Are you excited for Colors’ Kesari Nandan?

Kesari Nandan is the upcoming show on Colors. The child protagonist Kesari has much interest in wrestling. Her father is also a wrestler. But, he doesn’t support her dreams. Kesari’s father Hanumanth Singh gets offended when Kesari enters the wrestling ring and wins the fight. Kesari wants the support of her family. Hanumanth wants his son Jagat to grow up and become a wrestler like him. He lets his wife Madhavi raise Jagat. Hanumanth decides everything for the family women. Kesari is born as a hope for the women. Kesari is a bright, cheerful and strong girl. Kesari is raised by a strong woman Amba, who fills her with courage and confidence.

Kesari wants to prove her mettle by matching up to the strong wrestlers. Kesari is different than other girls. Hanumanth wants Jagat to become his heir and take the family legacy ahead. Jagat fails to keep up the family traditions. Kesari Nandan becomes the future of the Singh family. Kesari displays her prowess since her childhood. Kesari has dreams in her eyes and passion in her blood. She doesn’t listen to the world. She just follows her heart. Kesari realizes Hanumanth’s unhappiness with her fulfillment of dreams. The struggles and hardships of Kesari will be seen. Are you excited for Colors’ Kesari Nandan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Just going to same like udaan and other male dominating shows…. Boring show….

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