessted to check in hospital..idiots…

  15. atleast their married life is not started then also their lovestory will be ends this is not fair..dnt do like that pls humble request from fans in andra…pls…

    1. ya seriously… they hv not even started a nicer lovestory…. and you people are trying to end it

  16. YHM leap is ok.But why do you have to seperate the children from the mother.And Raman-Shagun together? that sounds horrible…. May be you can show the children to be grown up a bit and carrry on the track.That would be exciting to see.But not a seperation and all please..

  17. Plz don’t seperate ishu n raman.if u people take this bakwass leap no one will see yhm.this is too much disgutting if u make raman n shagun n ishitha n subbu pair.

  18. If Raman & ishita were separated ,it will be the worst thing in the world. Its better to stop the serial than continueing the serial with their plz don’t do this. I support with revathi views

  19. It will b stupidity rather end the show will b better, coz im for shure not goin to tolerate this crap! B ready YHM to loose ur fans. N move from top position to bottom. Coz Raman, Ishita n Ruhi r main theam of d story no need of leap so soon, u can show far more better things, evbdy is more interested in growth of love story of R & I. N not its end even b4 start, n ya these all comments r not requests for viewers bt they r for survival of ur show,coz viewers hv multiple options n its v easy to switch ur fav show it hardly takes few days to devp interest, n takes only 1 day to loose completely whn idea is so worst like seperation of fav couple wd leap….

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