Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (16~Confrontation)

Mihika and Vandu were running when they collided with someone and stopped after seeing the person’s face and looked at each other. ‘You were on that ward just some time ago, how come you came here all of a sudden?’ Mihika asked in a shock. ‘The girl in that room and the girl in front of you are two different people,’ said the person who was none other than Aarohi. ‘Means? You both are sisters?’ Vandu asked. ‘Maybe, why were you both running? If I m not wrong, you’re Ishita di’s sisters? Right?’ Aarohi asked and they just nodded slowly.

‘Why you both are scared of me by the way?’ Aarohi asked raising her eyebrows. ‘You’re Aarohi Raichand?’ Mihika asked. ‘Yes, Aarohi Kashyap actually, Aarohi Raichand was my fake name, sadly,’ she replied blinking back many tears. ‘You both might be thinking I am a serial killer right? Well, not really, I m not a serial killer, the girl from who you were running is the real serial killer for who I had to be trapped and my death news was spread all over India, then Deep Raichand, my so-called husband took me out of jail and got her arrested.’

Aarohi wiped her eyes and smiled at them. ‘Let’s go to that room, come, she is a victim herself,’ Aarohi said and the trio went to Tara’s ward. ‘Why did you run?’ Ishita asked. ‘Leave all that, I have such a news that after you hear it, maybe the floor beneath your feet will slip off,’ Aarohi said. ‘And what’s that?’ Tara asked and Aarohi went to her and cupped her face. ‘You got the punishment of the thing that never happened but you didn’t do intentionally and that cheater Maya spreaded fake news and took revenge,’ she said.

‘What do you mean?’ Tara asked getting confused. ‘Remember the child that got killed by the car you were driving when you were little?’ she asked and Tara nodded. ‘That child didn’t really die, she’s alive, and do you know who’s she? Maya and Prithvi’s illegitimate daughter they have been hiding since long,’ Aarohi told her making her shocked. ‘What? But why? Why was I given the punishment of it if she didn’t die? I didn’t knew what I did. I was a small child at that time, I was of Pihu’s age, before that also she was doing that.’

‘I think it was her only who separated us after birth, now is the time Tara, you should go alone and tell everyone what she and that doctor did to you, I even got proof of her daughter, I can’t do this for you because only you know everything clearly and I wasn’t even there, you do it and don’t be scared,’ Aarohi said. ‘I am scared,’ she said. ‘Your Shanaya di would be there,’ Aarohi said and hugged her tight. She hugged her back. ‘Believe me, I will make everything fine for both of us, I promise,’ Aarohi said.

Her phone started ringing and she broke the hug. It was Deep’s call. She received it. ‘Hallo,’ she spoke over the phone. ‘Hallo, where are you?’ he asked. ‘I m with Tara,’ she told him. ‘I have been missing you,’ he said. ‘It was necessary to go, I m coming, but again we will have to be replaced today, another plan is ready, I will tell you after I come, OK bye, talk to Tara,’ she said and gave her the phone. ‘Deep,’ she said and her face lit up. ‘How’s you?’ he asked. ‘Fine and you,’ she replied cheerfully.

‘Me too, OK listen, you’re coming tonight so its obvious that this time Aarohi won’t be there, right?’ he asked. ‘No no, she’s going to stay here,’ she replied. ‘Great, what are you going to do?’ he asked. ‘Aarohi will tell,’ she said. ‘OK, take care, bye,’ he said and disconnected the call. ‘Thanks,’ she said returning Aarohi’s phone. ‘Night would be very late, Ishita di will take you at evening, OK? Bye,’ Aarohi said and hugged her. ‘Aarohi, just outside you said she’s a..,’ Mihika was cut in between by Ishita’s pleading look. ‘I will tell you later, please,’ she said.

Later that day, Mihika came to Vandu’s room. ‘Akka, don’t know why but I feel something wrong with Ishita akka, why is she taking so much care of that stranger?’ she asked. ‘You know very well how she is, always after other’s problems and being a social worker means to serve the country so maybe that’s why,’ Vandu replied. ‘No, she’s too close to her, she even stays in her house now as if she’s really Shanaya,’ Mihika said. ‘Its nothing such, you please relax,’ Vandu said and she went. ‘I need to get to the truth,’ Mihika said to herself.

Aarohi went to the hospital to get the DNA test results and she was asked to wait.

Sorry bhabhi, sorry bhaiya, I just want the truth, nothing else. She thought.

She got the reports and held it with shivering hands. She checked the results and they were positive. She didn’t knew how to react. She paid and went. She took a cab and went.

We’re really sisters, so then who are bhaiya and bhabhi? Are they my blood relatives or not? Even if they’re not, I won’t go leaving them for anyone, God please help. She thought.

She made the cab stop outside Raichand Mansion and stepped down paying the driver. She ran inside and collided with Maya. ‘Where did you go?’ she asked. ‘None of your business,’ Aarohi replied. ‘Don’t you have any manners?’ Maya asked and was about to slap her but she got slapped instead. ‘You will slap me? Han? You’ve always tortured me, tried to murder my sister, you had already separated me from my one sister at birth and wanted to separate me from Shanaya di also? Why?’ Aarohi said enraged at her. ‘Who other sister? I really don’t know,’ Maya said.

‘My twin sister, dear mausi, stop being innocent and stop fooling around,’ Aarohi said. ‘Twin sister? No, I don’t know,’ Maya said and went. ‘I think she isn’t lying, but who must’ve done it if she didn’t?’ Aarohi said and went to her room to Deep. ‘The results are positive,’ she said and he hugged her. ‘You got your mother back, I m happy,’ he said. ‘But Deep, bhaiya bhabhi, what about them?’ she asked. ‘You can bring them here as well once this revenge is over. So you wanted to tell something, right?’ he asked and she broke the hug.

‘Tara will be here at evening to tell everyone the truth of Maya and Dr.Bhandari,’ she told him. ‘Oh, that, but don’t you think they will harm her more after this?’ he asked. ‘Who will they harm? Me right? Tara won’t be here to bear this, I will be, and one more thing, Maya and Prithvi have an illegitimate daughter, and she’s the same girl who was declared as dead due to accident by the car Tara was driving,’ she told him. ‘What? And she’s alive?’ he asked. ‘Yes, she’s alive and Maya was taking revenge for alive person’s death, she’s a stain on motherhood.’

‘How can she? Tara was a small child, and when she herself had a girl child, she tortured her real sister’s daughter for that, apni bachay jaan se pyaaray or dusro k bacho’n ko dil bhar k atyachaar karay ye mujhse bardaasht nahi,’ Deep said angrily. ‘Relax Deep. She’s coming tonight so you be with her, don’t leave her,’ she said and he nodded and cupped her face. ‘I won’t ever let you get hurt by any dirty creature on this world, and I will always hurt you in one way, by hugging you tight,’ he said and she smiled as he hugged her tight and threw himself on the bed beside them and her hair came on her face. He moved her hair from her face and kissed her forehead and cheeks. ‘You are an angel and this devil is your lover,’ he said and she smiled and snuggled more into him. ‘How you dance so energetically by the way?’ he asked. ‘Don’t know, it comes out just like that,’ she replied. ‘Do it with me, I love your dance moves, especially today’s and that nagin dance too,’ he said making her blush. They stood from the bed and he danced with her until she fell in his arms and they had an eyelock.

Ishita was in hospital’s temple. ‘Only you know the truth, conceal it till this revenge is completed, then I will tell both the secrets,’ Ishita prayed in front of idol.

She was going to Tara’s ward when she heard a familiar voice. ‘Till when are you going to stay here? I miss torturing you, and how did you get back your hair? I will love to give you a haircut once more,’ said the voice and Ishita barged in and saw it’s the same jailor. ‘Done? You go else I will also love to give you a haircut,’ Ishita said and she went. ‘You don’t worry Tara. I will get you out of here,’ Ishita said to her and got a call. ‘Hallo Raman,’ she spoke over the phone happily.

‘Itna to khush mere mata pita bhi nahi huay hongay mere paida honay par,’ he replied and she laughed. ‘Achha suno, tum kahan ho?’ he asked. ‘Tara k saath,’ she replied. ‘When you come back home, do check your room,’ he said. ‘Konsa room?’ she asked. ‘Bhalla house wala room, pagal,’ he said. ‘OK fine, bye,’ she said disconnecting the call. Later at night, when Aarohi was in the hospital instead of Tara, Ishita went to Bhalla house and went to her room, flowers showered upon her. She was surprised. There was written on the wall, love is in the air.’

She smiled and touched the words on the wall. She saw a card on the bed. She opened it and it said, I am blessed to have you in my life, this was the day when I and Ishita met but you know that only when I have to call your name, I realize your reality, but what to do? Memories can’t be faded, I hope you understand my feelings, I love you, I really do, I know you also have accepted me as the love of your life, will be waiting for your reply, your love, Raavan Kumar.’

She smiled emotionally. ‘I am happy that you love me, I love you too Raman,’ she said and kissed the card and was going to her cupboard and saw a card there as well. It said,a gift for you inside as a token of love.’ She saw a small box inside and she opened it and saw two watches in it. In one watch which was thick, it had a boy with half heart and the thin watch had girl with another half of the heart. She smiled tearfully and called on Raman’s phone. It rang nearby and she looked around searching for him.

He came out of the washroom. ‘Don’t call me. I m here only,’ he said and she hugged him. ‘Again a watch as a gift from you? Do you also want the same what I want? I want my time to stop when I m with you,’ she said. ‘I also want the same, come,’ he said and took her to the cupboard and he made her wear the girl’s watch and she too made him wear the other one. ‘Thank you Raman,’ she said and hugged him again. He hugged her back, she smiled.

Tara was ready to execute her plan, she went downstairs with Deep and Ishita. Deep had asked everyone to gather in the hall. As the trio came downstairs, Roma came to Tara. ‘What happened? Why you asked Deep to gather us here?’ she asked. ‘Because I want to tell the secrets which I have hidden from childhood about Maya Mausi and Doctor Chachu,’ she replied and glared at them and went to doctor chachu smiling at him. ‘Doctor chachu, you brought chocolates for me that day, right? Where are they?’ she asked. ‘I will get you right now,’ he replied.

‘Where? Here or in the washroom?’ she asked angrily. ‘What do you mean?’ he asked. ‘What do I mean? What did you used to do in my childhood to me? You got me chocolates and gave to me in washroom and you always molested me over there, you used to shut my mouth whenever I tried shouting, that pain in which I used to shout, you tried to make my screams muffled, why?’ she asked angrily holding his collars. ‘What the hell are you saying?’ he asked. ‘Mom, he used to do this, I swear I m not lying,’ she said turning to Roma and got pushed.

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