ArDeep ff: Naina Re (promos)

Virat sees a beautiful girl sitting alone in a bar and drinking continuously.

V: hi I am Lakshya Virat Raichand

Girl: hi I am Gayatri.. Gayu for short, Gayatri Khanna

They shook hands and Gayatri smiled but how those innocent eyes looked mysterious at that time were unknown to everyone besides her.


M: maa aap apni beti k khilaaf khari ho? (Maa u r against your own daughter?)

Jn: to? Tum ne konsi khushi di hai mujhe paida ho kar? (So? Which happiness have you given me by taking birth?)


Maya cries in her cell.

M: main apnay har ek dushman se hisaab chukta karungi, phir chaahay vo ye jailor ho, Saanjh ho, ya meri khud ki maa (I will settle scores with my every enemy, be it this jailor, be it Saanjh or my own mother)

T: or main bhi apnay har ek dushman ko lachaar kar dungi, phir chahay vo meri humshakal Aarohi ho, Deep ho, ya vo Roma Raichand. (And I will also make my every enemy weak, be it my lookalike Aarohi, Deep or Roma Raichand)

They shook hands and smile.


Gayatri to herself: yahan se main apni amanat ko le kar hi jaungi (I will go away only after taking what I left here)


A: Deep, hum hai na, is Raichand parivaar k har banday ko apna mohra bana kar istemaal karengay or sabki kamzori par aakraman karengay (Deep we will make every member of Raichand family our pawns and will attack at their weakness)

D: Virat ke baad ab agla kon hai? (Who’s next after Virat?)

A: Maya, vohi Maya jo Tara ki saathi bani phir rahi hai (Maya, the girl who is now Tara’s friend)


A:Maya, tumhay apni family ke saath rehna hai na? Main le jaungi tumhe, par ek shart pe (Maya you want to live with your family, right? I will take u there but on one condition)


Virat gets shocked seeing something.

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