ArDeep/IshRa/TanShi: Jiyein Kyun (29~A Fun Filled Day)

The scenario in front of them was enough to boil their blood. ‘Aey!’ Raman shouted in anger and went to him angrily and pushed him on the floor and beat him up. Lakshya went to Tara and untied her. ‘Main agaya hoon na ab, kuchh nahi hoga,’ he said and picked her up in his arms. She buried her face in his chest and he took her out of there to the car and made her sit on the backseat of the car with her head on his shoulder. ‘Kuchh nahi hoga, ghabrao mat,’ he said calming her. ‘Vo doctor chachu..’

She bursted into tears and he pulled her in a hug. ‘Bas … Bas…he won’t do anything, I am sorry I couldn’t save you from him, I should have been very conscious about you,’ he said and she broke the hug and nodded in negative. He noticed her torn sleeves and removed his blazer and made her wear it. ‘Thank you,’ she said and he cupped her cheeks. ‘No problem, what are friends for?’ he said and she smiled and suddenly realized something. ‘Shanaya di?’ she asked. ‘She will come,’ he said and just then they noticed Ishita-Raman.

Deep was also with them. Ishita sat on the backseat beside Tara. ‘Shanaya di,’ she said happily and hugged her. ‘Tara you are OK na?’ she asked kissing her forehead. ‘Di I am fine,’ she said and they drove off from there. They reached and they all stepped down the car. Lakshya picked Tara and closed the door by his leg. ‘I will protect you always, even if they came here, they will not do anything to you,’ he said. ‘But they already did,’ she said. ‘Because of me, but now I will be conscious about you,’ he assured her.

She kept looking at him as he took her inside to her room and made her sit by supporting her back by the bed board. ‘Lakshya, can you sit here for some time?’ she asked and he nodded in positive and sat by her side. ‘I am again feeling dirty as he touched me again, I want to have a shower but can’t stand up,’ she said. ‘You are not dirty, that man is dirty who did this to you, since childhood he is doing that na? I will cut him into pieces,’ Lakshya said angrily. ‘Dialogue thief.’

They had a laugh. Aarohi came after knocking and she hugged Tara. ‘Are you OK?’ she asked. ‘Yes, I am okay,’ she replied. Aarohi smiled at her and gave her the juice. ‘Have it. You will feel better,’ she said and sat next to her. Lakshya moved on the couch. ‘Tara, I keep on thinking all day that when will we both live together in Raichand Mansion? I don’t want to live as you anymore, I want to live as Aarohi,’ she said putting her head on her shoulder. ‘So you will live as Aarohi when we go back,’ she said assuring her.

‘So who will tell the truth? You or me?’ Aarohi asked. ‘I will tell, you don’t worry, mom will accept you for sure, plus I want to meet Vedhika also, I never met her,’ Tara said. ‘You will meet her too,’ Aarohi said lifting her head smiling at her. ‘We need to leave as soon as possible because they have come here,’ Tara said. Aarohi kissed her cheek. ‘They won’t do anything because we are with you,’ she said. ‘Promise?’ Tara asked. ‘Promise,’ Aarohi said holding her face between her thumb and fingers by one hand. They laughed hilariously.

Tara too kissed her cheek teasing her. Aarohi’s cheek got her lipstick mark but Tara didn’t tell her and winked at Lakshya who giggled. Ishita came there with Pihu. Tara signed her to be quiet and don’t tell Aarohi about the mark. She too giggled. Pihu ran to Tara. ‘My baby,’ Tara said and picked her up making her sit in lap. ‘Tara maasi, you look just like snow white,’ Pihu said. ‘Aww and my Pihu too looks like little red riding hood,’ Tara said and she smiled. ‘Tara maasi, why you made her an apple?’ Pihu whispered to her.

Tara looked at Aarohi to make sure she didn’t hear her. ‘She looks cute, doesn’t she?’ Tara asked and they giggled. ‘Why are you all laughing?’ Aarohi asked. Tara gave her the small mirror and she too laughed. ‘You naughty, I won’t leave you,’ she said and ran from there. Everyone bursted out laughing. She collided with Deep while running and fell in his arms, Raman was also there with him. They both were coming to meet their respective wives. Aarohi and Deep had an eyelock. ‘Nice couple ha, you start anywhere, ha ha,’ Raman said teasing them. Aarohi blushed.

She straightened herself. ‘By the way Aarohi, nice tattoo on your cheek ha,’ Raman said and she started rubbing her cheek feeling embarrassed. ‘Uh oh, no no, if you want then remove it, if not then don’t ever erase it,’ Raman said and had a high five with Deep. ‘Who did this?’ Deep asked. ‘Tara,’ she said getting embarrassed and ran while they laughed. Raman went to meet Ishita and saw her dull. ‘Tell na di, who are you? Shanaya or Ishita?’ Tara asked. ‘I told you many times that in world’s eyes, I may be Ishita, but for you, I am Shanaya.’

‘Then how you returned when you were dead?’ she asked. ‘I got saved, sorry for doing so late, leave all that, you sleep my princess,’ Ishita said and all of them went besides Lakshya. He and Ishita helped her wear the mermaid tail blanket and she too laid down to sleep. ‘Bye mermaid, have a good night sleep,’ he said helping her lay and kissed her forehead. She smiled and he switched off the light and went. Deep came to Aarohi who was rubbing the lipstick off her cheek. ‘You look cute with this mark,’ he praised her.

He hugged her from behind. She made him leave her and hit him with pillow. ‘You were making fun of me? Hmm? She is my sister, idiot!’ she said and he laughed. ‘You both are so cute, I was joking,’ she said. She picked his phone and showed his pics with Lakshya in which he was sleeping on his arm and they were sipping juice together. ‘What is this? Be happy be gay, haha,’ she said and he hit her with the pillow and they laughed. He pushed her on the bed and hit her with the pillow and fell on her.

Their lips touched accidentally and they had an eye lock. He chewed her lower lip and she smiled as they shared a kiss. ‘Wow it was so amazing,’ she said panting. They smiled. At midnight, Tanuja was sleeping in Natasha’s and Tanya’s room and Rishi came and picked her keeping her on the couch. ‘Soon you will also have a big family,’ he said and was about to go but she held his hand. He turned and saw she was asleep. ‘Rishi,’ she whispered. ‘Hmm?’ he asked. ‘Natasha and Tanya needs you, don’t go,’ she said sleepily.

‘I won’t ever go,’ he said kissing her hand. Later in morning, he was sleeping in sitting position and still had her hand in his hand. She woke up as she was uncomfortable because of couch. She moved her hand from his hand. ‘Rishi,’ she said and he woke up. ‘What are you doing here?’ she asked. ‘Just came to see you, you said our children need us so I shouldn’t go,’ he said. ‘That’s OK, but don’t hold my hand again,’ she said. ‘I don’t hold hand for leaving, its the blessing of time that we are still together, live this day to the fullest, pata nahi kal ho na ho.’

She got emotional and went from there. He looked again. Ishita came out of washroom wiping her hair. Raman came there and she turned and with a jolt splashing water on his face unknowingly. ‘Good morning Ishu, ye mausam ki baarish?’ he asked showing her his wet face. ‘Huh. Raavan Kumar, go Tara will wake up,’ she said and pushed him out of the room and smiled blushingly. Aarohi and Deep were sleeping on one pillow, they just had a white duvet on themselves. They looked like Adam and Eve.

They were sleeping cuddling to each other and finally they had got the intimate closeness between them. He woke up and kissed her forehead. ‘I got you Aarohi, finally you are officially mine now,’ he said and stared at her face. She woke up and blushed. ‘Deep we had it?’ she asked blushing into darkest shade of red. ‘Yes we had it,’ he said and kissed her hair. ‘It looks like a beautiful dream,’ she said. ‘My dream is you,’ he said smiling at her. ‘My everything is you Deep,’ she said smiling back and kissed his forehead.

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