ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot (24~Undead)

Sanaya looked at the glass piece and then at me in horror scaring the hell out of me. ‘No blood, no DNA, that means that..,’ Sanaya’s voice trailed off as beads of sweat started to form on her forehead. ‘It means that?’ I asked in horror. She was quiet. I shook her. ‘Tell na Sanaya,’ I pleaded. ‘I will tell but first, I have something for you,’ she said and got some cards from her handbag and kept them upside down on the glass table in front of us. ‘Pick any one card from these cards and give it to me.’

I randomly chose a card and gave it to her, she strangely looked at me and then the card. ‘Everything fine?’ I asked feeling uneasy. ‘Whoever you love, goes away from your heart, am I right?’ she asked and I got speechless. ‘Am I right or wrong bhabhi?’ she repeated. ‘Some of it is right and some of it is wrong,’ I replied. ‘Have you lost something of yours?’ she asked and I shook my head. ‘Strange, because this card says that whatever is hidden from you, will be revealed to you or whatever you have lost, you will get it back. Maybe someone is going to return in your life or maybe he or she already have returned in your life.’

‘For now, if Deep returns in my life, I will be more than happy, then when I will get back to Maya, I will cut her into small pieces and throw in the sea,’ I said gritting my teeth and she laughed. ‘Relax bhabhi, what other things I am going to tell will snatch the floor from beneath your feet,’ she said. ‘So tell,’ I said. ‘Maya is someone from among the undead, she has died but still alive.’

‘What? But how?’ I asked. ‘Don’t know, maybe someone else has been using her body,’ Sanaya said and suddenly I felt everything spinning around me and slowly the darkness engulfed me and everything went black. ‘Bhabhi,’ I heard Sanaya say as I was slowly passing out. Later, I woke up on my bed and recalled Sanaya’s words. ‘Arjun will have to call me and tell me about Maya,’ I said and looked for my phone. I saw a photo near my phone. To my shock, it was my and Deep’s photograph in which we had been separated completely.

The photo had been cut from between. Sanaya came and sat on the bed. ‘Bhabhi, you OK?’ she asked. ‘Yeah fine, well its too much like I passed out like an old lady,’ I said pretending to laugh. ‘I know you are laughing just to show me, now tell what other problem occurred?’ Sanaya asked and I showed her the photograph. ‘If this is kept by bhaiyu then I will chop his hands, come on,’ she said and took me by my hand. We looked everywhere for Deep but he was nowhere to be seen. We went to kitchen hurriedly.

There was a note stuck on the fridge, it said, ‘I am with Maya, you are right.’ I took the note from the fridge and was about to tear it off but it had an address. ‘Bhabhi, I know this is not his handwriting, maybe it was stuck here knowingly, so we go and see them together and you burn in jealousy, lets go,’ she said and we went from the house to the car and drove off to the address. We went on the floor mentioned in the address and rung the doorbell. Maya answered the door and smiled.

‘Come inside,’ she said and we went inside. ‘Did Deep come here?’ I asked. ‘No, why will he come here? He stays in my heart,’ she said and this was enough to boil my blood. ‘You blo*dy characterless girl. You yourself are married and eyeing my husband? What about Arjun?’ I said shaking her angrily. ‘Who Arjun?’ she asked. ‘Like seriously you are asking me this question? Arjun is your husband,’ I said. ‘My husband died in a car accident and my daughter too died with him, yes I had an extramarital affair but not with Deep, with someone else.’

I got totally shocked by her. ‘Anyways, let me get you some coffee and be comfortable around,’ she said and went to make one. ‘What did she just say?’ I said. ‘Don’t know, let’s go and spy on her,’ Sanaya said and we went and stood outside the kitchen hiding. What we saw made us shocked to the core. As she opened the fridge, there laid a dead body inside, it was cut up in different sections. She cut a finger of the dead body. Sanaya was about to throw up by seeing blood but I palmed her mouth tightly.

She squeezed the finger oozing out blood from it and mixed it in the coffee and we ran away from her house before she could see us. ‘Where would Deep be if he wasn’t here?’ I asked as we sat in car and Sanaya pointed in the front and Deep was going in the same building and we got down and followed him. We went after him and he went inside Maya’s house. We went inside by a window. ‘Red wine?’ Maya said and he smiled nodding at her. They cheered and looked outside the window from which came the sun rays.

‘I love sunrises, it seems as if no matter how much the darkness tries to engulf the light, darkness loses and light takes place,’ Deep said sipping the red wine. ‘And I love sunsets, it seems as if the light keeps fighting with the darkness but loses and finally night surrounds the whole world and day takes place,’ Maya said and sipped the red wine. She was too evil. ‘Hmm, too logical,’ he said. ‘So what took you to forget your wife all of a sudden because of me?’ she asked and the glass fell from his hand and broke on the floor and he slapped his forehead. ‘I am sorry, got to go. She might be waiting for me,’ he said and I could feel a smile slowly spread on my lips but Maya was angry.

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