Are you excited to see Urmi’s new journey in Doli Armanon Ki?

Zee TV’s show Doli Armanon Ki is all set to go through a generation leap that will take the story line ahead. The main lead actors will not be seen in the post leap track of the show that is going on-air from June 26th. We will describe how the main actors will be shown leaving the show. Ishaan reaches the abandoned godown and is successfully able to save Urmi. While on the other hand, Samrat, who is pretending that both Ishaan and Urmi would be dead by now, enjoys the wild weather. Samrat’s happiness turns into nightmare when a tree falls upon his car. Ishaan and Urmi safely get out of the godown, but Ishaan, on finding Samrat needing help, rushes to him. Ishaan saves Samrat, but gets trapped in his car which catches fire.

Doli Armaano Ki

Ishaan perishes while saving Samrat when his car catches fire. Samrat finally realizes that what he has done is wrong and for it, he would never be forgiven. At home, Daamini starts questioning Urmi as to how the incident occurred. Urmi does not speak a word and seeing this, Samrat speaks up. He tells that he was the one who had called Urmi and Ishaan to kill them. Samrat tells his crimes to Anirudh, Damini and Taani. He asks them to punish him.

Anirudh drags Samrat out of the house. Urmi asks him to stop. She tells Anirudh that Ishaan only wanted Samrat to realize his mistakes and that would transform him into a good man. Samrat joins his hands before Urmi and leaves the place. Samrat is seen walking down the beach thinking what he done with Urmi and Ishaan. Samrat will go through an emotional phase, transform himself into the good-hearted man, and commit suicide. Manasi Salvi will now be playing the role of Urmi. Manasi has earlier appeared in TV series ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke and Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara. To play the role of grown-up Shaurya, Kunal Karan Kapoor has been roped in for the show. Are you excited to see Urmi’s new journey in Doli Armanon Ki? Let us know in this poll.

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  2. What about urmi’s and ishan’s baby

  3. i like neha marda

  4. Not at all. This serial must end NOW. What a waste of time.

  5. fan of the show

    I really like Manasi the new Urmi and I hope the next track is even better than the last one.

  6. Who z Manasi in Gungi

  7. Not at all. No body can replace Urmi. And what about Urmi and Ishaans baby ???? not a word about that ?????????????????

  8. i excited to see mansi salvi in DAK

  9. hii…i watched all the episodes. ..urmi and samarat was the best…..please bring them both…..samrat actinggg was the BEST…….Bt new actress mansi alsoo good….bt please bring both Urmi and Samraat backk……thanksss

  10. ☆Twinkle05★

    I am very excited not for urmi bcoz of kunal karan kapoor entry ♡♥♡♥

    1. same here waiting for a reply like this its true

  11. I agree with precious… no one can replace urmi…. she’s like the best n its not like im saying that mansi isnt a gud actress but wen we say doli armano ki the first think that we think of is urmi …. n wot about urmis n ishans baby??? No feedback on that also!!! Plz reply

    1. I think urmi will come back and the daughter of urmi and Ishan….
      remember Ishan wanted a girl that looks just like urmi

  12. i m highly excitd about kunal karan kapoor’s entry nd seeing him onscreen aftr a lng lng tym made me go mad 4 him i danced nd jumped wid joy i wish him al da bst 4 hs new show i know 4 sure dat wid his entry dak is gng 2 b a big hit al da credit goes 2 my sweetheart i thnk by nw his fanssss might b dyng 2 watch dis shw includng dos guys who didnt evn watch it atleast 1ce dat is KUNAL KARAN KAPOOR lv u a lottttttttttttt kunal god bless u nd may he make dis show of urs a grant success “kyunki jaha kunal hotha hai waha ka naksha badal jatha hai”(haar se jeet,dukh se hasi)

  13. Ofcourse…
    Ishan wanted a girl that looks just like urmi.. remember!!!!
    soo it’s only fitting that urmi and Ishan baby girl looking just like her mom.
    Urmi will re enter as Ishan and urmi daughter…

    1. Neha left the show for good…she did not get enough freedom even to meet her husband due to the production house….obviously personal life matters

  14. Na I think Urmi an Ishaan bby wil b a boy dats wen Vibhav Roy comes in acting as Ishaan an Urmis son ,an Shuraya as Samarat junior Eishhh let’s jus c wat happens.An I hope da new DAk wil be as entertaining as da old 1 my fingers are crossed

  15. We will just have to wait and see.. won’t we..

  16. ishani is mentioned in the end of the yesterdays episode on monday we will come to know who is going to play the role of ishani

  17. gona miss ishan and urmi

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