ArDeep/ IshRa/ Tanshi ff: Jiyein Kyun (27~Fear, Hug, Fireflies And Hug)

Next day, Tara came out of her room on wheelchair while Pihu and Niku were playing. After seeing her, Niku froze on his place while Pihu smiled. ‘Tara maasi,’ Pihu said enthusiastically and Tara opened her arms calling her for a hug. She didn’t went close to them as she knew about Niku’s fear as he had seen her stabbing Aaniket (sorry for mistakes in previous chapters, Aaniket is Aarohi’s brother). Pihu ran to her and she picked her and made her sit in her lap and kissed her cheek. Aarohi and Deep came out. At the same time, Aaniket and Riddhi too came out.

Lakshya was watching from far. Niku stood far scared by Tara. Ishita and Raman were also there. Pihu got down from Tara’s lap and Tara called Niku forwarding her arm and he ran to Aarohi as she was the nearest one. ‘Bua please save me, Tara aunty is bad, I saw that night she had stabbed papa,’ Niku said. Tara turned her face away with tears rolling down her cheeks. ‘Niku baby I promise, Tara aunty won’t cause any harm to you, she has become good now,’ she replied. ‘No bua she is bad aunty.’

‘Yes Aarohi, don’t you know only I, Aaniket and Niku are your relatives, yes you’re married to Deep, but don’t you dare to regard this bloodstained handed girl as your sister,’ Riddhi scolded her. ‘Bhabhi you aren’t understanding, Tara didn’t had a childhood, Tara loves kids,’ Aarohi said. ‘Niku is scared of her,’ Aaniket said. ‘Leave it Aarohi, I have done such things that they will have to be scared of me forever, I m paying for my sins,’ Tara said and went from there and locked her room. Lakshya felt bad for her but went to his room quietly.

‘Tara doesn’t loves you as her sister, she will do so this drama of becoming good and will make you away from us, she will even make you a part of her house but later she will throw you out,’ Aaniket said. ‘I m warning you that if you go closer to her again then we won’t even talk to you, I m warning you stay away from her, she would’ve killed us and you are being so good to her, if I see all this again, forget all of us, Niku is so scared of her,’ Riddhi told her.

‘Yes, she is and was a murderer, she can still harm you, she can still send you to jail, beware,’ Aaniket said and went along with Riddhi and Niku. Aarohi went from there sadly. Tara was crying in her room, she moved the wheels of the wheelchair and took herself near bed. She tried to stand up but couldn’t move, she felt someone hold her as she was trying, she looked back and saw it was Lakshya. She jerked his hands. ‘Why have you come here?’ she asked. ‘The same as you think. To use you for my sweet pleasure.’

Tara looked at him in a shock. ‘No, you can’t do this, please, you can’t do this,’ she begged. ‘Aray aray relax,’ he said and cupped her cheeks, he picked her and made her sit on bed. ‘I am here to make you feel better,’ he said. ‘But you too think the same as them, by the way how you entered? Door was locked,’ she said. ‘Master key, leave all that, you want to get fine or not?’ he asked. ‘I want to,’ she replied. ‘Why don’t you have your medicines then?’ he asked. She looked here and there. ‘Here,’ he said and was about to make her eat.

‘Tara, have your sweet medicines please? They’re very good,’ he said and she widened her eyes as he moved his hand closer to him.

Tara, have your sweet medicines please? They’re very good,’ Doctor chachu said holding sixteen year old Tara’s head forcing her to eat the medicines which will make her mad. ‘No no please don’t,’ she begged. ‘You will have to eat, eat eat eat,’ he said and forced it inside her mouth making her drink plenty of water, she coughed badly. He rubbed her back sensuously and grinning at her.

Flashback end.

‘No! No no! I don’t want to have them, they will make me mad, get away from me!’ Tara shouted getting scared and jerked his hand and even fell from the bed, her feet touched the wheelchair and it fell on her. ‘Tara, what happened?’ he asked getting worried. ‘No doctor chachu don’t come near me,’ she said pushing him. ‘Tara get back to your senses, I am Lakshya,’ he said and she continued to breathe heavily.


Maya slapped Tara for throwing the medicines and emptied the dustbin on her. ‘Now eat these medicines that have got dirty,’ she said and made her eat all of them in one go.

Flashback end.

‘No Maya mausi don’t do this to me,’ she said and started to cry. He held her shoulders. ‘Tara it is me, Lakshya,’ he said moving the wheelchair away from her and she hugged him tightly. ‘Lakshya please don’t go leaving me, don’t hate me please,’ she pleaded. He hugged her back caressing her hair. ‘I won’t ever go leaving you, I won’t,’ he said and kissed her hair. Soon they broke the hug and he made her eat the medicines after he made her sit on bed.

‘You are not dirty, that man is dirty who did that to you,’ he assured her and she hugged him. Aarohi was really sad after what happened. ‘Aarohi, I know you’re very upset right now, but if I give you one thing, you will be very happy, let me show you, come,’ he said and took her to the cupboard and asked her to close her eyes. She did and he placed a jar in her hands. He asked her to open her eyes. She was surprised. ‘Fireflies? Oh my God, thanks,’ she said happily.

‘Welcome, now let’s touch this jar together so we get to know if our love is true,’ he said and they touched the jar together. The fireflies glowed. They smiled happily. ‘Wow, mom used to say that when fireflies appear, there is true love,’ she said and hugged the jar. He smiled. ‘These fireflies make me feel the presence of my mom, I know she was my foster mom, but she is more than a mother to me,’ she said wiping her tear and looked up. ‘Mumma, I am not unhappy, and also don’t think you’re no more my mother, you always will be my mother, love you mumma, I am very happy, look, the love of my life is with me.’

‘Aarohi, when mummy jee came in my life, only then I got a mother, before that I was an orphan,’ he said. ‘We are very lucky that we got two mothers instead of one,’ she said and caressed his face and kissed her cheek. Ishita and Raman were again sitting together so that she can tell about childhood. ‘That day when aunty took me and when I stayed with Tara, I got another Mihika in a second.’


‘Shanaya di, you won’t ever go again na?’ little Tara asked. ‘Never,’ she replied and hugged her. They went and stood on the sofa jumping on them holding hands and then jumped on the rug laughing childishly. Then they ran to Tara’s room and picked pillows hitting each other. Tara threw feathers on Ishita and messed up the room, Ishita did the same. Roma came there and was surprised seeing the room messed up. Tara and Ishita stood still and were scared that they will be scolded. Roma put her hands on her hips and eyed the feathers of pillows.

She slowly looked up at both of them widening her eyes and they looked at each other then at her, Roma laughed seeing their scared expressions and they too laughed and ran to her hugging her at once.

Flashback end.

‘Raman, she was such a sweet girl, we grew up together, but I used to meet my other siblings too. One day her doctor chachu gave her chocolates and took her, I was a child, didn’t knew what he is doing to her. At that time, Maya used to love Tara a lot, but one day, Tara was running away driving and she wanted to be rid of these tortures.’

‘What? A little girl driving?’ Raman asked in a shock. ‘Yes, she drove and did an accident of a child. That child was Maya’s daughter, she beated her, she even made her mad, this continued till she grew up, I was unaware, then one day, I got to know everything, I couldn’t catch doctor Bhandari red handed but I caught Maya and when I went to save Tara, she stabbed me, then I replaced my body with someone else and lived with you, you remember Ananya’s death?’ she asked.

He nodded. ‘That death didn’t happen by me, it happened by Pihu, she accidentally pushed her,’ Ishita said. ‘What? And you’re telling me now?’ He said. ‘Sorry, then I went to jail, I met Tara over there, before that, when once I was driving, I saw Aarohi running on the road and thought it is Tara, I stopped the car for her and she sat inside, but she was just a lookalike and not Tara, when I went to jail, I met Tara and Aarohi too on same day, I was shocked how Tara has changed,’ Ishita said and sighed.

‘One day, Tara recognized me and we got together, thankfully we were united once again,’ Ishita said. ‘Oh, but I won’t leave Simmi, bua should be like Aarohi,’ Raman said. As Tanuja told the truth to Natasha and Tanya, they were shocked and hugged her. ‘Mumma,’ they both said at same time. ‘Yes, I m your mumma,’ Tanuja said. ‘Do we have a papa?’ Tanya said. ‘Yes and you will meet him soon,’ Tanuja said. ‘Toh derr kis baat ki hai?’ Rishi said coming inside and Tanuja was shocked and Tanya and Natasha looked on.

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