Ardeep: Jiyein Kyun? (4~You Killed Them?!)

Deep and Aarohi walked inside the jail and she recalled all the tortures she faced there and tightened her grip on Deep’s hand. They walked towards Tara’s cell and saw the jailor holding her hair tightly and the other monstrous ladies chopped off her hair till they came till her neck. They laughed as she cried loudly. ‘Yeh kya kiya aap logo ne? Baday pyaar se maa ne humesha mere baal sawaare thay or aap logo ne kaat diye, meri itni si baat to rakh letay,’ (What did you do all this? My mother always used to comb my hair lovingly and you cut all of them, you could’ve kept my this much worth) Tara said cryingly.

Aarohi laughed as she said that and the duo went forward. The other ladies went from there. ‘Deep, this is Aarohi, I m your Tara,’ she said. ‘I know, I know, I was the one to release her my darling,’ he said and they both laughed, Tara held his collars. ‘You cheated me? Your childhood sweetheart? I love you Deep, I didn’t expected this from you,’ she said crying vigorously. ‘Don’t cry, because these tears are useless for now, shed them later when you’re sentenced to death,’ Deep said pushing her.

‘Tu ne mere saath kitna galat kiya, mujhe maarne ki koshish ki, apnay gunaaho ka bhoj mere sarr par dala, khoon tu karay, saza bhugtoon main, karay sab kuch tu, or bharoon main? Kyun? Teri ghulaam nahi hoon koi, abb main aisa kahungi k shakal achhi nahi to baat achhi kar to aisay main apni bhi burai hi kar rahi hoon kiun k him dono me chehre ek jaise hain, yeh zaroor kahungi k yeh waqt bhi guzar jayega, saali manhoos, tujhe kya laga ke main tujhe chhor dungi? Chhoregi tujhe teri zindagi, kuttay ki maut marregi tu,’ (you did so much wrong with me, you tried killing me, you had put your sin’s burden on my head, you used to do murders but I used to pay for it, you did everything but I paid, why? I m not your slave. Now if I say that if your face isn’t good so talk good so that will be my badmouthing too because we share same face, you ominous, what did you thought? I will leave you? Your life will leave you, you will die the death of a dog) Aarohi spoke angrily.

‘Teri itni himmat?’ (So much courage?) Tara said angrily and was about to slap her but Deep held her wrist and twisted it behind her back pulling her a little close staring in her eyes angrily. ‘You know what? Rejected are always thrown away,’ he said and Aarohi giggled. ‘How dare you Deep?’ Tara screamed and raised her another hand to slap him but that hand got twisted as well behind her back. ‘Thappar thappar khelnay ka bohat shauk hai? Pehle khud pe practice karo,’ (you like playing slap slap? First practice it on yourself) he said and brought her hands in front making her slap her own self multiple times.

‘You will pay for this? Aarohi, the social worker who helped you that night will be killed by me soon,’ Tara said trying to get away from Deep. ‘Social worker? Oh, Ishita aunty? You know about her?’ Aarohi asked. ‘Yes I know, but I will tell on one condition,’ she replied. ‘And what is that?’ Aarohi asked rolling her eyes folding her arms on her chest. ‘Give me Deep and I will tell about her,’ Tara said. ‘Deep is Aarohi’s true love so that’s why she got him, Deep isn’t a thing to trade, he’s your husband, I mean ex-husband,’ a voice said behind Tara and Aarohi smiled recognizing the voice.

The owner of that voice came in front and Aarohi smiled at her and ran towards her giving her a sudden hug. ‘Thank God you are OK aunty, I thought Raichands killed you,’ Aarohi said. ‘They didn’t even got a glance of me and even I thought that about you, this Tara tried to throttle me but these monsters keep torturing her but I never know whether to save her or let it be as all are humans,’ Ishita said as she broke the hug.

‘No. She shouldn’t be saved. I also faced the same torture that too of her deeds but she’s paying for her own deeds,’ she replied and Tara pushed away Deep and held both of their necks. ‘Done? Should I speak? Won’t you ask about Niku and your bhabhi?’ Tara asked and Aarohi cursed herself as she forgot about them. ‘Yes I will, tell where are they?’ Aarohi asked looking at her with furious eyes. ‘Why are you asking me? Ask this orphan where did he hide them,’ Tara said and Aarohi looked down in deep thoughts. ‘Aray poochh na, but ban k kya khari hai?’ (Ask, why are you standing like a statue?) Tara asked holding her arm pushing her towards Deep.

‘Deep where is bhabhi and Niku?’ she asked holding him with tears in her eyes but he remained silent. ‘Deep I m asking something, tell me where are they?’ she asked again shouting at him and he suddenly pushed her away. ‘Killed them, I threw them from the cliff,’ he replied and she looked at him in a shock. ‘I thought you’ve changed and rectifying your mistakes, you’ve already given so much pain to her and now you again broke her trust? Do you have any shame?’ Ishita asked while Aarohi was still in shock.

‘No Deep. Please say its a lie, please say it’s a lie,’ Aarohi said holding his collars and Tara held her arm moving her away. ‘Are you deaf? Can’t you hear? If you’re done, then get lost from here,’ Tara said holding her arm taking her towards the entrance and threw her towards the stairs, she startled from the sudden push as her feet got uncontrollable on the stairs. She stopped and looked back at them.

She again came upstairs and slapped Tara continuously and threw her on the floor. ‘What will you throw me out of here? I will go by myself, you rot here and Ishita aunty, I will get you out of here no matter what,’ Aarohi said and ran from there glancing at Deep. Tara hugged him. He pushed her away and ran behind Aarohi. Ishita looked on. Aarohi kept running on the road with Deep following her. She didn’t stop anywhere to catch her breathe. She ran and ran until she came to a bridge, she felt her feet getting pricked by a piece of glass but that pain was nothing in front of the wounds of her heart.

She recalled Deep’s words and cried and cried. ‘Nooooooooooooooooooooo!’ she screamed and sat down on her knees crying loudly. She felt two hands hug her from behind. ‘Leave me! Idiot! You betrayed me again! Ghaddi hoon main, bewaqoof hoon jo tujhpe yakeen kiya dobara, nafrat hai yar tujhse mujhe, ghinn arahi hai mujhe tujhse, ab yahan pe kya meri bhi jan lenay aya hai? Sach bata, tu ne aisa kiya bhi hai ke nahi?’ (I m stupid to believe you, I hate you, I feel like eww over you, now did you come here to kill me as well? Tell honestly did you even do this or not?) she asked angrily. He didn’t reply. Instead he picked her in his arms, she kept struggling and wasn’t even touching him, he was hitting him with his fists, he walked with her in his arms and walked away from there. He kept walking till he reached a house and took her inside.

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  1. Salley, loveeeeeeeed it to the core. You portrayed each emotion perfectly and while reading it I felt as if I am watching it. Pls continue dear.

    1. Salley145

      Thank u dear 🙂

  2. Sapnabhat

    Awesome update.
    I think the which they entered is her bhabi’s and Nikki’s.
    I hope they are alive

    1. Salley145

      Thnx n I will update soon to reveal the mystery

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