Are they made for each other { one shot}

Anika I’m not going to listen to you  anymore get ready fast remember you promised me that you will marry whomever I chose for you so go get ready , her mom told her

She unwillingly got ready to meet someone whom her mom has chosen as her future hubby
Her pov

My choice just destroyed myself atleast mom’s choice should be good I hope he doesn’t make me cry like “he ” did I’m now going to meet him but I’m not at all interested in this stupid things but I respect my mom so I’m going to meet that person without even asking his name or anything all I know is he will be waiting for me in cafe the whole cafe is booked for our first meeting there is nothing so special in this

Other side

Shivaay I’m not interested to listen to you get ready fast and go meet her she is chosen by your grandmother I hope you won’t say no to her so get ready and do the try to break this relationship because it’s already Decided that you both are going to marry it’s just a date so that you both can understand each other I hope u understood my son

” Yes mom don’t worry I will accept this marriage atleast for you all people’s happiness ”

” No dear u should accept this for your happiness !”

” Mom you know very well I can’t be happy with this relationship !”.

” I told you already you are going to marry her that’s final now go get ready fast you are going to meet her today ”

” Ok mom as you wish ”

His pov

This life was so cruel with me it was so perfect till she was with me but she left me I lost all the hopes I hate the word love because of her there was no space for any other girl in my heart except her  I guess even now  i love her how stupid I am but now  I’m going to marry someone else she is the only reason if destiny wants me to marry someone else then ok I will go with destination let me see what it has planned for me soon I got ready and reached the cafe  and now I’m waiting for my future wife to come  and then there she is  standing infront of me after 2 years still the same beautiful Goerges as ever am i dreaming no my future wife was supposed to come here then why did she came here !? God is this is a dream noo I don’t want it to be a dream no shivaay it’s real she is the one your love oh really !! Yes your love coming towards you as your future wife this is definitely unexpected my eyes got moist after seeing her even she was shocked and she had tears too wait .. does she cares for me why is she crying ? Does she loves me still ? Then why did she leave me that day ?

She was teary seeing him after 2 years she was still hurt because of him but at this moment all she can see was him he was standing in front of her she never knew the one whom her mon has chosen for her will turn to be her Ex she walked to towards him
They both are looking into eachothers eyes their eyes as already moist

He cupped her face without any second thoughts she hugged him he reciprocated the hug she raised her head and looked into his eyes he rested his forehead  on hers they remained like that for more than 10 minutes

Soon their lips met they didn’t utter even a single word but their actions spoke how much they loved eachother how much they missed eachother how much they wanted eachother

That kiss was a passionate one he was not leaving her at all he bit her lips so hardly that blood started ozing he sucked that and reduced her pain their tongues met it was a long kiss of 15 minutes they broke that due to lack of oxygen

The first word they could say was ” I missed you ” they said together

They still couldn’t believe after that silly break up they met they hugged and they kissed too

They once again hugged

After 2 weeks

“Bring the bride ” the pandit said

Shivaay was sitting there all happy he was waiting for her to come and there she was coming down decorated beautifully and she was blushing he couldn’t stop staring at her

And then they took 7 vows { PS I don’t know about Hindu cultures so these are made by me ?}

They promised eachother to be with eachother in each and every situation

They promised to never miss understand eachother

They promised to keep eachother happy as ever

They promised to stay with eachother till the last breath

They promised to never stop loving each other

They promised to never doubt eachother

They promised to keep up all they promises they made for eachother

And then he filled her vermilion and tied the note around her neck
A drop of tear came down her eyes it’s because of happiness

And they were married

The same night  in shivika’s room

Shivaay and Anika were passing an awkward   glances to eachother even though they have sorted the things between them still he don’t know if she is ready to be his in all means

She was nervous too she was ready to be his but she don’t know what he thinks right now

“Anika if mom chosed anyone else would you marry him ”

” May be yes ”

” Don’t you even dare to say that Mrs Oberoi !”

She chuckled

He pulled her close to him he twisted her arms

” One thing Mrs shivaay Singh Oberoi you are only mine I can’t see you with anyone else remember that ”

She looked into his eyes it shows complete love and care

” Mr Oberoi I’m your all your just yours you can take me any time you want I never imagined any other man expect you but mom was forcing me to marry i agreed just for her sake I never knew it will be you ”

” Same here Annie even I don’t know it will be you ”

” Destiny has brought us together once again ”

” I love you ” they said together

With this shivaay carried her in bridal style

And placed her gently on the bed
He looked into her eyes she nodded her head he took that as permission and moved further

The moon and star witnessed their love

They became one in all means

They lived happily ever after that

Destiny has brought them together once again

They proved that they were made for eachother
Thank you for reading


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