ArDhika : i love u with every beat of my heart episode 1


Hi everyone
myself Manjari mariswamy from karnataka studying in mysore i m a die hard fan of manmarziyan the one and only serial i ever watched till end and i m a ArDkika so i decided to write a short story on my favorite couple
for the first time i m writing

Please forgive if any grammatical error accurred


Most of the people who are in love and who are all wanted to fall in love know love does’nt need to be defined it define itself but there is a thin line between love and sanity
Love is life………… is only love……….it can be manytimes there is no fix formula to do love only once

But, what happens when two people going to be connected with all these above lines

Episode 1

A girl around twenty years old sitting in front of mirror looking herself in wedding dress she looked beautiful yes indeed with angelic face but there is something missing in her face that is her smile ya she is not happy with this marriage

She was bold and bubbly girl she didnt like someone dominate her she liked her dadaji alot who is always gave her courage to fight for her right as she borned in a conservative family she has to live her life according to her family values until she got married to someone but she didnt want to be tied down she always wanted to away from her family boundaries with the help of her dadaji shd succeed to get permission from her family for studing in hoste mumbai now she is in fanal sem of graduation

She is still thinking how to stop this marriage her eyeses were brimming with tears”I want to get rid of this web of fake pride”

Suddenly her thoughts distracted as her mom came to her “mom i dont want to get married to him”

But her mom seemed didnt pay any heeds to her and said”look radhika i know you didnt like him even i too dont want u towget married to u but we cant do enything u have to marry him or else he will destroy our business dont be selfish and please follow whatever going on”mom fold her hands towards radhika pleadingly as well as order

Saying this mala radhikas mom gone leaving crying radhika “how can i marry this jerk first he crushed my soul sam and now mine no i cant”

Then radhika lost in sam’s thoughts

Sam aka samaira her soul sister 4years elder than her in her life after her dadaji there is only one who gave so peace to live happily they share every thing eachother one fine day sam told her about arjun mehra sam’s classmate n they love eachother sam always used to tell her about arjun but radhika never show any interest as she is not at all interested in all these cos she love to live a freedomful life
She saw him only in photos then she moved to mumbai for her education so cant be in touch with sam as she become busy with her studies and all
Then one day dadaji called her n told her in shocked voice that sam is no more she disappeared from this world
Radhika dont know why her mind thinking about sam she disappeared 5 months ago cos she is marrying who crushed sam life dont know why

Her thoughts once again distracted as now dadaji came her suddenly her face lit up with hope “my dadaji will do something and he will stop this marriage” but for her fate her dadaji said
“u r looking like a godess chalo its getting late for muhurtham jaldi chalo”
her mind stopped working as she never expecting this from her dadaji

Dadaji led her to mantap and rituals r begin she did all rituals machanically she didnt even looked up to see him after seven rounds of pheras priest declared them as husband then her family bid farewell her

She is coming with her newly wedded husband suddenly someone catched her hand and said to her husband “how dare u to come in my path i wont leave u ” she looked up at the man who holding her hand she shocked to see SARAL who crushed sams life and wanted to marry radhika

Then whom she got married now
Looked up at her husband “arjun………………………………………………..”

Thats it peeps please drop ur comment or hit like button i know there is no like button so please whatever u want to say positive negative or suggestion please tell me throuh ur comments which r precious to me to continue
I promise if u people give me positive response i will give u regular updates

Waiting for ur comments dearies

Credit to: Manju

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  1. Its awesome ……..go for it baby…….loved it ……be soon ……don’t make me to wait ……:-):-):-):-)

    1. thank u so much dear
      i will never forget ur name coz this is the first comment i received
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  2. I loved today’s episode. Please update soon.

    1. thank u for liking this work
      i m updating today

  3. Waiting to know how Arjun landed up in Saral’s place ?

    1. thank u anu
      ya i m updating today
      happy weekend

      1. Waiting 4 d next Epi ……. pls update asap 🙂

  4. Hey ar you the who has written ths episode in Indian forums….. Nice episode

    1. thank u
      nope dear
      i m not in indiaforum site

      1.…..I have read ths story before here is the link of tht

      2. thank u so much for the support ya i will continue it

        stey blessed dear

    2. Ya me tooo I hve read ths in Indian forums

      1. thank u for the link
        i think she stopped this story so i thought to continue it with slide changes dear

        pls give me a chance
        for the first time i m writing something

        have a nice day
        happy weekend

      2. I too liked tht story so much I felt bad whn she stopped the story tq for continuing all the best

  5. Awesome episode, waiting for your next update. 🙂

    1. thank u brin
      i dont make u waiting for long

  6. Awesome …… Plz continue can’t wait……….. waiting for next….. tc

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  7. Lovd d epi manju…go for it

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    1. thank u natasha
      love u
      have a nice and gr8 weekend

    2. plz upload the nxt epsiode today plz plz plzzz cant w8 for nxt episode dear

      1.….here you can read if her plot is different thn ok but I hve read ths episode here you can try it

      2. yes dear i m plot will be same but i want to continue it with some more characters and twists and turns
        that is why i m completing already updated parts quickly

        so tell me if i continue it or stop here
        i m waiting for ur comment

      3. sorry for the typos error neha
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      4. Hey continue it I’m eagerly waiting to read it in your thoughts frst I thought u ar writing the same… U hve my full support to strt it in your way all the best…

      5. Update it ASAP eagerly waiting for Nxt update love you…. sorry if I had hurt you….. I love aradhika stories so continue plsss

      6. @neha
        no dear u didnt hurt me
        i will continue it
        first i will udate already update parts with some changes

        please i want ur support

        love u…feel free to give feedback
        once again thank u

  9. It’s……….very NYC……love this….daily updates……dn forget this

    1. hi maandey my dear
      how r u????
      i was litle busy with studies so i couldnt comment on ur ff sorry

      ya i m updating today night
      happy weekend my dear
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      1. Hehehe…..m enjoying…with books n my hands nd my husband cum teacher

  10. Wow manju its really nice please update soon.eagerly waiting for the next part……….

    1. thank u so much sugan
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      happy weekend

  11. i want to whistle….. Its awesome write soon….. Please try to update now

    1. here you can read 11 episodes of tht series

      1. neha dear tank for the link love u dear

  12. Its too gud & different I like it dr pls do continue

    1. thank u gayathri
      it means alot to me

  13. Hey Manju……….thanks for the story………I loved it……but I have a doubt : Was not Sam in love with Arjun ????? Then how come Saral destroy her ?????? and was Rads supposed to marry Saral ???????? I dint understand……..plzzz clear my doubt……….plzz update soooooooooon…………………

    1. thank u aastha dear

      sam and arjun loved each other but what happened after i will udate soon

  14. Manju darling it’s really fabulous 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s like mrg treat 🙂 🙂 🙂 please dear next ff ASAP eagerly waiting for dat 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. thank u suga darling
      love u dear

  15. thank u bhagya
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    3. manju nxt epsiode plzz plzzz plzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

  16. its nice.awesome concept .pls continue

    1. thanks ammu

  17. Loved it yaar. Pls pls do continue

    1. thanks suvi

  18. Very nice manju….interesting story pls update soon we are waiting…all the best …love u

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  19. Good one Manju….please continue 🙂 love you

    1. gauridi thank u so much baby
      hope u remember me as i didnt comment on ur ff i was so busy with family get together and all

      love u too di

  20. i read dis similar kind of story on indian forums also….its called Aradhika: love and sanity…did u wrote itit????

    1. hi nina
      i didnt wrote that story
      i want to continue that story with introdusing new characters and twists

      so first i m updating already updated parts quickly with fast pace

      please support me if u want me to continue it dear
      please reply me

      1. as its some1 else story…u should take take permission of the author of the story to continue…even if its wid new characters and twists…coz its wrong to copy the basic plot of any story…n i m sure no author will lyk dat….unless they allow to continue their story…

      2. plzzzz reply me…..

  21. Wow superb manju upload regularly yar AL d best

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  22. Manju this is amazing . Waiting for your next update. Take care..

  23. I loved it. Too late I know 🙁 ….please contnue post next asap plzzz yr

  24. Hi gud one. It sounds grt. By any chance have u written it in India forums? I remember reading smth similar. Thanks.

  25. Very very interesting can’t wait for the next episode

  26. hi guyzzzz
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    i will update as soon as i can
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  27. Whatever yaar….but really wanted to continue the story…infact I want if each commentator wrote story how awesome is that….thanks Manju for continuation….i really liked ur positiveness n spirit…go ahead…wanted a complete story with a proper end….thanks a ton for another ardhika ff??

  28. Hai Manju, episode supera irundhadhu ? Waiting 4 the next 1. Make it fast pls.

  29. Great start yar…seems very interesting plot…first episode itself hv continue dear…

  30. i love this story please

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  32. Awesome, wowwww, superb…Manju dear it’s really superbbbb. ..plzzzz continue dear, I looooooveddd it soooooooo muchhhhhh. …all the best…love you loads

  33. Hey manju u didnt updated yet u promised to update daily and its seems you forgot to update plz update soon plz dear I am waiting…. Plz plz… plzzzzzzz if possible update soon dear. TC

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