Are we destined for each other?????(What was the question?)


Anika was trying to escape from Shivaay to avoid the question. But as usual he finds her.

S: So, why are you avoiding me?

A: I am not avoiding you.

S: Ok, I am going to ask you that

A: What?

S: The question, don’t act like as if you don’t know anything

A: I don’t know.

S: After agreeing to your lie to Tia, I have asked a favour, i.e., the question.

A: Ok, what is the question?

S: What did you say to Gayatri Aunty(Anika’s mom) such that she left crying?

A: (She looks down)That’s between us, you don’t need to come there.

S: Ok


When Gayatri was leaving the occasion with tears, Shivaay notices it.

S: Aunty, why are you crying?

G: Nothing, beta. She is leaving me, right, so I was sad.

Shivaay wasn’t convinced with it. Something in him is saying something somewhere is wrong.


Shivaay’s POV

No, she never behaved to anyone in such a way that they are heartbroken. Even when I don’t behave to her normally she used to never hurt me. Even after the lift incident, she never reacted to Tia like that. In fact, she even stopped me from my anger.


Few days after her marriage, Anika, as she was free from contracts decided to help Shivaay inn his office work, but she used to return home early. It was that day when Tia came to invite Shivaay to her engagement. That day, while she was entering the office , she saw Anika getting inside the lift. Seeing her , an evil plan came in to her head. She went and switched off the lift mains. She knew in fact Anika was scared of lifts, so wanted her to suffer. In that way, she went to Shivaay and invited him.

S: You saw Anika anywhere?

T: No, Shivaay Baby, by the way, why should she be here?

S: Because she is my wife and she is helping me in my work. It’s already time for her to come.

T: I don’t know why she didn’t come, baby. Ok, Bye. Do come for the engagement.

S: Sure, Tia.

Tia left. Shivaay was thinking about Anika. He was concerned as she was never late.

He called her.

Meanwhile inside the lift,

Anika entered the lift. She is scared of lifts, but she got inside to get rid of it. When the lift reached the floor where Shivaay’s office is, it stopped and the lights went off. She was nervous and controlled herself. She felt like someone suffocating her. She called for help, but no one heard her because her voice was getting low as each moment passed. That’s when Shivaay’s call came. She received it.

S: Hello Anika, Where are you?

A: Shiv…lift stuck…pls help…office floor…(The signals were breaking as she was inside.)

She passed out.

S: Anika…Anika…(He understood, something is wrong)

He immediately calls the maintenance person, while moving towards the lift. He didn’t know what was going around him, that time his concern is Anika. He tried all his best to open the lift door. The maintenance person found out that the lift is stopped. He pulled the lever and opened it. Suddenly, the door opened and Shivaay saw an unconscious Anika. He immediately took her to the hospital.

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