ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot (28~Tara Is Back)

So can you tell me everything from the beginning? I will not mind no matter how much long it is,’ Rashi said as we sat on the couch. I narrated everything to her, from day one when we came here, about Tara, the diary, Maya, each and everything. ‘So that’s the problem, your sister went but Maya the undead resembles her? Maybe you can find it through your dreams only that who has possessed Maya’s dead body, just try to concentrate when you get this nightmare again,’ she suggested. ‘Good idea,’ I told her. ‘You can even spy on her.’

I smiled at her. Later I went to terrace at evening as I wasn’t feeling so good, I noticed something spooky, it was a spooky figure of someone, it was standing with it’s back towards me. ‘Who? Who is there?’ I said totally scared and unknowingly I started walking forward and stood beside it. ‘Who are you?’ I asked widening my eyes. The figure turned towards me, I somehow got to know that I know this person. ‘Show me your face,’ I said and suddenly a bright light came and I shielded my eyes closing them and looking away completely.

I opened my eyes to see Virat was standing in front of me. I sighed. ‘What now?’ I asked. ‘Tara is roaming free out there, believe me,’ he said. I shrugged and started leaving but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.m ‘You will have to listen to me, you do not need to get scared of me, she is getting evil day by day, you are in danger,’ he said and I looked at my arm which was still in his grip and then at him. I made him leave me. ‘Just leave, if I need your help, I will call you.’

He vanished. I went back to my room and spread the curtains and as I turned, I saw that the cupboard was slightly open, a ray of light was coming out of it. I opened it fully and entered inside. I was taken in the past. I saw Tara and Deep making out. ‘Chhee!’ I said and closed my eyes. ‘Hallo Alisha,’ said a familiar voice and I opened my eyes to see Deep was no more there on the bed and Tara was sitting hiding herself under a thick duvet. I looked at her in disgust.

‘This is how your lover thought of me as Alisha and produced Deepta, now it is not my fault. I was about to overcome my heartbreak and was going to agree to Virat, but you blo*dy idiot, what was the need to request me to marry Deep? You have invited trouble yourself,’ she said and I went to her and strangled her. ‘If you wanted you would have never consummated your marriage, you have betrayed me,’ I said. ‘You were the one to do all this my baby,’ she said and I slapped her. ‘You will pay for this.’

I began walking away. She pulled me back. ‘Baby it would have been good if you would have died happily in his arms and let me marry Virat, he died because of you,’ she said. I took the pillow from behind her back and put it on her face stopping her from breathing. ‘You are not a part of me, die die die!’ I said pressing it with pressure. She pushed me and got up clutching the duvet. ‘I will take you from this world, I m telling you I will take you away, you will pay for this Alisha.’

I turned away from her and was leaving and suddenly she pulled me back again and this time she was properly dressed. She pulled my wrist pulling me on bed and I fell on my back, she caressed my face and then grasped my jaw. ‘You thought that I would like to make myself dirty by your husband’s sperm?’ she asked and laughed hysterically. ‘Let me show you one truth,’ she said and pulled me up from the bed and she too stood up. ‘Look, watch that with who I have actually made love, look!’ she shouted. I looked on.

Slowly I turned my head towards the bed and shockingly it was Virat who was making out with her. ‘As you only saw the person’s back, you assumed it to be Deep? Ha ha! Twin sister, all this happened before marriage, when I was refusing to you for this marriage, this was the reason, Virat asked me for an answer that day only and that day I made out with him, and that day only you made me marry Deep,’ she said and bursted into tears. I regretted that decision at that time. Tara was crying hysterically, I hugged her.

‘I hate you Alisha I hate you, worst sister ever you are,’ she said hitting my back. ‘Bas.. Bas.. I am sorry, I am really sorry,’ I apologized. ‘I lied to Deepta of Mayank being her father but Virat was her father, so bad I am, so dumb,’ she said. ‘Tara, nothing can happen now,’ I said. ‘Why nothing can happen? I will take your life, this all happened because of you, now see how I became after Virat’s death when his body was found,’ she said and snapped her fingers and everything turned white, I held her hand tightly.

Suddenly the room around us changed, we were in a hospital room with Virat and Tara sitting by his side. Virat’s eyes stared at the ceiling as he laid dead. ‘Sorry. Could not save him, he is dead,’ the doctor said as Tara cried hysterically and the doctor gently closed his eyes and covered him till face. ‘Margaya Virat! Dead! Alisha! You too went! Virat too went! He went because of you! I even refused to you Alisha that I don’t want to marry Deep, what could I have done? Your brain cancer made me weak and my mental illness made you weak.’

Everything in front of us was past and right now Tara was herself standing beside me looking at her old self crying. ‘Did you see? Did you like it? Did you like to see me cry?’ she asked holding my arms shaking me. ‘No Tara, I m sorry,’ I said. ‘Sorry my foot!’ she said and left me. Tara’s gaze shifted behind me. I turned to see that it was Rashi. ‘Maya’s funeral is going on,’ she told me. Tara snapped her fingers and signed her to get out.

‘Go for now, both of you, talk to you later,’ Tara said. she said and I went back to the entrance of the cupboard and Rashi too came out. ‘Lets go to say goodbye to Maya whose dead body is found,’ she said and we ran out of the house and arrived at the place of funeral, seeing the scenario, I recalled my own death, but whoever comes in this world has to go some or the other day.

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