Archi love story!! Part 10

Aryan and Sanchi dances very romantically and closely in roke na ruke naina. They were just looking at each other forgetting the world. They had a deep and passionate eye lock. But the there rleyelock was broken by the noise of the claps. They realised that the song was over. They were really much embarrassed.
Sanchi (in her mind)- what happened Sanchi? What were u doing. Like seriously?
Aryan(in his mind)-aryan Aryan Aryan yeh tujhe kya hogeya hei. Yeh sab na bhabisa ki wajahse hua hei.
Tanu comes to them.
Tanu-wow Aryan ji ab toh bohot acha dance karte hei.
Aryan-tnx but Sanchi was really good.
Tanu-yeh toh sabko pata hei dancing jiji ki passion hei
Aryan- wow! Really! Awesome Sanchi.
Sanchi- thanks.
Days passed by Sanchi and Aryan bonding was increased. Aryan had fallen for Sanchi. Sanchi had also fallen for him but she didn’t have the realisation. She always considered an Aryan as
An important part of her life but that part was only for friendship. Now tanu had only mission to make Sanchi realise her love.
One day Aryan had came to Sanchi’s house
( now it was really common Aryan used to go to Sanchi’s house and Sanchi to Aryan’s house)

At mittal house,
Sanchi was making designs in her room but she wasn’t able to make it. Suddenly Aryan comes and surprises Sanchi.
Sanchi- Aryan tum bhi na itne zorse chillareheho pehle you mukhse design nahi banrahahe upar se tum.
Aryan- what! Jaipur’s best designer can’t make a design. Let me see.
Aryan sees the design.
Aryan- wow Sanchi its beautiful!
Sanchi-I know it’s beautiful but it’s not the way I want. I want something unique u know and this design is so common.
Aryan- I have an idea. I think you are too exhausted u need some fresh air so what say about a bike race. Huh?
Sanchi-it’s an awesome idea. So done tonight at 1: 00am.
Aryan- done.?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SCREEN FREEZES_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Precap:Aryan and Sanchi goes to be race.

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  1. Awesome the story is going so well….keep writing…. waiting for next part

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      Thanks sanju

  2. Fab but it is really small

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      Well thanks and talk I will try to make it larger.

  3. kisi mahan admima kha hai ki jo ietni achi update ho toh usa always comment pass karna cha hi ya. it is such a excellent update keep it up

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      Awwwwwwww soooooooooooooooooo cute. Aise is mahan admin ka nam kya hei hah? Dolly? R8??

  4. excellent, keep it up

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    well done dear.. hamare saare unfulfilled wishes show k tumhe hi pure karne hain.. lage raho ???

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      Thx vishakha di actually this are also my unfulfilled wishes. I always wanted something like this in the show so just fulfilling my wishes

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        yeah keep it up..

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