Archi love story!! Part 23

At first I am really very sorry guys I know I’m posting this part really late but believe me I was damn busy. So,I am sorry .?? Forgive me.
So,the episode begins,
Aryan was leaving from the place. Sanchi was trying her best to stop him,make him understand but Aryan was broken. He wasn’t listening to anything and left from there by his car.
Sanchi was broken. SHe was crying terribly. She sat on the road and was crying ???. She screams loudly “ARYAN!! PLS DON’T DO THIS PLS” she wipes her tears.
Sanchi- let me call Aryan.
She tries aryan’s call,but he was cutting the call.
Sanchi-no,no Aryan pick up the call.
She continuesly calls Aryan. At last being bothered Aryan switch off his phone and drives the car crying ?.
Sanchi again tries his phone but it was switched off. Sanchi screams and throw away the phone and cries terribly ?
Sanchi- pls Aryan plz I don’t wanna lose you pls.
Meanwhile Aryan reaches sethiya house.

At sethiya Bhavan,
All were happy and discussing just then Aryan enters Priyanka tries to stop him but he doesn’t.
Priyanka-what happened to him?
Sushant-how do I know?
Priyanka-do u know anything?He is your brother you should know.
Sushant-excuse me I am his brother not bodyguard.
Meanwhile,Aryan locks himself in his room. He breaks things of his room.
He breaks down and sits in the floor.
Meanwhile sanchi also reached Mittal house.
Jag soona soona lage from om shanti om plays in big.(imagine the song playing,I can’t download lyrics?)
Teu remincise the moment they spend together.

Aryan remincise, how he fall in love with Sanchi,the way sanchi gave her the Birtyday surprise,the moment they spend together in Australia, Sanchi’s childish behaving,her dance, how he proposed her,their dance in the party just then he remembers how sanchi refuses him,he breaks and also breaks his phone.
Sanchi looks at the moon, cries and remincise,how they met,they become friends,Aryan gave her yellow flower,the moment they spend together,the Jeep race,how they enjoyed in Australia,the bike race in Australia,how hugged her when the won the race,then she remembers how Aryan proposes her,and denies and Aryan went from there and switches his phone..(in short full story remincise karliya hamari cutie Sanchi ne?.) She becomes worried and cries. Just then tanu comes and puts her hand on Sanchi’s shoulder. She also cries seeing sanchi in this condition.
Sanchi hugs tanu and cries.
Sanchi- why ? Why tanu? Why did this happen with me? What was my fault? Why did God did this with me? Am I so bad that God is punishing me?
Tanu-no, no Jiji you aren’t at fault at all. It’s it ur mistake.
Sanchi-then why is God giving me such a big punishment.
Tanu- it’s it punishment,it’s your test. Your loves test.
Tanu-yes love Jiji.
Sanchi-what are you saying tanu? I am not understanding anything.
Tanu- the thing is very clear Jiji. You love Aryan ji.
Sanchi-no tanu Aryan is just my friend.
Tanu-no! Jiji it’s it only friendship. You love him. Both of yours relation isn’t only of friendship. Aryan ji has understand this thing but you aren’t understanding? Why don’t u understand Jiji u love him. If you don’t love him then why are you feeling this unbearable pain?Jiji think about the moments you spend together.dismt you feel anything unique? Think Jiji think because the answers of all your questions is only with you.
Tanu wenT from here. Sanchi kept thinking. She thinks about the moment which she spent with Aryan. She was smiling and feeling some pleasure. Then she suddenly come out of her imagination.
Sanchi-what is happening to me? Was what tanu was saying r8? Have I fallen in love with Aryan.? I am so confused……….??

It was morning,,,,,
At Mittal house,
Sanchi comes downstairs wearing a full sleeve tops and Jeena.
Sanchi’s mood was off.she was still thinking what tanu said .
Chandra-good morning lado!
No response……………..
Sanchi was lost in her own world.
Chnadra shakes sanchi.
Chandra- lado! Where are u lost?
Tanu-in love world.
Candra- what?
Sanchi stares at tanu angrily.
Sanchi-nothing bua ji u know tanu she is mad . She keeps saying anything.actually I was thinking about the deal and designs.
Chandra-oh! Anyways good morning.
Sanchi-good morning.
Sanchi goes to drink water tanu also goes behind her.
Tanu-Jiji did you realize?
Tanu- love. Jiji why don’t you realize u love Aryan ji.
Sanchi-tanu pls I am very confused don’t make me more confused. Pls..
Tanu- I am not confusing u I am saying the truth. And everyone can realize the truth without you. I Donno when will you realize..
Tnu left keeping sanchi damn confused.

At Mittal house,
Aryan comes down with a full face.
Priyanka-gm devarsa.
Aryan (with a dull face)- GM.
Priyanka to her group (Neeti, nishant, Sushant)-what happened to devarsa? Since he came from Sanchi’s house his face is dull.
Nishant- you are r8. Aryan bro is always so happy but Donno why is he so upset .
Neeti-you are r8. Something is fishy.
Sushant- but what we have to find out bcoz if we ask Aryan won’t tell us anything.
Dadisa-what are you guys doing? We are here to have breakfast but I am seeing you all just talking with each other. What’s the matter?
Priyanka- hmm. Nothing dadisa-what we were talking about yesterday’s party.
Neeti-ues the party was outstanding.
Dadisa-ueah you are r8. The party was really without saying anything have breakfast .
All of them nods in yes.
Then dadisa’s eye’s all on Aryan.
Dadisa-aryan, what happened chora? Why are you so upset?
Aryan-no, nothing dadisa. I think my sleep wasn’t complete so,..
Aryan-babasa I had some talk with you.
Babasa-what happened Aryan say,
Aryan-babasa I want to go to London for 3 years course on business.
Neeti, nishant, bhabisa, bhaisa-what?????
All of them looks at them then Aryan.
Neelima-what are staying Aryan London?
Neelima-what you didn’tsay something like this to us before .
Aryan-actually kaakisa it’s a quick decision. Yesterday one of my friend told me about this course. So,I thought to do the course.
Neeti-but… Aryan bro 3 years? How can you?
Priyanka-yes Aryan don’t go.
Precap:Sanchi gets to know ABOUT Aryans Trip.

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  1. Vishakha

    very nice sisso.. hope sanchi realises her love soon (obviously she has to?) ?? keep it up ??

    1. Christie123

      Itni jaldi NAHI?

  2. Fenil

    Superb episode.
    As expected u did Lil hurry in realisation part from Sanchi side. Made Aaryan went to London then Sanchi realised full feelings then send her to London .

    Sorry last comments short becoz of exams.

    1. Christie123

      Apka guessing halat hua Bhai . Kuch alag home Wala HEI and pls u don’t need to sorry.

  3. great episode
    hope that sanchi realise her only after aryan go to london
    and update soon

    1. Christie123

      File mat karo ek promo arahehe Usme sab pata chalega.??

  4. Neha_Pheonix

    Amazing, great as usual….Such a nice story! London’s mystery gonna come. Waiting for it.
    I love the way you write Aryan ji..thats reflect you as a person and it sounds so sweet!
    Love ya!

    1. Christie123

      Thanks NEHA ji ? love you a lot and I published a promo u may check

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