Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (24~Shanaya Is Ishita)

What? How can you hide such a big truth about yourself? Are you mad? You could’ve at least told me,’ Raman said angrily and she rested her head on his shoulder. ‘Am sorry Raman, I also didn’t realize when I became Shanaya from Ishita and then again became Ishita and now for some people Ishita and for some people like Tara, I am Shanaya,’ she said wiping the lone tear on her cheek. ‘I understand but why did you have to act as Shanaya? And from when were you acting?’ Raman asked. ‘Since childhood Raman, I was also very small,’ she said smiling slightly.

‘Where did you meet them?’ he asked. ‘I went to summer camp with Mihika and Vandu akka when we were very little, one day, I was talking to both of them when suddenly a little girl hugged me, everyone had one elder person with them from their family and we had our amma, she had Roma aunty,’ Ishita told him.

Little Ishita, Mihika and Vandu walked over the grass playing by themselves. ‘Let’s play with ball or something, I am so bored,’ Vandu said. ‘No no I m bored, something else, hide and seek,’ Ishita said.

(Tasheen Shah as Little Vandu)

(Ritvi Jain as Ishita)

‘OK, Vandu akka you will find us, close your eyes,’ Mihika said and as she closed her eyes, Mihika and Ishita ran away to hide, they both were hiding at same place. ‘I hope we win,’ Ishita whispered to Mihika. ‘We will, yo,’ Mihika said closing her thumb, middle finger and ring finger. Ishita giggled doing the same. Vandu tried finding them everywhere, at the end they were tired of hiding for too long so they ran from there and Vandu was standing with her back towards them. They palmed her eyes and smiled at each other feeling victorious.

(Mahira Khurana as Mihika)

‘Ishu, Mihiku, I know its you,’ she said and they unpalmed her eyes and she turned. ‘We won, we won,’ Ishita and Mihika said showing her thumbs down and she faked to pout and they both hugged her from both sides. Sometime later they broke the hug. ‘Fine now another game,’ Vandu said. ‘I know, just form a circle and jump while going round and round,’ Mihika said and they held hands forming a circle. ‘Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down,’ they sung and jumped and fell down on the floor laughingly.


They kept talking and little Tara too came there looking around and her gaze went on Ishita. She went a little close to see properly if its her Shanaya di or not. She kept her finger in her mouth going closer by every passing second and when she was done with checking out if she was Shanaya, she went closer to her and hugged her all of a sudden. ‘Shanaya di,’ she said pulling her in a hug. ‘Shanaya di,’ she said happily once again. Mihika and Vandu were shocked seeing the girl hug her calling her from other name.

Ishita hugged her back in a dilemma. ‘She’s not Shanaya, she’s Ishita akka,’ Mihika said pulling her back. ‘No she’s Shanaya di,’ Tara argued. ‘No she’s Ishita akka,’ Mihika shot back. ‘And she’s our sister and not yours,’ Vandu said politely. ‘No, she’s my sister,’ Tara said on the verge of crying. ‘No she’s not your sister,’ Mihika argued and lost her temper pushing her away and she fell on the floor and started crying. Roma came from somewhere in her search and ran to her seeing her fallen on the floor. She made her stand and hugged her as she cried.

**flashback disturbed**

Pihu and Niku came running over there. ‘Ishi maa look he’s cheating,’ Pihu complained as Niku laughed. Ishita smiled seeing them as she recalled her childhood seeing them, she also fought while others laughed. Aarohi came there and Niku ran to her. ‘Bua look she’s cheating,’ Niku said. ‘No Aarohi aunty, he did,’ Pihu said. ‘OK OK don’t fight, you both cheated, happy?’ Aarohi said making both of them pout and she kissed their cheeks. ‘Go play,’ Aarohi said and they ran away holding hands. ‘I bet they will make a good couple,’ Aarohi said laughingly, Raman and Ishita also laughed.

Aarohi turned to go but collided with Deep falling in his arms. ‘How do you always manage to fall in my arms?’ Deep asked with her still fallen in his arms. ‘Mr.Deep Raj Singh, you’re crazy, when I said sorry in different way you don’t want to accept, right? Go away,’ she said creasing her eyebrows and straightened herself and went away. ‘Now it’s my turn,’ he said to himself and went outside following her.

Deep came in front of singing and held his ears:

Ab Na Tu, Rakhna Tu
Mere Dil Ka Yeh Chota Mota Haq Maar Ke
Galti Se, Galti Ki
Kabhi Pichhe Pichhe Aaya Tere Jhak Maar Ke

Ab Na Tu, Rakhna Tu
Mere Dil Ka Yeh Chota Mota Haq Maar Ke
Galti Se, Galti Ki
Kabhi Pichhe Pichhe Aaya Tere Jhak Maar Ke

She held his face pulling him close and then pushed it to the other side.
Tujh Pe Na Aitbar Mujhe
Fika Lage Tera Pyaar Mujhe
Main Na Banaoon Dildaar Tujhe
Saare Sapne Te Jhoote Ab Tak Pyaar Ke

Deep stopped her holding her hands and picked her twirling her but she made him leave her and went.
Dil Jaane, Rabb Jaane
Na Khabar Pe Main Tere Ab Dil Haar Ke
Galti Se, Galti Ki
Kabhi Pichhe Pichhe Aaya Tere Jhak Maar Ke

He pulled her closer and danced with her on the streets.
Jab Jab Yaara Dhoondu Tuhjko
Paa Loon Main Khud Ko Hi, Tu Hi Hai Mera Pata
Duniya Bhar Ki Kashme Kha Kar
Karke Vaade Kehta Hoon, Aagey Se Na Hogi Khata

She sang while throwing snowballs at him.
Ho Tujh Se Ab Na Mohabbat Hai
Teri Na Mujhko Zaroorat Hai
Meri To Aisi Surat Hai
Lakh Jaayenge Yahan Ab Dil Haar Ke

He threw a snowball on her as she ran away.
Laakhon Mein Ek Main Hoon
Koi Aaye Na Aagey Ab Iss Yaar Ke
Galati Se, Galati Ki
Kabhi Pichhe Pichhe Aaya Tere Jhak Maar Ke

Jhak Maar Ke, Jhak Maar Ke

He came running after her and after she had pushed him many times on blocking her way, they fell on the snow with Aarohi on top of him.
Teri Ankhon Mein Doobi Main
Dekhun Apni Akhon Ko O Beeti Yun Hi Saari Umar
Teri Baahon Mein Lipti Main
Meri Baahon Mein Tu Ho O Duniya Ki Ho Na Khabar

They sat up on the snow slide with Aarohi in front and he entwined his hands with her swinging left and right.
Ho Na Zaroorat Baaton Ki
Mile Lakeero Haaton Ki
Saalon Se Umar Ho Raaton Ki
Aise Bhi Dekhe Dono Pal Pyaar Ke

Kal Aise, Pal Aise
Aani Teri Meri Chaahton Ko Ikraar Ke
Galti Se, Galti Ki
Kabhi Pichhe Pichhe Aaya Tere Jhak Maar Ke

They fell down the snow slide rolling down and this time he landed on top of her and he kept applying snow on his face.
Ho Tujhpe Na Aitbar Mujhe
Fika Lagey Tera Pyaar Mujhe
Main Na Banaoon Dildaar Tujhe
Saare Sapne They Jhoote Ab Tak Pyaar Ke

He did the same to her and laughed and she pushed him and went away.

Dil Jaane, Ho Rabb Jaane
Na Khabar Pe Main Tere Ab Dil Haar Ke
Galti Se, Galti Ki
Kabhi Pichhe Pichhe Aaya Tere Jhak Maar Ke

‘Oh God Deepu, this plan also failed, what yaar Aaru? Now I will think of some other song for you, till when will you be upset?’ he said and smiled and got up running back to his house. ‘Tara, what’s the secret you’re hiding?’ Lakshya asked her.

She looked down. ‘You please don’t try to come closer to me,’ she replied. ‘Why? Please tell what has happened?’ he asked holding her shoulders. ‘Will you dare to come closer to a serial killer like me?’ she asked angrily and felt his grip loosen on him. ‘Or a divorcee? Or the girl who was raped?’ she asked getting tears in her eyes and felt his grip loosen on her every question, he nodded in negative. ‘No right? You won’t? Right?’ she asked cryingly. He got speechless. ‘I understand Lakshya, no one accepts such girl,’ she said in bitter tears and the next thing he did was quite surprising for her.

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