Ardeep OS~Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (Valentines Special)

(Hi guys, I see there r no ffs on Ardeep so decided to upload one, this is a work of imagination and not real, plus I want that please dont copy it anywhere for other couples)

Aalisha(Aarohi) and Arjun(Deep) had been great friends since they started shooting with each other on a serial named as Ishq Mein Marjawan. But as they proceeded further with romance onset, they both had started getting different feelings in their heart. The romance looked more real than onscreen. Whenever he came closer to her, she would feel her heart beating louder, she would breathe heavily and would get lost in the romance, she didn’t knew she had unknowingly fallen for Arjun who she called her best friend in front of everyone but had a different feeling in her heart.

It was night and the next day Valentine’s day. Aalisha sat in her room smiling to herself like a fool, she went through her Instagram account looking at her and Arjun’s photos. How cute they looked together. She switched off the screen smilingly and switched off the lights of her room, she laid on the bed holding Fluffy (teddy bear) in her arms like a child and kept on tossing left and right. She didn’t knew why she was smiling so much, she wasn’t getting sleep. Just then she received a text, she switched on the screen of her mobile and smiled as it was his message. It said, “hey Aali, mind if we go out together tomorrow after our interview is finished?” She replied “yeah sure, I would love to ?”

What is this feeling I am getting? Don’t know but its so beautiful, she thought. Soon she dozed off to sleep. Next morning she woke up with the same smile on her face and had breakfast, got ready in a white satin thigh length dress which had green and red polka dot print. She kept her hair open and wore red ball earrings and red bracelet looking beautiful as usual, she wore white high heels and was all set to go.

She received a message from Arjun which said, “I am waiting outside your house,” she smiled and went outside her house. “Hey, looking hot,” he praised her to which she blushed. “Thanks,” she replied and sat behind him on his bike but didn’t hold him. They rode off for the interview, they stopped in middle as it was red light. He applied brake which caused her to jump a little, still she didn’t hold him.

“You can hold me if you want,” he said. “Sure,” she replied and put her hand on his shoulder. Soon they reached and after the interview, they came out together. “I wanted to ask you something, whenever I come close to you, you breathe heavily, is that just for the show or is there something else,” he asked. “I don’t know,” she replied avoiding eye contact with him. “Chill I am just joking,” he replied and they sat on the bike and rode off. He took her to his house. “Why you took me here?,” she asked confusingly. “No questions, just come,” he told her and they went inside and suddenly she slipped because of the heels and he held her by her waist, they had an eyelock but soon they straightened themselves.

“Be careful,” he told her and took her to his room. The lights were off, he switched them on and she was amazed to see roses and there were more bouquets on the floor with red roses and white roses, between the red roses it was written marry me with white roses. As soon as she turned to face Arjun, he was on his one knee with a ring in his hand. “Since I met you, I was in love with you, the onscreen romance seemed so real that I wanted to get lost in it and wanted the time to stop right there, it felt really good to be so close to you, in short, I love you, will you marry me?,” he asked. She felt a shiver down her spine and froze on her place. She was so amazed to know that he had same feelings about her. She forwarded her hand and he made her wear the ring. He stood up and they entwined their hands together. “Whenever I come close to you, my breathes become heavy, I also love you, I didn’t knew how to tell you,” she told him and he caressed her cheek and held her chin and kissed her forehead.

He bent down and picked her up and twirled her. “I am not dreaming right?,” she asked and he put her down and pinched her. “You’re not,” he told her and they laughed. Soon they settled on the couch beside each other, he took the party popper and pulled it’s rubber that showered ribbons on them. “Happy Valentines day gf,” he wished her. “Happy Valentines day bf,” she wished back and they cut the cake and fed each other. He applied it’s cream on her face, she did the same and soon they were running behind each other. She falls on the couch and he continues applying the cake’s cream on her face, she too did the same, he wasn’t stopping so she took a pillow and started hitting him with it. They had a pillow fight and hugged each other smilingly. “I love you Arji,” she said. “I love you too,” he said and he ran his fingers in her hair playfully messing them and she smiles.

The End.

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  1. what is this . we all knows arjun is already marriade . and alisha is his only co actor .

    1. Salley145

      Ialready said its a work of imagination

  2. I liked it very much but you should not have taken the actor’s real name .I just thought this .No offence.

  3. I liked it very much but you should not have taken the actor’s real name .I just thought this .No offence.
    Also keep writing more ffs since there are no ffs of ardeep

  4. Sanaa.khan

    Dear salley…this is amazing but I wished this could be longer and episodic. Pls continue the amazing work and ya it would have been better if u used their reel names instead.

    1. Salley145

      Read my new ff of ardeep~atheet ka bhoot

  5. Fabulous dear ?

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