Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (25~Rejection, Forgiveness and The Past)

Next thing Lakshya did was very surprising for Tara. He held her arms a little tight and pulled her close. ‘How dare you hide such things about yourself? Getting raped wasn’t your fault and everything else is also OK, but being a serial killer? No, I can’t fall for such a girl, what type of people do you kill? Cheaters maybe, if you even get a doubt on me tomorrow then you will even kill me? No, sorry, I can’t, I just can’t, sorry Tara,’ he told her and she got teary eyed and jerked his hands away. She cried.

‘I told you not to come closer to me, I told you that you won’t feel good by knowing, but you.. You wanted to do all this, oh and one more thing is there, who loves a paralyzed and mentally unstable girl?’ she asked with her lips trembling as she sat leaning to the bed board and looked away cryingly. He looked on. ‘Why? Did I ask you to do all this? Did I? Go away Lakshya, I don’t even want to see your face, go away, forget everything, yes I am bad and I don’t need your blo*dy lecture!’

She shouted with tears falling down her cheeks. ‘I forgot that all men are same, even you can use me for pleasure and leave me, when my own uncle did that to me, then how can’t you do it?’ she said cryingly. He slapped his forehead. ‘You too made me cry today, don’t come closer to me if you want to go, but it’s not my fault but my past’s fault, my own body betrayed me, my aunt betrayed me, uncle betrayed me, now you too betrayed me,’ she said crying her heart out. ‘I even killed a child in childhood.’

‘What?’ he asked in a shock. ‘Yes, I did but by accident and then my aunt tortured me to the core, she even tried to murder Shanaya di, then my uncle, then I became a killer, I advise you not to hold such a hand which is stained with blood, it is for your own good, go leave me alone,’ she said calmly but in tears. He stood up to leave and as he reached the entrance, he looked back at her. ‘If it’s possible, I will return,’ he said and went away. Tara kept weeping on him going away.

Deep brought Aarohi outside palming her eyes. ‘Where are you taking me Deep?’ she asked. ‘We reached,’ he said and unpalmed her eyes, she was mesmerized to see that they were on a mountain. ‘Wow, this fog, this sky, it looks so beautiful,’ she said. ‘Not more than you, and this snowfall is also perfect scenario,’ he said hugging her from behind and she smiled. ‘Deep, when you love me so much, why don’t you forgive me? Everyone does mistakes,’ she said. ‘If loving you is a mistake, I will keep on repeating this mistake,’ he said kissing her cheek.

‘And if no one is perfect, then you are no one for me,’ she replied and they smiled.

Phir Se Wahin Dil Le Aaya Mujhe
Hai Bas Jahaan Teri Meri Wafaa
Kehta Hai Ye Ishq Ki Raah Se
Phir Ik Dafaa Hum Guzar Le Zara
Paas Laaya Tere, Yun Sataaya Mujhe
Phir Tere Liye Majboor Kiya, Majboor Kiya..
They kept on looking at each other lovingly and the beautiful view.

Ho Aawara Aawara, Awaara Awaara
Aawara Aawara, Dil Awaara Hua
Ho Aawara Aawara, Awaara Awaara Aawara Aawara, Dil Awaara Hua
Deep captured her pics and she captured his pics and then they took selfies and in between she saw he had disappeared and looked around for him.

Kabhi Pehli Baarish Mein
Ye Khwahishein Jagayein
Kabhi Isme Chal Rahi
Dhadkan Ko Badhayein
Suddenly she felt a snowball on her cheek and she giggled by its cold surface.

Fitrat Se Ye Besabar
Bas Tujhko Bulaaye
Doori Ka Jo Aalam Ho
To Khoob Rulaaye
Phir Kitni Bhi Koshish Kar Lu
Dil Sambhal Na Paaye
She went to him and they gathered snow in their hands at once and threw it on each other and she started running here and there and he tickled her making her laugh.

Paas Laaya Tere, Yun Sataya Mujhe
Phir Tere Liye Majboor Kiya, Majboor Kiya.. Ho Awara Awara,
Awara Awara Aawara Awaara, Dil Awaara Huaa Ho Awara Awara,
Awara Awara Aawara Awaara,
Dil Awaara Huaa
She sat down and wrote jab tak hai jaan on the snow and he smiled and drew a heart on the snow and she did the same, he wrote Aarohi in his heart and she wrote Deep in her heart.

Chal Phir Unn Galiyon Mein
Hum Phir Kho Jaayein
Jahaan Chalti Thi Mohabbat
Ki Taaza Hawaayein
Wahan Phir Se Ajnabi
Kyun Na Ho Jaayein
Phir Se Ek Dooje Ko Aa Chal Milwaayein
Tujhe Milke Aawaargi Ka Mausam Phir Aaye
They walked and came to a place where there were a lot of deers and picked one of them and he hugged her from behind nuzzling in her neck and caressing the deer both at the same time.

Paas Laaya Tere, Yun Sataya Mujhe
Phir Tere Liye Majboor Kiya, Majboor Kiya.. Ho Awara Awara,
Awara Awara Aawara Awaara, Dil Awaara Huaa
Ho Awara Awara, Awara Awara
Aawara Awaara, Dil Awaara Huaa
They enjoyed the snowfall and went from there.

They walked on the streets holding hands digging their feet in the snow. ‘Its so much fun to have ice cream in winters,’ he said giving her ice cream and they had it together. Ishita and Raman continued talking about how and when Ishita met Tara. ‘After that, Roma aunty took her from there while she kept crying looking back at me,’ Ishita told him.

Flashback continues:

Roma hugged little Tara as she cried. Baby nothing happened,’ she said trying to console Tara. Mumma Shanaya di,’ Tara said pointing at Ishita. Beta Shanaya di isn’t here,’ Roma told her. ‘No she’s there,’ Tara said.

No beta come,’ Roma said trying to take her away but she took her phone and showed Shanaya their photos. ‘Look Shanaya di, this is us, do you remember?’ Tara asked making Ishita shocked. ‘When did you capture these photos? I don’t remember aunty, I am Ishita, I am not your Shanaya,’ Ishita said politely and now Tara was taken away forcibly whining like a baby and crying vigorously, she kept looking at Ishita and she too kept looking at her. ‘Di, how can they have your photos?’ Mihika asked as they went. ‘I really don’t know,’ Ishita told her


Later, Ishita was roaming alone when she saw Tara sitting by herself and was crying. She went and sat beside her. ‘Hi, aap kiun ro rahi ho?’ Ishita asked politely. ‘Because you are my Shanaya di and you aren’t agreeing nor mumma is agreeing, she says you have went to God but you’re here in front of me,’ Tara said. ‘Let’s meet her,’ Ishita said and they went running to the tent but stopped before going inside. ‘You be here, I will call her,’ Tara said and went inside. She palmed Roma’s eyes. ‘Tara,’ she said and she unpalmed her eyes.

‘Mumma surprise,’ Tara said. ‘Where?’ Roma asked. ‘Outside,’ Tara told her and took her outside to make her meet Ishita. ‘Mumma,’ Ishita said to her sweetly and hugged her smilingly. Roma got emotional and hugged her back. If I can make someone happy by becoming Shanaya, so I can do that, Ishita said in heart. ‘What did you say?’ Roma asked. ‘Mumma,’ Ishita repeated. Roma lifted her and hugged her. ‘Are you really Shanaya or you’re pretending?’ Roma whispered. ‘Sorry aunty, I did it for your happiness,’ she said not able to lie. She kept her down and hugged her and Tara at once.

She got emotional seeing a doppelganger of her dead daughter. ‘Thanks beta Tara, it was the best surprise,’ Roma said thanking her and broke the hug. Tara smiled. Ishita forwarded her hand towards Roma and she held her hands and kissed them but felt a chit in one hand and took it. ‘Go play,’ she said and the cute duo ran away to Mihika and Vandu and she got happy seeing Tara happy. She unfolded the chit in her hand given by Ishita. It said, ‘after vacation, Tara and I won’t be able to meet, in case she wants to meet me, she can.’

The chit had the address of her residence. Roma smiled. After the summer camp had ended, Tara used to miss Ishita badly. She used to cry day and night. ‘Mumma please call Shanaya di, I want to meet her,’ Tara demanded cryingly. ‘But she might be sleeping right now,’ Roma said and she cried even more after that. She kept her hand on little Tara’s heart to calm her. She gave her their old photo which they captured long time ago. Tara slept peacefully hugging the photo, Roma sat down sadly.

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