ArDeep/TanShi/IshRa ff: Jiyein Kyun (30~Going Back To Mumbai)

‘As soon as we will be back to Mumbai, then you will have big tummy and a little life in it,’ Deep told Aarohi making her blush. ‘Aww Deep you are so naughty, so much hurry?’ she asked. ‘Yes, an orphan always wants a family, he always longs for parents shadow, I am the most luckiest person to have my mother on law more like a mother, life taught me one thing that some people are such that they are more than family, one thing you taught me, that there is still hope with you when you have nothing,’ he said and smiled at her.

‘You are like my fireflies that when they came to me, I imprison them in a jar but I have imprisoned you in my heart,’ she said and smiled snuggling more into him. ‘Your heart is such a heavenly prison from where the prisoner doesn’t wants to leave, the jailor which is you yourself locks me inside and throws the key,’ he said and she smiled. ‘OK enough let’s get up and freshen up now,’ she said and he kissed her forehead for the last time. Ishita was cooking breakfast when Aarohi’s bhabhi came there.

‘So you are Tara’s sister?’ she asked. ‘No actually..,’ she began but was cut in between. ‘You acted of being with Aarohi but you were with Tara, because of you, Aarohi went to jail,’ she said. ‘It is not like that, please listen to me,’ Ishita tried convincing her. ‘Then what is it?’ Ridhi asked. Ishita told her everything. ‘Nice story, keep it up, I don’t believe a word you said,’ Ridhi said and went and Raman came there and seeing her dull, he hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek. She smiled slightly. ‘What happen? She scolded JKR?’

‘JKR?’ she asked. ‘Jhansi ki rani,’ he told her and she giggled. ‘But it was bad, right?’ Raman asked and she nodded in positive. ‘And it was a bad joke also, right?’ he asked. ‘Yes it was,’ she said. ‘Everything will be fine with time,’ Raman said and she smiled. ‘Mihika called for you, talk to her,’ he asked and gave her her phone. ‘She said she will call on her own so you wait for it,’ he said and she nodded in positive. He went and she got Mihika’s call. She received it. ‘Hallo Mihiku, how’s you sweetheart?’ Ishita asked smilingly.

‘Fine and you. How is everyone?’ Mihika asked. ‘Fine,’ Ishita replied. ‘I wanted to say something, please don’t mind, actually I want to ask,’ Mihika said hesitantly. ‘Yes ask,’ Ishita said. ‘I know you are Shanaya and not Ishita, it is the truth, right?’ Mihika asked. Ishita got speechless. ‘Tell,’ Mihika said. ‘Mihiku,’ Ishita began but was cut in between. ‘Why you hide it? Because of you our sister got away from us, because of you Ruhi, Adi and Pihu lost their mother, you took advantage of being a lookalike? How could you? How could you be so heartless?’

‘Mihiku please,’ Ishita was again cut in between. ‘You can never take akka’s place,’ Mihika said and cut the call. Ishita broke down and tears fell from her eyes, she sat on the floor. Raman came and wiped her tears. ‘I know what she said, don’t cry, everyone will understand,’ he said trying to pacify her.

Teri Bechaini Ka Teri Tanhaee Ka
Ehsaas Hain Mujhko Sun
Main Jo Saath Tere Hu Phir
Tujhe Hain Kaisa Gham
Dard Baat Lenge Hum Sun

In Palko Mein Khushiyo Ka
Sapna Sajana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain

Kaise Main Batao Yeh
Tera Iss Tarah Rona
Dekha Nahi Jaata Hain Sun

Shaam Jab Dhalti Hain
Subah Muskurati Hain
Khushbuye Lutati Hain Sun

Udaasi Ke Lamho Mein
Hamein Muskurana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain

Tanuja wrote something on a piece of paper and went where Rishi was sitting and kept it over there. He was playing with Natasha and Tanya and when he was about to go, his gaze went on the paper. He picked it and read it, it said:

“Rishi, jitna pain tumne saha hai, us se kayi ziada pain se main guzri hoon, jitna akela pan tumhari zindagi mein tha, us se ziada meri zindagi mein tha, tumhare pas puri family thi, mere pas koi nahi tha, bachpan say hi apna koi nahi tha or sapnay bohat thay, phir tum aye or sab theek honay laga, tumse mili to achha laga, lekin phir jab tum gaye, to main besahara ho kar reh gayi, Natasha or Tanya bhi adoption ke liye chalay gaye thay, mere perspective se to mera gussa ek dum jaayiz hai, lekin tumhara perspective nahi pata, mere liye to waqt wahin thehra hua hai, main kya karoon?

Mere liye apni zindagi kharab mat karo, Natasha or Tanya se milnay ka tumhe pura hakk hai lekin please unko mujhse mat chheen’na,
vo hi meri only family hain, main kabhi tumharay raastay mein nahi aaungi, kiun k mere andar ab or jhelne ki taakat nahi…Tanuja.”

He got emotional and glanced at her and went, she got teary eyed and followed him. ‘Rishi!’ she called after him. He kept going away. She ran after him till he reached his car and was about to sit inside. ‘Rishi,’ she said, he looked back. ‘Tanuja please, don’t stop me, let me go,’ he said.

‘Just now Natasha and Tanya got their real parents,’ she said. ‘I will come back again, but then I will go again but taking you and our children,’ he said and sat in the car and drove off.

Hm Mm Hm Hm
Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai, Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin, Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyoon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale
Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai, Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin, Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyoon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Hm Hm Hm Ho, Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale

Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai, Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin, Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyoon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Hm Hm Hm Oh, Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale
Duniya Jo Poochhe To Kya Hum Kahe
Koi Yeh Humko Samjha De
Thes Lagi To Pal Mein Toot Gaye
Sheeshe Ke The Kya Sab Vaade

Jaata Hai Koi Kyoon Sapnon Ko Thukraake
Paayega Yeh Dil Kya Kisi Ko Bataake
Chalte Chalte Raakh Hum Bin Jale Ho Gaye

Mm Mm Mm Oh, Bujh Gaye Diye Pyaar Ke

Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai, Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye

Lakshya came in Tara’s room and saw that she was sleeping. He smiled seeing her sleeping face. He caressed her hair. She moved in her sleep as if she was scared. She started sweating. ‘Tara?’ he said in a shock. She was muttering something in her sleep. He moved closer to hear her. ‘No, don’t do this to me.’

He understood she is having a scary dream of her uncle and aunt who has tortured her her whole life. He decided to wake her up. ‘Tara, wake up, it is nothing,’ he said trying to wake her up. ‘Go away!’ She shouted but didn’t woke up and it seemed as if she was trapped in that nightmare, shaking, terrified, scared, she woke up getting scared and tried sitting up but fell back. ‘Tara, it is nothing, it was just a bad dream, relax,’ he said calming her and she forwarded her hand and he held her hand and helped her sit up.

‘Relax, they will not come again,’ he said and made her drink water. She hugged him tightly. ‘Lakshya, don’t go leaving me please, I want to go from here, back to Mumbai, back to mom, back to my house, lets just take everyone, I don’t want anyone to be harmed because of me,’ she said. ‘OK fine,’ he agreed. Aarohi came there after knocking, Ishita too came inside. ‘How are you Tara?’ Ishita asked and hugged her. ‘Fine di, and you? Have you been crying?’ she asked. ‘No no, just fine,’ Ishita said hiding her tears.

‘Aarohi, we are going back,’ Tara said to Aarohi. ‘But you are on a wheelchair, what will you answer mom?’ she asked. ‘I just want to go back, I don’t know further, and how long will you be without parents? You should finally meet them, now no more late, we will break the ice finally,’ Tara told her and she sat beside her and kissed her cheek. ‘Thanks for that my little star,’ she said. ‘Welcome, but I hope you did not apply lipstick for my payback,’ Tara said and she nodded in negative laughingly and hugged her. They smiled.

Later, they all boarded their flight, when they landed and finally reached Raichand mansion, Deep along with others waited and only Tara and Lakshya were there on entrance. Roma got happy seeing them but got sad seeing the wheelchair. Tara told her everything, besides Aarohi. ‘Mom, there is a surprise, at the entrance,’ Tara said and Aarohi came inside with Deep. ‘Mom, Deep is her true love so let them be together, Lakshya is with me, my happiness lies in my sister’s happiness,’ Tara told her. ‘You aren’t pained by them being together, right?’ Roma asked. ‘Not at all mom.’ Aarohi was about to step inside but Roma stopped her and she got shocked. She looked at Deep and then at Roma.

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