Are we destined for each other????? (Spying!)

Anika went out to the cafe and ordered a coffee from the cafe. She was thinking what to do, when Omru and Gauri came.

A: Om, do you have any idea?

O: No, Ani. But we have to expose Tia within 6 months.

R: Yes, otherwise after your split off then we can’t do anything.

A: As much as I know Tia, she thinks she is smart, but in fact she is over smart. I can’t allow Shivaay’s life to be ruined just because of our problems.

O: What was the reason for Tia’s this sudden interest to Shivaay?

A: It started when we were in school. You know she doesn’t like me from school days and we used to compete for marks. So, she once over heard you people teasing me. We never knew her knowing it. She knew from that day where to hit. She just wants to show that the things which she throws is only what I deserve. And I can’t let Shivaay or any one of you to be like that. She knows that if Shivaay gets hurt, then I can’t tolerate it.

O: So, that is the case.

A: Tomorrow is her engagement and Shivaay doesn’t know it.

O: Ok, did you get any idea?

A: Till now there is no trust issues between me and Shivaay. So, what I have been thinking is that I will tell Shivaay to reveal our marriage to Tia. But she should not know it was forced one. We will tell we have been dating since 11th, Ok?

G: Ok. Will Bade Bhaiyya agree to this?

A: We will check if this can happen. Otherwise, we have to make another one.

R: Me and Om will also force Bhaiyya for this.

O: Ok, so this is fixed. We will go according to the plan, ok?

Others: Ok

They leave.

Shivaay is in the office.

S: So, this was their plan and this was why Tia is back of me.

How come Shivaay know about their plan?

Will the plan work?

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