Are you excited to watch Hiba and Pearl in Meri Saasu Maa?


Zee TV’s Meri Saasu Maa is an upcoming show. Hiba Nawab is playing the lead in the show. The female protagonist Pari does not get mother’s love at her home. Her Dadi is her only well wisher. Pari does not feel bad seeing the family disrespecting her. She assures Dadi that she will get her Maa in her Saasu Maa Bhavna. Pearl V Puri will be playing the male lead in the show. He is Bhavna’s obedient son, who can do anything for his mother’s happiness.

The show brings the story of Pari. Her life journey starts after her marriage, where she finds a mother in her mother-in-law, Bhavna Devi. Bhavna believes that daughters-in-law have to be kept within strict boundaries. Bhavna does not allow her one of her son and daughter in law to celebrate birthday. She throws a lavish party, and makes her son and bahu wash utensils as part of their celebrations. She controls her bahu and believes bahu can never become a daughter. As fate has it, Pari and Bhavna find themselves loving each other as a mother and daughter. Pari does not feel down by any discrimination and her patience wins Bhavna’s heart. Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab starred in Star Plus’ shows, before shifting to Zee TV show. Viewers love them for their past shows. We hope they bring amazing chemistry and rock this show. Are you excited to watch Meri Saasu Maa? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. But only for Pearl and Hiba…………

  2. Archal Dhruv Chandani

    Yes Only for Pearl and Hiba….I’m sure they will have a nice chemistry… But I didn’t like Pearls character in Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil…Waaaaaaaaaaaay too immature

  3. Yes, I hope it means that Satrangi Sasural or Qubhool Hai will be ending! Those too shows have turned to utter nonsense!!!

    1. Yes u r right Meri Sasu Maa is replacing Qubool Hai

      1. Thanks! Great news! But it should have been Satrangi Sasural first sigh lol

  4. Only for pearlie…

  5. only for pearl….

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Show jitna promo me dekhne me sahi or tthik sa lag raha hai, zee tv k writers usse jayda band jayenge or uttna slow chalaenge ki story sari public advcne me predict kr legi but writers ussko dikhnane me saal 2 saal lgga denge after all story itni slow chalayegi…

  7. One more saas bahu …nt interested..but dont worry our stupid audience will go well with dat..

  8. Gonna watch it only for pearl n hiba

  9. Patient young bahu winning over a jallad sasu!! A spineless husband and a batallion of relatives trying to spoil things. What a new concept!!!

    1. Yaar,seriously,will the nature of daily soaps ever change??may be mind set of writers,production house n channel should change first,audience,majority are ever willing to accept changes..

  10. for Pearl n heba

  11. that means qubool hai will b finally ending

  12. I m really excited to see Amaya and Abeer back in the same show, the name seems interesting, I think it would be interesting to see how much a daughter-in-law loves her mother-in-law, I just hope this show gets better day by day when it starts

  13. I’m very very excited to watch this show. Coz of hiba nawab. I love her a lot.

  14. Only and only for pearl

  15. So happy Pearl is getting back !
    @ Archal pleas don’t say anything about Abeer he was awesome and I loved his character way more ! And m sure many people loved him so I request not to say anythin abt Abeer

  16. Ya @Archal pls don’t say this abt Pearl.He is the best & i will love watching MERI SASU MAA❤️❤️Coming ?only on ZEE TV

  17. Wow super
    I love both amaya and abeee

  18. gonna watch it for pearl only

  19. Only and only for Pearl and Hiba….one of my favourites

  20. to hell with it from a show like tsm to a sans bahu drama agin she hiba told that she won’t work in these typicall sans bahu shows but money is money na sorry guys to hurt u but i can’t control it anymore

  21. Only for pearl I don’t like hiba

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