Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (23~Sensuous Dance)


Aarohi woke up with a hangover and looked at Deep who was sleeping. She recalled how she told him everything in drunken state and how they danced together. ‘Deep might be angry on me,’ she said to herself and Deep woke up and she pretended to be asleep. He kissed her forehead. ‘I am so sorry that because of me you faced so much, I think I should leave you and go, I felt so angry last night when you said that suicide attempt was a drama but what to do? I deserve it, I really do, sorry,’ he said and kissed her forehead.

‘Where the hell will you go leaving me?’ she asked suddenly opening her eyes. ‘So you heard it all, why the hell did you do that drama? Do I look like a fool to you to still do love drama with you? You did all this and made a fool out of myself, we shouldn’t have remarried, I should’ve gone far leaving you,’ he said with his creased eyebrows and she sat up and settled in his lap and cupped his face. ‘I will kill you,’ she said keeping a knife on his neck, he chuckled.

‘Oh c’mon you’re Aarohi, you can’t even kill a mosquito, I bet you’ve never done it, now move from my lap, I want to go,’ he said and shoved her on the bed and went to freshen up. ‘Not so easily, I won’t let you go, I will have to do something to get him back,’ she said to himself and smirked. He came out of washroom and saw her sitting with her back turned towards him, she was wearing a backless short dress, he got attracted to her and was about to hug her from behind but stopped himself.

‘Jaanu, you know I love you. Don’t do this,’ she said and pouted. He moved away from her and she thought to do something else. She began singing and danced sensuously for him.

Maine raat mein aankh se baat private bol di
Tune pyaar ki di hawaa zulfe maine khol di
Kar le mujhko tu touch zara
Slowly slowly feel me
Aise ab mujhe na sataa
I can’t take it no more

(She sat in his lap and touched his face but he shoved her on the bed)

I just wanna feel your body
(saanu kare ishaare) touch my body
Don’t be shy my honey
(saanu kare ishaare) feel my body (x2)

Feel my body..
(She hugged him from behind but he again shoved her and when she was about to fall, he held her bare back and she smiled but then he straightened her and was about to go but was stopped)

Tere hothon pe hothon se
Lab ka nishan chhod doon
Kal subah tak baahon se
Main bahein teri jod lun
Tujhko josh mein dekh kar
Crazy crazy ho gayi
Mujhko khud mein tu de jagah
I can’t take it no more
(She pushed him on the wall and was about to touch his lips by her lips but he turned his face and she hugged him sensuously but he twisted her hand and she nodded in negative while singing making him leave her)

I just wanna feel your body
(saanu kare ishaare) touch my body
Don’t be shy my honey
(saanu kare ishaare) feel my body (x2)
(She kissed his cheek and chuckled)

Hai nasha jo tujhme itna
Saara pee loon aa aa
Kuch bhi kar le main hoon teri
Mujhe nahi aitraaz
(He moved back as she kept on moving forward and they were in washroom under the shower and she switched it on drenching both of them and undid her saree pallu and threw it in the bathtub and took his hands keeping them on her bare waist)

Maine raat mein aankh se baat private bol di
Aise ab mujhe na sataa
I can’t take it no more
(He switched her place with his place and pinned her to the wall)

I just wanna feel your body
(saanu kare ishaare) touch my body
Don’t be shy my honey
(saanu kare ishaare) feel my body (x2)
(He pushed her in the empty bathtub)

‘What’s your problem ha? Can’t you see I don’t want to talk? Here it’s too cold but you drenched me and yourself, get up,’ he said pulling her feet to the floor and dragged her outside. He took a towel and dried her hair and she stared at his face that had concern for her. ‘Deep, if you still care for me, why don’t you forgive me?’ she asked as he wiped her hair and he stopped. ‘Why don’t you forgive me? I am sorry Aarohi ji to hurt you, but I can’t change the past, please forget it,’ he said.

He hung the towel on her shoulder and was going but she stopped him and hugged him. ‘I am sorry na Deep,’ she said hugging him and he kept on trying to make him leave. ‘Deep I am sorryyy,’ she said hugging him tighter. He made her leave him with a jerk and she fell on the floor and yelped in pain. ‘Aarohi? Oh God, sorry,’ he said making her stand immediately and hugged her patting her hair. ‘Sorry sorry, I am really sorry,’ he said kissing her hair. ‘Keep holding me like this, it feels good,’ she said smilingly.

Lakshya came to Tara. ‘Hey star,’ he said forwarding his hand for a handshake and she shook her hand with his hand smilingly. ‘You look like a real mermaid in this blanket, cute I say,’ he praised her. ‘After all its given by you,’ she said resting her head on his shoulder. ‘I want to ask something,’ he said and she lifted her head from his shoulder. ‘Ask?’ she said. ‘What’s the secret you’re hiding and which you think I won’t feel good by knowing? Tell me, but only if you don’t mind, I will accept you the way you are.’

She looked down. Shanaya heard a knock on the door and when she went to answer it, she was shocked to see Raman and Pihu. She hugged both of them and picked Pihu up and they sat on the couch. ‘So Shan.. I mean Ishita. I wanted to know the mystery of Ishita and Shanaya,’ he said. ‘Pihu, look there’s a little boy over there, Niku bhaiya, go play with him,’ she said and Pihu got down from her lap and went running to Niku. After seeing them play, she sighed. ‘I hope you trust me Raman, whatever I am telling is a truth,’ she said. ‘I trust you, tell me,’ he said. ‘Shanaya and Ishita is same woman, my real name is Ishita Bhalla and I was Shanaya for Tara and her family, I had to act for Tara on Roma Aunty’s saying,’ she said making him shocked.

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  1. So ishitha is alive…happy to know that she’s alive…… waiting for the next update

  2. Poori

    Nice episode😄

  3. oh superb update ishita is alive but hope ishita is not betraying tara

  4. Priyu

    Awesome 😍 Ishu is alive!

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