Archi love story!! Part 18

Tanu-wow jiji. It’s fabulous!!!!
Sanchi-ehat no? MUMMA
Kusum-You won’t go anywhere Sanchi. How will you manage alone?
Sanchi-mom I won’t go alone.
Kusum- who will go with you?
Kusum-Sanchi tanu have her won’t go means you won’t go.
“Don’t say like this kusum ji” said diwakar from behind.
Viren-are diwakar ji!How are you?
Diwakar-I am fine but kusum ji why aren’t you letting Sanchi go to Australia?
Kusum- diwakar ji how can Sanchi go alone?
Diwakar- oh!its just a Small thing. Aryan can go with Sanchi if you don’t mind.
Sanchi- really Uncle?And of course we won’t mind.Pls mumma now agree. Pls pls pls pls pls.
Kusum-fine if Aryan is going with her I have no problem.
Sanchi-really? Yippee.
She hugs kusum. Viren and tanu also joins them.
Diwakar-but when is your flight beta?
Sanchi-Uncle tomorrow.
Diwakar-fine I will go and inform Aryan..
At sethiya Bhavan,
Diwakar calls Aryan.whole family with Aryan gathers.
Sarita- what happened sa?
Diwakar-sarita Aryan is going to Australia.
Kakisa-australia?But why jethji?
Diwakar-actually Sanchi is going to Australia. She got an invitation from Australia to exhibit her design. Kusum ji isn’t letting her go alone. So, you would be going with her.
Aryan-really babsa? (In an super excited voice.)
All looks at Aryan. Bhabisa, neeti, nishant and bhaisa laughs.
Babasa also laughs.
Diwakar-so, Aryan will you go? I mean your wish if you don’t want to go.
Aryan-no babasa I will go.
Diwakar-so,what are you waiting for? Go and pack your things.
After 2 hours,
Sanchi calls Aryan.
Aryan-hi!,what are you doing?
Sanchi-nothing just packing done. And super excited for ye exhibition.
Aryan-me too.
Sanchi-why are you excited?
Aryan-nothing just going to Australia for the first time so,
Aryan(in mind)- thank God! I am saved Aryan get a hold on our excitement.
Their conversation continues,
The next day,
Sanchi gets ready . Kusum,viren and others comes to her.
Viren-ready to go ?
Sanchi-yes papa.
Kusum-Sanchi where is Aryan?
Sanchi-mumma I will go to sethiya Bhavan and take aryan and go to airport.
Chanda- we will Miss you a lot lado.
Tanu-yes jiji.
Sanchi -I will Miss you too guys.
Vaibhav- Sanchi let’s go ! I will drop you to the airport.
Vaibhav-lets go!
Sanchi goes sethiya Bhavan, picks Aryan and go to airport.
They reach Australia.
At Australia,
After imigration,both of them comes out of the airport.
Sanchi-wow! It’s so beautiful.
Aryan-yeah you are very beautiful.
Aryan-I mean Australia is very beautiful.
Some people received them . The takes yem to the hotel.
The hotels name was “Park Hyatt”
Sanchi-WOW! It’s a very beautiful hotel!
Mia(One of the person from exhibition)- ma’am let’s go.
They reach the reception.But there were only one room.
Sanchi-what?But we are 2.
Mia-we are sorry ma’am. But there is only one room. Just wait let us check if we can do anything.
Sanchi- pls.
Sanchi was very irritated.
Aryan-Sanchi relax.dont worry. I am sure there will be a way. Ok?
Sanchi nods in yes.

precap: Aryan and sanchi roams around Sydney.

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