Ardhika: I just thought……

Guys this is Sonakshi with few shots on our fav couple. Hope so u guys like it.

I just thought……..

Radhika: A sweet ,chirpy girl of age 19. Lives with her parents and two bro’s. Studies medicine and is a very studious girl. (Must say a very good girl ??)
Arjun: A young and handsome guy of age 20. Lives with his parents and three sisters. Studies medicine due to parents pressure and rudeness is in his blood.
Bonnie: A social media lover and gf of Arjun.
Now let’s move to our story……..
Arjun’s POV:
U know what that time I thought that I am just attracted to u but now???? I luuuuuuvvvvv u. ❤❤❤❤❤
Otherwise I wouldn’t be here beside u caring for u and u r like listening to me but not willing to reply. Its more then enough girl I can’t see u like this plsss just wake up for once. Plzzzzz and I burst out in tears.
Bonnie:Hey!!! Baby …. Just chilll. She ll be fine within a day or two. Let’s go for now. And a thunder sound was heard. (U guessed right he slapped her).
Arjun: U know what she is just my Bestiee but what she did only true soulmate can do this.
Bonnie: What soulmate ,Bestiee and all ….. U better get that I am ur gf so let’s move. ⚡Another hard blow….
Arjun: That’s the difference between u and her. She is my Bestiee but loves me truly and I am aware of her feelings. The thing is she is good at hiding her pain. So I thought let her be if hiding gives her happiness then I m also happy for her.
Bonnie: How can u be so confident???? I made her away from u then how is it possible. J thought she forgot u.
Arjun: That’s what u can’t see. Whenever I met or saw her, I could see her pain through her eyes which are a direct way to her heart.
Bonnie: Enough of ur philosophy let’s move. And I don’t care I she lives or dies.
Arjun: ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡(a series of five) U can’t understand or u don’t want to. U could also save me but u preferred to be statue for the upcoming event. Whereas she….

(24 hrs before)
Another morning but still a sad one for me but I m okay if he is happy then me too. But I wish if I could see him. Its been a month I have seen him.
Like this talking to myself I reached college but what I saw was a truck heavily loaded with goods was making its way towards my love. And without thinking for a sec I pushed him and got hit by the truck.
When he guessed what actually happened right now ,I was In a pool of blood. He just picked my head and placed in his lap. Tapping on my cheeks just to awaken me. His touch ran shivers down my spine and I woke just to find myself in his embrace. Happy tears were flowing from his eyes but that didn’t last for long and I lost my conscious.
I could hear him pleading that plzz wake up we have to fight till long. Yes this fights only brought us together.
I could hear him, feel him beside me but I can’t reciprocate. And we landed in hospital.
Flashback ends…..
Arjun: U were in fact a few meters away yet u couldn’t do a thing.
And she being so far came running all over just to save my life.
U know its said:” One who saves our life by putting their life in danger, is said to be our angel and I owe my life to this angel.”
She came as a sunshine in my life when I needed u the most. But as usual u were busy in ur friend’s circle.
Then à knock disturbed their covo.
Doc: Mr. Mehra its been more than 24 hrs yet the patient isn’t getting conscious. I need to check upon her.
Arjun: Yes off course I am there outside. Why I fill as if she is purposely not responding???? Arrghh my stupid thoughts.
Bonnie:I think u r overreacting. How can u fall for her??? I mean u proposed me a year ago and she knows that then how come.
Arjun: I think that u were my attraction and she is the love of my life. I can feel her pain, her happiness, her problems, everything related to her bcoz she resides in me. This heart (pointing towards his heart) which is though with me but belongs to her. She is queen of my heart and I have decided I can’t let her leave me after making me realize my feelings. I don’t know I love her or not but I need her. She is my life. I need her
Ping!!!ping!!! Ping!!!!
What’s this sound coming from???? And he was about to leave when Bonnie hold him ,this is last time I am asking u r u sure about ur feeling. And he shooked his hand and said definitely I am all hers from now on…… u may leave.

As soon as I entered the room I saw doctors with a worried frown. I asked them and they pointed towards the machine. Gods!!! He pulse was dropping, she she was leaving me.
No I shouted and the machines stopped making noise and her pulse rate was constant. This is miracle the docs cheered. They said she wasn’t responding to the treatment but is giving response to ur voice. Man u have to bring her back. Keep talking with her maybe she revive and they left the room.
I quickly grabbed a seat beside her and hold her hand. Her hands were soft like petals but were weak. I was just admiring her when the machine again started beeping.( Arggh the stupid machine ,kabab me haddi banne ka bahut shauk he use. Ummm , sorry for my bakbak let’s continue.)
I gently squeezed her hand and the machine stopped. I started scolding her saying how can u live me alone when I have no one beside me. U have promised that u will support me in each and every situation and I had promised u that before death touches u it has to pass over me. So u can’t go as I want to live and without me u r going nowhere understood. Nowhere and he broke down. The turmoil that he was holding on for so long finally broke and he was crying like a kid on loosing his favorite toy.
Tears were dripping on his hands when he saw that she was crying with her eyes closed. That means she was responding and for a chance he looked at the machines and saw that her pulses were normalizing and there was a chance for her to revive. He grabbed on the opportunity and reminished the sweet old memories of her in his life.
I still remember the day you came in my life:
Whoa!!!!First day of new college. And I m before time let’s see how are the girls. They are so less as compared to boys but then too okay , I said to myself. And had a look on all of them but I liked no one. Then a old aged lady entered and started briefing about our life that how its gonna change and all. I was least interested and was about to put head down when a group or say a bunch of girlzz arrived.
And there made my girl a way and stood in front of the group and explained all they had faced in reaching to the classroom. And I was just bowled on her confidenve. I was just staring her when the boys beside me started making various animals sounds. But neither the girlzz nor the mam paid any heed to their whistles and continued their curriculum.
After a brief instruction Mam left and said us to interact among ourselves or leave. I just wanted to approach her when I saw her heading towards other girlz for interaction and within a fraction of seconds while girl gang got united and were busy in exchanging nos. I must say she is quick in connecting with others except me. Hai me from where me came. And does she even know I want to talk to her now than how. I think I’m mad let’s leave . and I have some special to check . yeah I had a gf well before I joined this college but what say the girl just stole my heart.
The day passed .From the next day that is today lectures started and she was shifted to my class and I was beyond happy but she was bit unhappy bcoz she had to part from her friends. Don’t know how but I could feel her sadness. That was the time I first fell for u. But I didn’t mean that actually that day. Days passed and became friend of my gf and she too started telling me about u. That how sweet, good and helping u are. I was falling for u day by day but couldn’t understand it.
The day my gf made u meet was awesome. U know na how I started the convo:
Me:Miss may I know ur beautiful name.
U: I thought u know me as Im ur classmate and moreover ur gf’s friend. Whatever my name is Radhika.
Me:That means u are following me.
U: Whatever but I know that u r her bf pointing towards Bonnie and u like to hang out with ur friends. Ur fav colour is black, u like espresso, u are least interested in studies, and u runaway from responsibilities.
Me: Hey stop it. U know about me more than me. How come that???
U: Woah I too don’t know, I just guessed and it came true see. And u started laughing.
Although I was irritated u were happy and I was happy seeing you happy. But then Bonnie came and I had to leave u. But while leaving I saw something in ur eyes which I couldn’t understand then but now I know u didn’t wanted me to leave u.
He felt a touch exploring his palm and was shocked to see it was hers. Now she was responding very well and the machines were just awesome.
Where I left,
I wanted to ask u about it but u managed to stay away from me.
I saw that u were comfortable with other guys but not with me. I tried every way to confront u but were just ignoring. But when one day I was scribbling so hard to complete the notes . U came and sat beside me. Without saying a word u understood that I needed help. And started helping me. U almost completed my work and before I could say a thank you to u , u left the premises. Then I saw ur reason of leaving as Bonnie came just then. But I wanted to thank u so I took ur no from her and contacted you. U voice is so sweet , I’m just dieing to hear it.???????
After talking to u I felt relieved but I wanted to know the reason behind ur silence. So j thought of chatting with u. It was then I realized that u were in deep love with someone. So u were all gloomy. But I felt as if it was me. And I asked u so and u said that, in ur dreams. And I left the topic there itself.(But I never knew that it was me, only me in ur heart)
I felt hurt bcoz now I can’t irritate u with my talks bcoz u were with someone. Yes I loved to irritate you bcoz u were so stubborn. I u decided to do that u will end up doing that completely otherwise ur soul won’t rest in peace.????
(And a curve formed on her lips which didn’t went unnoticed by Arjun.)

He continued,
As I thought you have ur own life so I started to conc on mine with Bonnie. One day while clicking selfies she read our chats and was surprised to find that u love someone. So she called you to confront. When she asked about ur bf ,u just blanky looked towards me and explained how difficult it was for u to get his love and bcoz of which u were quiet nowadays.
Don’t know how but as soon as u left the place she confronted me that I m ur lover. Omg never in my dream I thought of u like that. And this stupid Bonnie is accusing me. We fought over this matter until she said u to stop chatting with me. And u stupid girl never let me knew about this and were bearing the pain all alone. It was then when I realized that you are depressed by something which affected ur grades.
And finally after so much suffocation you came to me crying that u have lost ur path. I don’t know how but u were not the way I saw u on the first day of college. U had lost all ur charm and that was just bcoz of me. It was then I realized that you are still a kid and only a Bestiee can support u. As Bestiee means best friend like relations our such which are above then friendship but lower then love. From that day I became ur Bestiee and guided u to come back to ur track without bothering about Bonnie. U too learned to face her. And were back on your avatar.
Like these months passed and we kept in touch like best friends. But one thing I must tell I could feel the pain u have hidden deep in ur heart of not getting ur love.
At that time I had fallen madly in ur love. But this mind games they kept me away from u.
But now no one cane apart us bcoz …..
I love u……m.
He was shocked to hear it from her as he thought she is still unconscious. U what u said…
I said , I loveeee u. And always I had u in my heart. And she tried to get up but couldn’t.
So our hero said lay down. No need to get up. I’m angry on u how can u think of going away from me without my permission.
Ohhh solly Aru and she said this with world’s most cute pout.
And he can’t resist her and said I love you bachha.❤❤❤❤❤❤
And he captured her lips to claim her his.
And the story end here with Radhika’s I just thought ki u love me to I really love u my doll,from Arjun.

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