Archi love story!! PROMO

Hi guyzi Meher is back. So,u am telling my it before it’s not a episode of course you all read the title. It’s a promo. There will be a twist in the story. So,this is the promo for the twist.
So, the promo begins,,,,,,,,,,,,
A big university is shown. The name of the university is “OXFORD UNIVERSITY”(actually guys u don’t know any other name if university without Oxford in london?)
A library is shown where a boy is sitting and lost in a book seems he doesn’t care of the world. Two more boys come there and one of the boy keeps his hand on the nerdy (actually guys who read so much is called nerdy so,,? ) boys shoulder. The boy turns and the boy turns out to be not Aryan ?. In fact the boy who kept his hand on the nerdy boys shoulder is Aryan.
Aryan- what is it , Michael? You are reading book . It’s time for our bike race.dont be such a big nerdy.
Michael-Aryan this is a book of love. Thanks u know na how much I believe in love. Love is thing which takes a person to another world. And love comes in everyone’s life.
Sanchi’s childlish face comes infront of Aryans eyes. He shakes his head.
Aryan-oh come on Michael. There is nothing like love. Love only gets a person pain. Nothing else so,I advise you don’t waste your time in such useless thing.
Michael-no,Aryan you are wrong and one day you will realise it.

On the other hand in Jaipur, India.,
A big exhibition is going on. Everyone praises the designs and the designer.
A man anounces in mike, “ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention pls, we welcome you to the biggest fashion exhibition of Jaipur. Here as you all can see all the designs these all designs are made by the such a designer who has made Jaipur and India proud. So,let’s call the extra ordinary,talented international fashion designer Sanchi mittal.
Sanchi’s face is shown. Sanchi goes to the stage. The man gives her the mike.
Sanchi-at first thank you so much for so much praises and appreciation.i donno if I deserve or not.but I just wanna say one thing that my all unique designs whom u are praising it’s al possible for one thing and t hats . Love is something when you think about it automatically all the pleasure of the world comes to u and such unique designs comes automatically in mind. Thanks.
She comes down from stage and goes to a isolated place and cries. Tanu comes to her.
Tanu-pls console yourself since3 years your guiltiness is killing you. The guiltiness to break Aryan jis heart. But now it’s enough tomorrow , tomorrow Aryan Jo’s course will finish 3 years will be completed and then he will come to Jaipur you both will be together.
She wipes down sanchi’s tear.
Whatt turn will take Aryans and Sanchi’slife. To know keep reading “Archi love story!!”

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    Guys I have made a archi VM on afeemi do,I want you guys to watch that. Here’s the link. Pls do watch..

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    wow 3 saal to badi jaldi nikal gaye ?? good very good.. ??? waiting for this episode..

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      Thanks MERI behna air ek bat pls watch the archi VM on afeemi. The link is given

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    Nice plot

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