Are you excited for leap track in Piya Rangrezz?


Piya Rangrezz on Life OK channel has brought some unique tracks and characters. The show is known for the aggressive Sher Singh, and sweet and simple Shraddha. The leads got hit and accepted by the fans for their awesome chemistry and fresh spark. Sher was angry, aggressive and outspoken, but very good at heart. Sher and Shraddha has died and the new leap track brings their twin sons and Bhanvari Devi. Their life is shown post 25 years. As per this week’s track, Sher was worried about Shraddha and Bhanvari. Sher follows Chanda to her hideout. Sher gets Chanda drunk and manipulates her into telling him about Shraddha and Bhanvari’s whereabouts. Bhanvari escapes from the captivity. Bhanvari tries to get help for Shraddha. Sher fools Chanda by his charm and calls Bhanvari and Shraddha infront of her. Chanda gets dazed seeing them. Sher ties the time bomb to Chanda, but the good hearted Shraddha defuses the bomb. Chanda is sent away to mental asylum.

There comes some happy moments between Sher and Shraddha. The doctor tells Shraddha that she is going to have twins. Chanda runs from the mental asylum. Bhanvari welcomes Shraddha home by doing her grahpravesh. She apologizes to Shraddha. Bhanvari gets informed that Chanda has escaped from the asylum. Chanda disguises herself to enter Sher’s house. Bhanvari celebrates Shraddha’s baby shower. Chanda feeds a poisoned ladoo to Shraddha and sets Sher’s house on fire. Sher rescues Bhanvari and Shraddha. They all get affected and injured by the fire incident. They are rushed to a hospital. Shraddha gives birth to twins. Sher and Shraddha have a final talk and they both die peacefully holding hands. Chanda is arrested and is still mad in Sher’s love. She turns glad realizing she is pregnant. Bhanvari Devi takes the responsibility of her grandsons. The leap will bring Gaurav Bajaj again in Sher’s son role and with a new attitude. There will be much aggression in his new role. Gulki Joshi, who was seen as Meher in Life Ok’s Nadaan Parindey, will be female lead opposite Gaurav post leap. With new twists and leap track, Are you excited for leap track in Piya Rangrezz? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comments as well.

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  1. Please kirtida come back

  2. How come she become pregnant when there is nothing between them?????

  3. So does that mean that their is no Kirtida?? Great… hating the new track already…

  4. honestly saying,i am not at all excited…this leap is unmotivating me to watch this show..the male protagonist has died and it would lead to sheer decrease in trp ratings,for sure..!!after long time of negativity,it had finally led to sherdha’s unite and Bhavri devi acceptance for shraddha…this is what viewers wished to watch..but they ruined everything after bubble happiness..!!Pathetic..

  5. No no no.. show should not end as wel as there must be no leap…
    Wanted only sher and shraddha as the main lead…

  6. Mehak Kharoud

    Very Sad and missing Kirtida Mistry !!!!!
    Without Kirtida this show is incomplete..
    Dont want this show without Kirtida..
    I m surely not excited with the leap.
    It would b really better if this show ends instead of showing Sher and Shraddha dying . ?????
    Being a fan of Gaurav, i would like to see him in a new avtar. But if they wanted to expand this show they must hav made season 2.
    Vry unhappy ??

  7. Masooma Mirza

    Ohh wow !! What a track ? Now chanda devil is also pregnant ? RIDICULOUS ?? now chanda will also bear a child ? Then Chanda’s son will harm shamsher ?

  8. Change got pregnant because she got sher unconcious and had s*x with him

  9. Very sad that sharaddha is leaving the show will be crap

  10. why should the show end when the female lead quits the show ! Why should the other cast of PR suffer because of one actress. I think leap is a smart move from makers of PR. A leapwith a new story is better than then gettin a new heroine opposite Sher.

    I am looking forward to a new fresh story of PR with experienced actors/actresses !!

  11. i am really missing KRIDITA MISTRY but i really don’t want GULKI JOSHI to be heroine of samsher their jodi won’t match rather she should go with ARJUN

  12. we need kirtida back.otherwise this should be end

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