Ardeep ff~Atheet Ka Bhoot (The Ghost Of Past) Chp 1: Dream Villa The Haunted House

Hi, I am Aarohi, the wife of the famous singer Deep Raj Singh, it has been five years since we’re married. I am twenty five years old and he’s twenty six years old. We met in our college life, the first time I saw him, I went gaga over him. It was love at first sight. Deep too loved me but he was shy at that time, however he gathered courage to propose me, our parents had a talk over our marriage, the alliance was fixed, and we got married. Well, I am lucky that my first love lasted.

“Aarohi, towel”, Deep called out from the washroom. “Yes I am coming”, I said and took the towel and gave it to him, he pulled me inside and I closed my eyes. “Deep, not now, I haven’t packed our bags yet, we have to board the train, remember?”, I said keeping my hands over my eyes. He moved away my hands and I saw him smiling mischievously. “Ok but I want a kiss”, he said like a baby and I didn’t react. He pleaded with his eyes.

“Here you go”, I said and kissed him on cheek and went out, I could hear him laughing as I went out. I sat on the bed and started packing our things. “Aarohi, I forgot my shirt”, he said and I quickly gave him the shirt and went before he could pull me. Soon I was done with packing and I felt arms wrapped around me. “So wifey, you’re smart, you understood my mischief?”, said Deep holding me from back. “Who knows you better than me?”, I asked and he kissed my temple.

After two hours, I was at the railway station with my mother in law Roma and father in law Raghav. We waited for the announcement and finally it was announced and we went inside the train. I sat with Deep on one seat and uncle and aunty sat in front of us. We entwined our hands as the train started moving. I looked at Deep and smiled. He leaned for a kiss and I signed no as our daughter and uncle and aunty and others were there.

Oh did I mention about my daughter? Her name is Deepika, the cutest girl of the world. She was sitting in Aunty’s lap looking at us and was giggling on Deep as he acts all childish. We reached and got down the train and hired a cab. We had made reservations in a hotel for the night. By the way, we have shifted to Manali, the coldest place ever. So we went to the hotel, one room for me, Deep and Deepika and the other one for uncle and aunty.

For a night, we stayed at hotel and next day we bought a villa for the five of us. It was named as Dream Villa. We sat in the cab, uncle in front and me, aunty, Deepika and Deep at the backseat. The driver dropped us a little far. “I can’t drop you till there, that house is haunted”, said the driver and my heart skipped a beat. “There’s no thing like ghosts, here, keep this money”, said uncle and we got down the cab and walked to our new house which was a short distance away. Uncle unlocked the door and we entered inside. The villa was really big with five rooms out of which three rooms were locked. I wonder why they were locked? Was the driver right about the house? “The room upstairs is of you, Aarohi and Deepika and ours is the one downstairs”, said aunty to Deep. “What about the other three?”, asked Deepika. “They’re locked, we should start unpacking now”, said uncle and we retired to our rooms. We were done unpacking after three hours and we all slept as we were tired. When I woke up, I heard Deepika talk to someone in our room. “Deepu, come to mumma”, I said. “Coming”, she said and came to me standing up, she was at Deep’s side of bed. “To who were you talking?”, I asked. “With Tara aunty”, she replied. “Who Tara aunty?”, I asked. “Mumma, the girl who crawled out from under the bed when I was playing with my toys, and she looked just like you”, she said making me shocked.

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  1. Awesome …. Loved it…Update soon

  2. Sanaa.khan

    Amazing FF dear…eagerly waiting for the next episode

  3. Awesome update.
    Pls continue soon.
    Let’s see how the ghost trouble aardeep

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