ArDeep/IshRa/TanShi ff: Jiyein Kyun (31~Birthmark, Reality And Marriage)

Aarohi was about to step inside with Deep. “Stop.. Both of you..!” Roma said startling both of them. Aarohi looked at Roma then at Deep and then again at Roma. “Mumma, will you not accept me?” Aarohi asked with a quiver in her voice getting teary eyed as she approached her with slow steps keeping a straight face and she grasped Deep’s hand tightly. Roma stopped near her and she looked on as Roma held her hand and drew up her sleeve a little. She looked questioningly at Deep then at Roma. Aarohi saw her smiling seeing something, she went.

She approached Tara and brought her near Aarohi on wheelchair. “Look Tara, look at this star birthmark, this is why I kept your name Tara, now I know she is my daughter only,” Roma told her making her chuckle. “Mom, if she has that birthmark, then why am I named as Tara? She should be the one to be named Tara, no?” Tara asked. “Yes, but I named you as Tara, because if you both ever fight, so you reconcile easily seeing the birthmark and remembering that you are connected to each other and you cannot back off from this bond,” Roma told her and Tara nodded smilingly.

“Aww mom, so sweet of you, but do you have any intentions of greeting my sister inside or not?” Tara asked. “Oh yes sorry beta, my daughter came to meet me,” Roma said smiling at Aarohi and went to kitchen. She came back with rice pot and kumkum plate and placed them before her feet. “Come Aarohi, come Deep,” she told them and Aarohi kicked the rice bowl and dipped her feet in the kumkum plate holding Deep’s hand.

Khusiya di bahar tu
Dulha jeet laye tu
Babul ke aangan ka
Khila hua gulzar tu
(Aarohi walked further and stood before Roma and Raghav getting teary eyed recalling her foster parents who loved her more than biological parents, she touched their feet along with Deep and smiled a little as they blessed her)

Naazo se pali mai
Naazo se pali mai
(Roma kissed her forehead and caressed her hair and hugged her, Raghav was crying happily seeing her)

Phoolo ki kali
Tu laadli
Udti titali tu laadli
Ho chanda ki dali
Tu laadli
Ho gudiya si dikhu
Tu laadli
(The trio were having tough time controlling their happiness and tears)

Kabse tadap raha tha
Gudiya aave
Papa kahe ke
Galna ne laave
Meri zindadi nu thand paave
(Raghav pulled her in a long awaited hug)

Khusiya di bahar tu
Dulha jeet laye tu
Naazo se pali
Ho phoolo ki kali
Naazo se pali
Udti titali
Ho chanda ki dali
Gudiya si dikhu
Mai laadli
Mai laadli. (TV Series.. Sabki Laadli Bebo)

“Aarohi, beta you are came back to us, we are so happy,” Raghav told her. “Papa, I am also very happy, but I have a request, please do not tell it to doctor chachu or Maya mausi, else they will kill me,” Aarohi told them. “No no, we will not.”

“But how I got lost after my birth?” Aarohi asked. “I really don’t know,’ Roma told her. “That might be Maya mausi to do that,” Tara spoke all of a sudden and kept her hands on the wheels paddling them forward. “Mom, if Maya mausi, the woman who once used to be so sweet can turn evil and beat me up for a mere mistake, then why can’t she take baby Aarohi from the hospital and give her for adoption?” Tara said. “Yeah right, at that time there was no enmity with you.”

“Mom, if I was that old murderer Tara, I would’ve killed her and Dr.Chachu too, but I am no more that Tara, I won’t do that, adrenaline is pouring throughout my body, I will kill them,” Tara said boiling in anger. Aarohi kept her hands on her shoulders to calm her. “Relax, relax, we are Raichand sisters and we aren’t afraid of anyone,” Aarohi said. “Yes, right,” Tara agreed. Lakshya took her outside. “Why you brought me outside?” she asked. “So that doctor can check your legs, I want you to be completely fine,” Lakshya told her smilingly.

They sat in the car and drove off. Ishita and Raman entered their house and everyone eyed them angrily. “What happen? All okay?” Raman asked. Mrs.Bhalla came to Ishita and held her arm. “Where is Ishita?” she asked. “I am Ishita,” she replied. “Lie! You are Shanaya Raichand,” she said. “Please mom, she is not Shanaya, she is our Ishita,” Raman said. “I can’t believe it, now day something na Ishita, oh sorry Shanaya, normally you shout too much,” Simmi said giving her an evil grin. “Shut up! Simmi back off! Aray mummy ji, you toh understand, she is Ishita.”

“Having same faces won’t make her Ishita,” Madhavi said. “I am Ishita, this birthmark, look at it, only I can have it,” Ishita showed them the birthmark on her ankle. “Sorry, what to do? Your Mihika was really upset,” Madhavi said and went to Mihika who was crying. Ishita went and kept her hand on her shoulder. “Mihiku,” she spoke. “Go away, you are not my akka,” Mihika spoke rudely. “Mihiku please, Shanaya died in her childhood itself, she never came here,” Ishita tried convincing her. “I will never believe,” she replied. “Fine, Roma aunty knows everything, come lets go.”

She took her by her hand. Tanuja sat in her cabin holding her head. “Rishi, I miss you, please come back,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Inkaar karde, ikraar kar lai, dil janiya
O dil janiya
Jo yeh dil karta hai, ik baari kar lai, dil janiya
O dil janiya
Inkaar karde, ikraar kar lai, dil janiya
O dil janiya
Jo yeh dil karta hai, ik baari kar lai, dil janiya
O dil janiya
(At the moment, she just wished that Rishi comes and he should agree or at least disagree and talk to her)

Yo yo when I’m with you boy, I feel incredible
Time spent with you so unforgettable
Distant memories are remembered the more
B’coz you and me together we will be unstoppable
But something got in the way, something so heart breaking
Now I don’t know what to say
So much for me to take in
I must have made a mistake coz there is no…
All I need is a hit, so that you keep me

Teri baah phadke, teri lad lag ke, channa main bhul gayi
Teri baah phadke, teri lad lag ke, channa main bhul gayi
Sadh sadke swaha hoyian, saj sadran jindri rul gayi haye
Kise hor nu jaa dil daar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
Ik baar chadh ke lakhmaar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
Ik baar chadh ke lakhmaar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
(She didn’t care at the moment that how in past, after she had held her hand, she was forgotten, and when he left her, she was like rotting in hell and crying but her sobs were repressed deep within her heart)

Kadi jaan badna ae kadi gayr lagna ae, teri ki marzi
Kadi jaan badna ae kadi gayr lagna ae, teri ki marzi
Kadi hona hai fida kadi rehna hai judaa, teri ki marzi haye
Din apne da, itebaar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
Jinna karna ae soch vichar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
Inkaar karde, ikraar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
Jo yeh dil karta hai, ik baari kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
Jinna karna ae soch vichaar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
Jinna karna ae soch vichaar kar lai, dil janiya O dil janiya
(Sometimes he made her feel neglected and sometimes he made her a total stranger confusing her of what he wants, sometimes he wanted to be separate and sometimes ignorant)

Tara and Lakshya came in her cabin. “Hello ma’am,” Tara greeted her. Tanuja wiped her tears. “Hello Tara. How have you been?” she asked. “Fine ma’am but the numbness is still there,” Tara told her. “Then try to walk, I will help you,” Tanuja said and stood up, she and Lakshya placed her feet on the floor and held her each hand, Tara tried hard to stand up but couldn’t. “Its OK,” Tanuja said and sat back and Lakshya placed her feet back on the earlier position.

“Massage helps, you place her over here, I will do it,” Tanuja said and Lakshya picked her and kept her on the stretcher. Tanuja massaged her legs. After fifteen minutes he took her from there thanking her. Natasha and Tanya came there surprising Tanuja. “You both? Come my babies,” Tanuja called them for a hug. They went and hugged her. “Mumma, in our school there is a tableau and we need a beautiful bride for that, we have chosen you,” Natasha said. “Why me?” Tanuja asked. “Mumma please,” Tanya begged making puppy face. Natasha did the same.

“Thank you mumma, wear this, we got it by our teacher,” Natasha said and gave her the lehenga. Tanuja went from there. Natasha and Tanya did a high five and went from there. “Even we will change,” Tanya said and they went in their ward and wore beautiful dresses. Tanuja came getting ready as a bride. “Let’s go mumma,” Natasha said and they held her hands and took her outside. Ishita brought Mihika to Raichand Mansion and sat on the couch in front of Roma. “Aunty, only you know the whole truth, please tell her,” Ishita told her.

“Shanaya died in childhood itself, she had severe asthma attacks, Tara was getting sick day by day, when we went on summer camp, you remember Tara came to Ishita and hugged her calling Shanaya di? That is when she agreed to act as Shanaya for Tara, she loved Tara just like she loved you, since then she is Shanaya for Tara, poor Tara never got to know about this,” Roma told her and Mihika eyed Ishita cryingly. “Di you did such a great work for someone stranger? I mistook you to be Shanaya, di I am really very very sorry.”

Kaise Main Batao Yeh
Tera Iss Tarah Rona
Dekha Nahi Jaata Hain Sun
Shaam Jab Dhalti Hain
Subah Muskurati Hain
Khushbuye Lutati Hain Sun
Udaasi Ke Lamho Mein
Hamein Muskurana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain

ArDeep sat in their room laughing over the star birthmark. “Oh God, can’t believe I never knew about it but mumma did, I have this birthmark but my twin is the one to get named after it,” Aarohi said laughing hard. “You’re so unique,” he praised her. “Thank you Deepu,” she replied.

“Awwww cutie pie,” he said holding her face between her fingers and thumb. She bit her tongue between her lips and they laughed. Ishita and Raman were happy as now all confusions are cleared. “Thank God, every one got to know I m Ishita and not Shanaya, but one thing still scares me, Tara’s reaction on getting to know this truth,” Ishita said. “You should go and tell her the truth by yourself that you are Ishita and not Shanaya,” Raman suggested unknown of Tara being at their room entrance and that she heard everything. “Lakshya lets go,” Tara said.

She was disappointed by her betrayal. Lakshya turned her wheelchair away and took her from there. “Where is my real sister if she is Ishita?” Tara asked totally irritated. “Ask your mom,” Lakshya replied. Tanuja, Tanya and Natasha stopped at a temple. “Is the tableau here?” Tanuja asked. Tanya nodded. She lifted her lehenga and started going forward. Someone pulled Tanya and Natasha. “Aunty, who are you?” Tanya asked. “Ahaana, your mausi, if you want to do this then I can help, take this water bottle, make her drink this water and then she will faint, then this marriage will be a success.”

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