ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot (25~Scary Poem)

‘I forgot, she might be waiting for me,’ he said and I could feel a smile slowly spread on my lips. ‘You won’t go!’ she screamed and I saw her rising a knife in the air and I closed my eyes in fear. I heard his shout. I opened my eyes and saw him fine. I took a sigh of relief. I saw her going closer to him and she had put a knife on his neck. I gasped. ‘What to do now?’ Sanaya asked me. ‘Run to Deep and then take him away and run out of here like air,’ I said.

We both ran to Deep and I pushed Maya and we ran taking away Deep. We ran downstairs and sat in the car and drove off. ‘How did you both got there?’ He asked. ‘Did you write on the fridge that you are with Maya and that address?’ Sanaya asked. ‘I did not,’ he said. ‘And what about that torn photograph?’ I asked. ‘I did not tear it, my photos with you are my favorite ones,’ he said. ‘So the ones you might have taken with Maya would also be your favorite,’ I said taunting him.

‘Which photos?’ He asked and I showed him the photos I took in morning. ‘Why did you do this?’ He asked. ‘Why did you go to that witch?’ I asked. ‘Sorry,’ he said. ‘If you go again, forget me, our relationship doesn’t starts at morning and ends at evening, our relationship is of seven births, and if you do something, I will punch you in your face,’ I said and he chuckled and we reached home, Sanaya and Deep went to their rooms. I sat to talk with mom. ‘Aunty, today he again went to Maya, I did their taaein taaein fish,’ I told her laughingly.

She too laughed. ‘Good job beta but did Sanaya tell something?’ she asked. ‘She said that whatever is lost in my life or whoever I have lost in my life, is either going to return in my life very soon or maybe he or she has returned already, and about that glass piece, I got to know that Maya is one of the undead people, she is dead but still alive,’ I told her. ‘Be careful,’ she said. ‘Plus I checked her on Facebook too, everyone just said miss you,’ I told her irritatingly.

Just then, I received a call of an unknown number. I received it. ‘You took him away! He will always be mine!’ said the person on other end and too loudly that I literally removed the phone from my ears. ‘Hallo.. Who’s it? I said who’s it?’ I said and just heard evil laughters. The call got disconnected. I got a call from some other number. I picked it with shaky hands. ‘Hallo,’ I stammered. ‘Hallo, Aarohi Raichand?’ said the person on the other end of the phone. ‘Yes, who is it?’ I asked. ‘Arjun Sharma,’ replied the person.

‘Yes. Actually I wanted to talk about Maya, you all wrote on Facebook that you miss her, and you had written that she is your first friend in heaven so..,’ I was cut in between. ‘So what do you think? My wife should be in the hell?’ he said. ‘No no, I did not mean it,’ I said and he disconnected the call. ‘Hallo..Arjun,’ I said as he disconnected the call. I sent her Maya’s recent photos to him on WhatsApp. They were just sent and not delivered. I kept down the phone holding my head and looked at the time.

It was time for Deepika to come home. I went outside the house again and drove off from there to Deepika’s school. I saw her and waved at her. She waved back and sat in the car. ‘Mumma missed you,’ I told her kissing her cheek. ‘I missed you too, mumma this is a note for you, Virat uncle gave me,’ she said and I unfolded it. It said, ‘At your house terrace at 12 am.’ I drove off from there and she took out his toy joker from her bag. I ignored the nostalgic feeling and kept driving.

‘Mumma, I want to tell you a poem, it is a little scary,’ she said as we arrived at our house. ‘Not now baby, let’s go inside,’ I said and we went inside and I made her bath. My thoughts just revolved around Maya and Deep. I realized that I forgot her towel outside and went to bring it. I came within a second and wiped her hair lovingly and dried them. I saw she was a little scared. ‘Baby, you know that mumma is always with you, so no need to be scared, and you are brave,’ I said.

She sat to play with her toys near the bed. ‘Mumma, where did Tara aunty go after that day?’ she asked. ‘She is in heaven,’ I said. ‘Will I even meet her again?’ she asked. ‘In heaven,’ I said. ‘Is it a good place?’ she asked. ‘It is very beautiful,’ I replied. ‘Mumma, I am sad as papa has got attached to Maya aunty, will she take him away from us?’ she asked. ‘No baby she will not,’ I said. ‘No mumma, she is very bad, I am scared of her,’ she said. ‘Mumma is here, cutie pie,’ I said.

‘I want to tell you the poem,’ she said. ‘Say?’ I said. ‘Dadi mujhse kehti thi (grandma used to tell me), khaali ghar jo hotay hain (the houses that are empty), un mein roohein hoti hain (souls live inside them), jo dikhai na deti hain (which can’t be seen), jo sunai na deti hain (which can’t be heard), par main dekh sakti hoon (but I can see), aadhi raat ko yahan (at the middle of the night in here), koi khoon liye phirta hai (someone roams around with blood), or vo bohat darauna hai (and he/she is very scary), lagta nahi vo insaan hai (It doesn’t seems like he or she is human), shayad vo shetaan hai (maybe he is a devil), janti nahi mujhe vo kaise dikhta hai (don’t know how can I see him), vo mujhe dekh kar ajeeb tarha se hasta hai (when he sees me, he smiles strangely), shayad main bhi mar jaungi (maybe I will also die), or phir dikh na paungi (and then I won’t be ever seen around), Dadi mujhse kehti thi, khaali ghar jo hotay hain, in mein roohein hoti hain, jo dikhai na deti hain, jo sunai na deti hain.’

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