Are you excited about Riya and Shivam’s marriage track in Mere Angne Mein?


Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein is having a grand marriage of Riya and Amit, which eventually turns into Riya and Shivam’s marriage. The track is going on interesting and holds good detailing of the marriage functions. Sarla makes Amit have the brinjal and makes him get allergy on his face. Raghav refuses to take the money from Bua Dadi. Shanti and Sarla take the money from Bua Dadi. Bua Dadi asks Anupam to reach the marriage hall. Anupam returns home and tells Riya that Sahil and he got kidnapped. Sarla sends Amit to find the pandit Bansi. Bua Dadi tells everyone to get ready for the sangeet. Sarla suggests Shanti to cancel the haldi ritual and she pretends to have been possessed by Shanti’s mother-in-law Imli Devi. Amit finds Bansi and brings him home. Sarla’s plan fails as Bansi is drunk. Amit confronts the pandit for ruining Sarla’s plan. Shanti asks Shivam to get Gangajal. She sends Shivam away intentionally. Sarla informs Amit about her next plan. Shanti asks Amit to hide his face during the mehendi and makes him wear Sehra.

Sarla asks Amit not to disclose his name. They together apply cow ding on Amit’s name written on the board. Dadi Bua argues with Shanti. Sarla stops Dadi Bua from meeting Amit. Dadi Bua tells Anupam that she wants to see the groom’s face. Anupam asks her not to doubt so much and let things go easy. Sarla locks Rani in the restroom. Shanti dances in the function along her family. Raghav and Kaushalya dance at the function and give competition to Bua Dadi. Sarla stops Bunty from seeing Amit’s face. Riya agrees to hide her face after Sarla tells about Shanti’s traditions. Shanti and Dadi Bua have a dance competition. Shivam sees Riya dancing with Amit. He gets heartbroken and angry. He leaves the mehendi function and drives recalling Riya. He meets with an accident. Sarla follows Shivam and finds him at a temple. The lovers Riya and Shivam will get married in the coming week after lots of melodrama and misunderstandings. Are you excited about Riya and Shivam’s marriage track in Mere Angne Mein? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Yes……very excited …and really want sbi am to get marry to riya cute couple…..

  2. yes v interested in shiv am/ria wedding. but i think u streching it too much.

  3. Why so much drama. When the show began we all knew that Shivum is married to Riya.

  4. Yes very much excited
    Sarla & sasilala ha ha ha…..

  5. sarla is a very cunning women ,i hate her and pari

  6. yes im so excited to watch riya and shivams marriage im so excited

  7. i dont knw why these people are dragging it too much

  8. Excited.. Bt its dragging too much..

  9. Very much excited. Shivam riyas marriage. Cute cupple.

  10. Very excited but draginig too much…make it little shorter

  11. Deboshri Bhattacharya

    Very excited.

  12. If shivam will not marry with riya then I will not watch this show…

  13. very xcited…… m em eagerly waiting for riyas entry in shrivastav family only den c can give tough challenges to that cruel daadi 😀
    ……………..hope very soon sarlaki sachai vi samne aajaye

  14. very excited

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