Are we destined for each other?????(I Am Not Weak!)

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Few months later,

Shivaay was going to office by car. Suddenly, he received a call from Gauri.

G: Bade bhaiyya, Daksh escaped. He is in our house. Anika has gone to fight with him.

S:I am coming with Om and Ru and police.

He immediately calls Omru and police. For one day, he gave the body guards a holiday, that day this bastard came.

Shivaay knew secretly that Anika is learning something from is back, but he didn’t react as that’s what he wanted.

He wanted to her to get the force from herself.

He didn’t react when he saw her sleeping after lying down on the bed when he returned from the office.

He didn’t react when she told him that she is not well. Even though he massaged her legs where she had the pain, which made her think that he was a mentalist.

He didn’t react when she told she didn’t want to go for long rides. As e knew that she was practising.

But he had another plans. She is strong but what if she fails..?

What if he loses her again? No…no…she won’t lose. She will win.

He had to rush home because he knew that they were in danger. He trusts Anika but he doesn’t trust Daksh. That spineless man can go to any extent. First thing, there are only ladies inside that too, Dadi is there. She doesn’t even know what Daksh did to Anika. Not only her, even their parents didn’t know what really happened.

They only knew that she met with an accident, because Anika felt like after they know about the incident, not only will they be tensed but also, they might from that day onwards look at her in pity. She doesn’t want anyone to pity her!

Even though, he and others insisted her to talk on that, but she didn’t agree. At last, they gave up.


D: Where are you all hiding?

Anika was with all of them hiding because she knew if she gets out there was no one to take care of others except Gauri.

D: Anika, what happened to you? Scared about that incident? That was just a trailer. Because of you, I had to lose my reputation. After getting expelled from school, I couldn’t even get admission in other school because of which I am not educated. Then, after that incident, your husband bashed me up like a dog on the street. I thought to kill him, but then I thought it is better if I kill his family, as that will be equal to killing him. You are just a gold digger, who is behind Shivaay for his money. Otherwise, I know you will be with me. You know I am waiting to touch your hot naked body. Otherwise, you know what give me your best friends Mallika or Gauri, I will adjust with them. 

Anika couldn’t control herself. SHE WOULD HAVE CONTROLLED IF IT WAS ABOUT HER, BUT HE HAS CROSSED HIS LIMITS! She moves out of her hiding place.

A: I am here! 


What will happen now?

Will she win??

Even if she wins, will that spineless man be broken???

Are you excited????

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