Ardeep: Jiyein Kyun? (6~The Reunion)

~Want to live in your eyes and die in your arms~

‘What happened to her? How she died?’ Ishita asked Tara looking at Shanaya’s photo. ‘While saving me, she died,’ Tara replied and tears dripped out of her eyes. ‘Saving you from what?’ she asked. ‘Saving me from Maya mausi,’ Tara said and palmed her mouth crying badly. ‘Calm down and tell me what really happened?’ Ishita asked holding her shoulders and she looked at her cryingly. ‘You remember? You remember everything right? You’re my Shanaya di right? That’s why you’re just like her. When that monsters were torturing me, you came to save me. When that jailor threw water on me, you closed my nose and now you’re concerned just like you used to be,’ Tara said wiping her tears smiling at her and hugged her.

Ishita was shocked by the sudden change in her behavior and how she hugged her and smiled at her. She looked down at Tara who had her head buried in her and felt comfort in her arms just like a child seeking warmth of its mother. She kept her arm on her back and hand on her head hugging her by one arm. ‘I know you’re my Shanaya di,’ Tara said hugging her tighter.

‘Lo re lo, vo log jo ab tak larr rahay thay, un mein achanak humdardi agayi, wah re wah, kya jaadu kiya hai ek doosray par?’ (The people who were fighting till now, suddenly they got sympathy between them? What magic have they done on each other?) said the monstrous lady who always tortured Tara. She broke the hug and stood up along with Ishita. ‘Real relationship doesn’t need magic,’ Tara said enraged and the lady came to Ishita. ‘How do you tolerate this psychic girl?’ she asked. ‘Psychic my foot, you all are psychic and not her,’ Ishita said.

The lady held her hair and laughed. Tara slapped her hard and the lady grabbed her neck. ‘I am Kaali, and don’t you dare to slap me,’ she said and Tara laughed pushing her away. ‘Did you hear what she said? She’s Kaali, means she’s black,’ she said to Ishita while laughing but she was so confused to laugh with her. ‘Arey I mean, when did I say you’re snow white? Don’t praise yourself,’ she said and Ishita too laughed. Sorry Aarohi, if you see me laughing with her, you’ll take me wrong, but I m doing all this for you, Ishita said in heart.

‘Aarohi, I have loved you only. Please don’t go leaving me again, nothing will happen to you again, Deep won’t let anything happen to his Aarohi,’ Deep said holding her close and she moved back. ‘Yeah right, that day Maya tried to burn me alive, but you remained quiet, why?’ she asked angrily.

Maya: (holding Aarohi’s hair tightly) woh chip kahan hai jis mein tumne humari baatein record ki hai? Bata do nahi to asli saas ki tarha jala doongi.

(Where’s that chip in which you recorded our chat? Tell else I will burn you like real mother in law)

Aarohi remained quiet as that chip was the proof of her innocence. Deep looked on.

Maya: (tightening her grip) batao!

Aarohi: main aapko kabhi nahi bataungi. (I won’t ever tell you)

Maya: achha, toh aisay nahi maano gi tum? Theek hai. (Oh so you won’t agree like this? OK)

She threw her to Prithvi and he palmed her mouth and twisted her hands behind her back. Maya drenched Aarohi with kerosene and Tara came in front of her lighting a matchstick showing it to her.
Tara: toh bolo Aarohi, kahan hai vo chip? Nahi to abhi abhi marr jao.

(So tell Aarohi, where’s that chip? Else die right now)

Deep got tensed seeing this and came forward to Tara and blew the matchstick.

Deep: nahi Tara, itni aasani se nahi, itni bhi kya jaldi hai? Usay bolnay ka mauka toh do. (No Tara, not so easily, why are you in a hurry? At least give her a chance to speak)

He said and moved away Prithvi from her. He held her arm and her face but he held lightly as compared to Maya and Aarohi cried by their betrayal.

Flashback End.

‘If I would’ve remained quiet, they would’ve burned you that’s why that day I came in front. How would I say directly that I love you? Did I pull your hair like they did? No right?’ he said. ‘Yes you didn’t. But you did sent me to jail, didn’t you? You acted to love me but actually you didn’t, that Maya who is Tara’s mausi acted to be your mother, you had fake siblings too. Wow, if someone wants to learn how to act, they should learn from you,’ Aarohi said enraged. ‘No Aarohi. He really loved you and still loves you,’ Ritu said.

‘Yes bua, else he wouldn’t have helped us fake our death,’ Niku said and Aarohi got thinking. ‘Leave it. It’s of no use, if she wants a proof then it’s OK, I m ready to give any test,’ he said. ‘No need, just tell me where is inspector Lakshya? Did he really die?’ she asked and he nodded in negative. ‘How could I? I just hid him somewhere so that he becomes a witness when your case reopens,’ he replied. ‘Oh, thanks for that, did you also murder someone like Raichands did?’ she asked. ‘No. Else my hands wouldn’t have shivered to kill you or your whole family.’

‘Why were you pretending to love Tara before I came?’ she asked. ‘Because she was a psychic patient and to make her okay, love was very necessary,’ he replied. ‘Why were you against me in the court?’ she asked. ‘Because if you would’ve stayed in front of them, they would’ve tortured you to death, loving you is a beautiful mistake and I will keep repeating this mistake, do you want to ask something else?’ he replied. ‘No. Nothing at all, but why did you say your hands wouldn’t have shivered to kill me or my whole family? Does that mean my bhaiya is alive as well?’ she asked with a hope in her heart and he hugged her burying her face in his chest.

‘Tell me please. Is he alive?’ she asked still in the hug. ‘Aarohi, that day when your brother’s body was to be sent for post mortem, I went alone and got to know that he’s still alive, I know I m a big liar, and I deserve your hatred,’ he said patting her head. ‘You didn’t told them also about this? Deep you kept us in pain?’ she said angrily. ‘So what could I have done? Sorry,’ he said and she moved back and went to Niku. ‘Your father is alive, God never does bad with good people, now everything will be fine, you won’t be without fatherly love, ‘ she said kneeling down to him and smiled at him kissing his forehead.

Meanwhile in the prison, Tara got into trouble again as the monsters tortured her and this time Ishita too got troubled by them. She thanked God in her heart that Pihu didn’t got to confess her mistake else she would’ve died by now. The monsters were trying to make them eat cockroaches, Ishita slapped the woman and looked at them with furious eyes. Now was the time to show them that she wasn’t weak. She beated them black and blue along with Tara and left them until they were fallen on the floor. ‘Think before you all try to torture us again,’ Ishita said and went away followed by Tara. Aarohi and Deep went back to Raichand Mansion and walked until they were in their bedroom. He closed the door. ‘In few days, Tara’s birthday is about to come, its on 3rd April, I m telling you so if anyone asks, you don’t get confused.’

‘OK Deep, but I will celebrate my birthday too secretly, but I just realized something, I and Tara share same birthday dates,’ she told him. ‘What? Are you kidding me? How can it be? You both are just lookalikes and not sisters, then how come?’ Deep said getting deep in thoughts. ‘Leave, what do I have to do even if she’s my sister? I won’t forgive her even though. Important is I got back my family,’ she said and smiled looking down. ‘Does it hurt?’ she asked cupping both his cheeks asking about the slaps.

‘It did hurt, but not now as you touched my cheeks lovingly, now promise me we won’t ever separate again?’ he asked holding her face. ‘No, we won’t, this time we will be together, we will be like each other’s shadow,’ she replied and he kissed her forehead and shared a hug. They slept cuddling each other that night. On one hand, that night had become heavenly for someone and on the other hand, it had turned a living hell for someone else i.e, Tara, she couldn’t sleep that night. She wanted to bid bye to this dark paradise and banged her head continuously on the wall until she was knocked unconscious on the floor with blood oozing out of her forehead.

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