Are you happy with IPKKND2’s current track?

Shlok has been in coma for 6 months and with his lady love Astha gone missing in the show, the track is making some whirls. Sarkar family is not seen anywhere till now, since the leap happened, along with Niranjan. Niranjan has lost mental balance after Anjali’s death and is with his former wife Kavita. Ahilya made the mangalsutra war such serious that she did not care even if any other family broke because of her anger.

Astha’s whereabouts are not shown in the show till now and many fans are eager to know where she is, having the news of her memory loss and expecting her to be living as Indrajeet’s wife along with Sarkar family. While Poornima failed to get her love Ballu, that’s Shlok, the Sarkar family should be glad to break Niranjan’s family, having lost all the property back to Agnihotris. The show looks dull without main characters like Anjali, Niranjan and Astha now.

The story will be revolving around Shlok’s struggle to find Astha and get her back home safely. Shlok has another aim to end Kalindi and Avdhoot’s annoyance by proving his love to them. Shlok’s hunt for Astha has started in the show and though she has been making entries in the show in his imaginative sequences, we have to see when the lady returns in his life again. What do you think about this track, which made the show more hit recently? Let us know in this poll.


  1. tanvi

    no more shlok n sojal scenes together please .we except only aastha n shlok scenes is the only reason to watch this show

  2. meghana

    avinash shrenu n manish are superb its a request to mr prod n direr to remove sojals character fr the show which is unbearable anymore

  3. prajakta

    i am a huge fan of ashlok n ipkknd ebp but what irritates me is presence of sojal n her voice always calls barad insted of varad .

  4. sanjana

    shame on you shalmalee for not quiting the show inspite of so many bad comments and lot of hate from viewers.
    we hate you

  5. Shalmalee , the most shameless woman in the whole world,how r u still alive after listening to such bad comments from every one?U r unfit for acting.Go to ……………..u will go get succeeded there.Horrible to look at u with Shlok.Waseem kick her out of d show.Otherwise u career is gone .Shlok,the another big big big fool n stupid guy always goes n sticks to her on show.

  6. Adi

    Sojai is not all fit for family type shows.She should work for Fashion tv .not for star plus.Dir y are u not quitting her from show.How Avi bribed u for her.We have stopped watching this show which is supporting Babhi devar illegal relationship.A big bye to ur dirty show.

  7. We want our cute n gorgeos n cutesmile n simple Aastha back on show soon.We dont want Sojal n that too with shlok sticking always ,tho bil kul bhi nai. Inspite of many bad comments they stick to eachother means dis show has no values.You will never change,so, I think we only have to take a step forward in stop watching d show.Shame on Shl n Soj.Cchiii.

  8. Sojal,have u looked at yourself in front of d mirror.Your face resembles a gorilla’s face with bulged cheeks from side but,a makeup fair gorilla.U stand by keeping ur arti boobs too front n long girraffe’s neck too front n u really look like a …………….but still u pose a lot.We r not Avi to bear u.A big bye to ur dirty show.We hate this show, a lot just because of u.

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  11. shetty

    the serial is going worst .dragging of incidents and situations .where is astha? what about niranjan? everything question mark. There is no twist

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  13. anjana

    i love ebp fr aastha and shlok!!!!
    the viewers do not care about the personal lives of actors!!! but avi and shal should hve atleast given a thought to the feelings of ashlok fans before posting their pictures on social media and creating such a hurore!!! thy cud hve been open about it after the show ended!!! who cares then??? its months or say a year tht we do not hve any offscreen pictures of segments of our lead couple!!! do we fans deserve ths???? plsss it is a request to the cvs not to gve more screen space to shlojal as thy just cannot be viewed as a bhabhi devar cause of thr stupidity!!!!

    we want ashlok back with the same intensity as before as avi does not look intetested nowadays in hs scenes with shrenu!!!!!

  14. You are absolutely right.Avi n shal should have waited till d show ended.Avi is making injustice to his on screen character.Please end d show where there is no Aashlok but it is Shloksojal.U even donot have rights to play with such many fans as u say we donot have right to talk about ur personal lives.Please end d show sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

  15. Rifna

    oh pls grow up u stupid girls, pls grow up n act like a girl not dumb….why u girls r running behind shal, what was her fault. ..coz avinash posted his pics with her…I wish they bcome real couple soon!
    she is gorgeous, beautiful, and very well knw how to act…and some of urs bullshit comments doesn’t gonna affect her… jobless ppls …get a life!

  16. f

    If d same thing ur mother does wi th ur father’s brother.runming after him n standing beside him always even if ur father is there , n itself daily she wears costumes matching to him?Do u agree.That is what every one tried to say.Do not bring personal lives on d shows n act in d character .so Society should learn something good from d show.As they did not consider fans genuine request ,fans had to use such bad words to keep up our Indian relationships strong.

    • I’m sure ur 10 yr old kid…whats d problem if she wore d same color blouse of his shirt ROFLMAO, yes my mummy does serve food to her devar n her whole family member no1 found any problem in that, kahaan kahaan se athe hai….brainless ppls :/

  17. Jas

    please guys be patient please we should not comment on actors personal life we only should talk about the twist if it is good twist or not not who should quit show of somebody quit the show that’s not sholok’s fault if there twist in story that’s not sholok’s fault why just bhesing avi and shal it is not end of world they have to act as to to run the show she is varad’s wife it is obvious to be in same house we will see astha if she got little break then what is wrong she need break too she worked hard since this show started her Nani passed away she was in brorda for week guys some time they have to adjust little bit story so it does not mean fans should that much upset after all actors r human beings they got heart too it not nice to play anybody’s feelings like that so we should be happy we have that very very talented actors all beutiful and handsome actor and actors so pls don’t take me wrong I did not have any enemity with any one at all just comment what I felt so pls forgive me if anybody don’t like my comment I don’t have any problem with any actors I enjoy the every track I mean every episode

  18. Jas

    Sorry guys I am back I want to comment that guys these episodes shooted two three weeks advance so they won’t edits much to change anything so there is no use to say bad things about anybody

  19. Pink

    Really ashamed to read all the horrible comments here. Please show some class and spare shalmalee. She is just doing her job.

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  21. Not at all happy borng us a lowith track.This show is boring us alot with our drama queen.Season -1 was far better than this.There is no depth in Ashlok’s pyaar.Though Aastha tried her level best,it depends on d opposite person also.So cant help it anymore.Aastha find a job in any other project.Now dis has become a fashion parade to Sojal n got a chance to stick to Shlok officially.Number one stupid show on this earth.Bye bye to ur serial.Not anymore.

  22. Yeh Jas n Pink did not understand fans feelings.Fans wanted Ashlok n not Shl nSoj if u see shl nsoj beside eachother nwearing bl nbl green n green since wed u will not, say dis.If waseem had considered fans request there would have no space for atleast one comment.Very simple request, why he is not taking it, we do not know.

    • goldfish

      cant you all understand sojal is part of the show she cant quit as you wish… same colour dressing maybe a coincidence.. why making a big fuss. why dont you all take it positively.. dont spoil the mood of other viewers pls..

  23. seema

    in Maharashtra we treat vahini as our mother so sojal is shloks mother and taking care of him in absence of anjali and aastha. .only one suggestion to sojal is dont forget to buy a rakhee for shlok he is just like your younger brother.

  24. Avi's fan

    The actresses of EBP including the female lead are all ugly creatures with funny looking nose and a big teeth which cant be closed. Just close the show and let good meaningful show take over.

  25. End d show yaar.Not at all nice.If u had shown Shl n Soj right from d beginning of d show fans would have accepted dem.Now in name of taking care,u show together n that tooafter listening rumours about dem it is hard to digest their togetherness otherwise there is nothing wrong if vahni takes care of bhauji.All d three r giving chance to rumours n enjoying alot behind d screen.Fans really r mad people n fight between eachother.Whoever donot like d show stop watching d show.Then those three will get buddhi.

  26. Avi's fan

    Avinash’s talent is totally a waste in this show only doing kissing and hugging and romancing the female lead. Come on there are also such thing as having chemistry without doing kissing and fondling. Any good actor with good emotion and a good director would be able to manage and create chemistry. His previous show proves that the chemistry does exist without him doing intimate scenes. And please tell those PH or whoever behind the show please don’t copy CB scenes. CB is a unique show, dont destroy it by copying into this meaningless and no quality show

  27. LoveEBP

    It is time to finish off this show. Manish’s talent has been fully used to bring up the TRPs and the lead couple with their non stop fondling and f**king each other bring it down. What a waste of Manish’s talent and hardwork he is doing tor this show

  28. fan

    Wassem ji y r u running d show? The show lost its values.Shl n Soj do not have basic screen sensethat ,what they r on d screen.Inspite of many rumours about them they repeat d same.Time has come to d end show.

  29. Sat

    It is a shame that this season 2 have fail to live up to the high performance of season 1. Avinash was a good choice but the rest of the cast just piggyback on his talent. Avinash has not grown as an actor as all he did was repeated all that scenes and emotions that were done in his previous show. As an innocence young man it was magnificent but as an middle aged man it is childish and ridiculous to see him repeat these scenes…. Waste of Starplus precious showtime and viewers time. This show have proven to have no value or purpose poor entertainment. Avinash as a person is even worst with his childish perverted off-scene behaviour in showing his happy personal life. Avinash shows he has no standards or professionalism not fit to be an actor as he has no regards to Network ,PH, cast and viewers. He is handsome and have some talent but is totally unprofessional and have single handed destroyed this show with his romance of a third grade actress (it like eloping and marrying with the maid) and displaying it to attack his beloved fans. It is sad that Avinash don’t understand that the production team and the viewers makes his success. Avinash is not fit to be a public entertainer anymore.
    As Shalmalee she has no talent nor beauty should find job in another field. Based on the impact she has on viewers should be fired for misconduct. She should be replace immediately if the show has to continue. The writer, producer I hope would have more original scenes and not repeat Avinash last show as he is only capable of creating halve the impact reason for it not being appreciated. Keep the show going as it maybe the last that Avinash can do with his talent and behaviour.

  30. Sum

    Wonder why Shlok is shown as the lead and that the story revolves around him when in fact it is Munishji role and acting skills that created impact and the real story…he should have been the lead…actually the show would have been received much better with a little more focus on him.
    As for Avinash he has proven to be a third grade actor with limited potential… all he is good at is flirting and fondling as it is all he did for the last 2 years on and off-scene…It is unfortunate that he has deteriorate to such a level. This is most evident by his decreasing hard core fan support. Come June when is marries the ugly Shal that would be the final nail in his coffin. I have never seen a display of such low disgraceful behaviour…I have personally take a second look at the values projected by him, the producers and India as a whole….Very poor projection that many have stopped their support for all.
    Avinash would push and bribe his way to prove he can act again but have lost his good image both on and off screen….His fans following is very poor and decreasing daily …He seems to have the behaviour and IQ of a ten year old but looks like a man in mid thirties, Seems like aunty Shal have made him to match herself. Wish they would both ride off in the sunset now and don’t grace us with their presence ever again on screen. Shrenu has proven to be an angel and have grown in acting skills and professionalism. She can take this show to a great finish by herself, wish this would be the direction to redeem the damage that Avinash has done.

  31. f

    Who ever u r very well said.Not d starplus or ipkknd is wasting its time,its we,who r watching d show like made people to see dirty scenes of a blo*dy b*t*h shlok n third graded woman.How many ever essays fans write its not to effect d three world class super idiots.My humble request is to that blo*dy b*t*h Sojal or end d show.You people bring personal relations on to d screen n act n as ashlok fans if we comment d same u say u r interfering in personal lives You give scope n blame others.This is not at all fair.

  32. megha

    the only reason to love this show is avi n shrenu as shlok n astha respectively. both are equally imp.their onscreen chemistry is too gd.the best jodi on star plus is Ashlok

  33. Observer

    Just end the show. Manish, Geeta and Avinash have been the back bone of this show. Due to the creative or whoever the media person behind who have wanted Avinash to have relationship with Shrenu has been using him for nearly 2 years to make him do intimate scenes with the female lead. He is a good actor and yet is used only to romance. Anyway not sure whether he really loves to do this romance scene but honestly speaking I have never watch any show that has no content except to see the leads fondling and getting intimate towards each other in each single episodes for nearly 2 years. The person behind doing this must be s*x deprived just like the EBP fans on tweeter who constantly bashed if we comment anything about the show. So just end it or else bring Manish and Geethanjali back and end this show for good.

  34. f

    Rifna dear, u did not understand our feelings even after explaining it, so clearly.Sorry yaar,we cannot take d things as u take.All that we can do is just stop watching d show.We r so much hurt by Shl n Soj behaviour on d screen.But not any more.

  35. Piease please end d show.After knowing Avi n Shal relationship how can d viewers accept Shl n Aas on d same screen itself.If Shal was a girl out of d show it would have been a different thing.But now one side Aas n on d otherside future wife Shal it has become difficult to watch it.So pl end d show immediately sir.We beg u sir.For whom u r telecasting d show.Is it for Avi n Shal’s family members.

  36. Cind

    What was Avinash Sachdev bragging about …his performance in learning of Anjali death was nothing to shout about…Big grown man behaving like a child so unrealistic for the character as Shlok…Avinash has lost his marbles and worst thanking Anjali for support when all her input was a picture….Avinash thinks his fans are all idiots he no longer has the potencial to understand and deliver the high level performance to capture his audience….what a shame.

    Avinash has lost his charm, reputation, image and now life in doing this low grade s*x/romance show. Dating, engaging a loser like Shal and agreeing to marry her is the height of ignorance it shows how lost and influenced Avinash has become….what a failure destroyed his entire career and life to do romance to get famous and rich over night.
    Imagine having to live and love a second hand ugly Shal for the rest of his life to prove to the world he having his personal happiness and can commit to her. What an idiot! time to end this show before Avinash completely destroy everything with his ugly s*xually experienced aunty Shal.

  37. I also feel that this show should be ended rightnow.The chemistry bet Aas n Shl will not work anymore.As everyone on this earth knows that it is Shl n Soj but not Shl n Aas on d screen n also off d screen.Dont risk urself so much sir.Your show is completely ruined by Shl n Soj ‘s off screen relationship.Dhukaan bundh kar kae sab log ghar cheliye.

  38. What a fantastic description cind.YOU both second handed or multihanded Avi n Shal quit d show so that pro end d show.Avi,first u went for CB shoot ,there u loved n engaged Rubina n then u came here n after seeing Shaalu aunty u cheated rubi n left her n now got engaged Shaalu aunty.You go for shootings to trap girls n later u use them n leave them.You have come all d way from Vadodara to Mumbai to cheat d girls or for ur career.You spoiled ur father’s civil services dream n you spoiled ur career too by yourself.You r unfit as a son ,as an actor n a good humanbeing.Inshort , u must quit d show right now as u do not have screen sense at all.

  39. ebp fan

    i wish to s 1000 epis of ipkknd ebp
    i like the show .its a request to shal aunti humare avi ko chod do he is ur brother like(younger). avinash apne chasme ka no. check karo tn u wll able 2 mk diff btween Beauty n the Beast i.e

  40. avis crazy fn

    avi nw it is ur duty to annunce tht u r nt gng 2 marry any of ur onscreen babhi aai vahini tai mami etc etc as u believes in family values do it fast we r with u

  41. As n when we all came to know that Avi n Sha r eng n going to get married to each other through media u would u have ended d show.U even had chance to end d show happy.Now every ones eyes r on shl n soj n even u r showing them together in all scenes.Now a days he is soooooooo much interested to be with soj than with Aas.He is not all intereted in doing d scenes with Aas that is clearly seen on d screen.His action has become arti n superficial with Aas.His action has become sooooooooooooooooooooo worst.It is more of shl n soj n not shl n aas which some months back it used to be n has to be. Show lost everything.Immediately stop d show. Its a humble request.

  42. Avi’s crazy fans now its all over neither God nor Avi himself can save himself from danger.But there is one option that is Shal aunty if she really loves him alot n as a future wife ,can do one thing.To save his career Shal aunty should quit d show or should maintain distance with Avi on d screen so that he can justify his character.Shal aunty can not u do this also for ur beloved future husband.Wake up Shal aunty ur hus career is spoiled.

  43. the serial has lost the track, not intrest without anjali n astha, why all seriouls point on enemity, fight in the family, Is director is not seeing the family with love n happiness.

  44. fan

    Shl is looking soooooooooooooooooooo cool n inside is very happy that finally he has got chance to stand beside Soj n seeing that how he looks beside her on d screen.Love for Aas is completely lost on d screen.No intensity in d love itself.Right time to stop d show where its looking like s fashion show for Soj n it is more of Shl n soj.Number one stupid show in d whole universe.

  45. ashlok fan

    der s no scene coupled with shlk n sojal…… den y ppl r very angry… i hv strong belief tat astha’ll come n liv wid shlok……………

  46. isi

    All the characters are just imagination of the show…… Y u guys go so deep…… If they are devar and Bhabi then it is wrong……. Its just a show….. Everything is a drama not a real life….. Think well before u say anything about anyone

  47. fan

    We r talking about only devar n babhi but not about their personal lives.If u watch it keenly u will understand how babhi n devar make their own way to stand side by side.If fans do not want too see them together what difficulty, is there for dir to maintain distance bet them .I really did not understand d reason behind it.

  48. Nikitaoperaqueen

    This show has no value. The cheap actors only know how to f**k each other and stupid starplus is still airing this type of show on their channel. Disgusting show.

  49. sahrishpirzada

    Keep on fondling and kissing each other. This is what we want to see. We know that you cant keep away from each other in real too

  50. Jas

    Hi guys we r lucky got another extension for ebp get happy pls try to think open mindly nothing is real no body’s real life it is just drama try to think positive way already fans had bashed them too much if fans going to angel Shrenu what people going to get they are doing hard work 6and 7 days a week they just doing their job we shld not be always behind them and critisizing them it is just twist actors have nothing in their hands why don’t fans understand that and keep blaming actors pls it is hand binding request spare them don’t no why everybody hate shal that much she does not say anything to anyone why to call her with bad names come on yaar be mature it is too much childhood there must be limit to bash someone if avi will marriage with sojal what is wrong that his personal choice he can do whatever want he does not have to ask fans whom fans like everybody own likeness I an not any body’s relative but feels very much emberrisment reading that kind bulshit comments I am not even in India but surprise to read sad comments and that narrow minded people’s thinking come on guys what century u guys are living why just talking that backward u guys don’t even think ones what is happening on them when they read that shitty kind comments instead of apriciation if cannot appreciate at least spare them and let them do their job jealousing with someone no body never won anything just ruin own image I am sorry I was too much hurt can’t stop myself suggest too not to comment that cheap whole world read that shitty kind comments if still will do that nothing going to change their personal life so live hPpily and let them live sincere fan will never think bad for their favorited actors

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