Archi love story!! Part 1

So guys I’m back with the 1st epi of my FF. At first I am really sorry for being late..?? So let’s start.. The scene starts at Jaipur Highway. A men started countdown in a mike-3 2 1. With his countdown several bikes started to race a bike crossed all the bikes and went Infront of all bikes, suddenly another bike came and passed that bike. There was a serious bike race going among the two biker but at last the 1st biker won the race. She got off the bike and said”it’s impossible to defeat Sanchi mittal kyunki jitna Sanchi mittal ki aadat hei or harna kabhi Sanchi mittal ne sikha hi nahi HEI.

(yeah guys it was none other than Sanchi) the 2nd biker also got off the bike and said “Seriously aaj pehli bar kisise bike race karke maaza aya will have to say you are a great biker.anyways I am Aryan, Aryan sethiya.. Saying it he forwarded his hand to Sanchi. Sanchi looked looked at his hand smiled and shook her hand with him and said” I am Sanchi mittal. Nice to meet you.

Anyways I gotta go my Papa must be waiting for me. Bye”. At morning in mittal house, Sanchi came downstairs wearing a crop top and jeans (Sanchi wears modern clothes) kusum called her she went to kusum and said-what happened mumma why did you call me? Kusum-sanchi Kal raat tu bina bodyguard ke kyun bike race pe gayi thi? Mein tujhe kabhibhi kuch nahi kehti it doesn’t mean tu hamesha apni manmani karegi. You should think about your safety. Hamesha itni laparvayi acchi nahi HEI.Viren came from behind and said-Relax kusum yeh MERI beti HEI ISE koi BHI bodyguard ki zaroorat nahi HEI. She can protect herself.sanchi-papa thik hi TOH kehrehe HEI mumma I can protect myself I don’t need any bodyguard. Pls tell your bodyguard ki aaj ke Baad woh mere Piche Piche na aye pls mumma pls pls pls ??.

Kusum-okay okay Tum dono bap beti ke khilaf aj tak Koi jasaka hei Jo mein ja saku do whatever you wanna do par ensure your safety. Sanchi- OK mumma I love you. Saying this she hugged kusum. Viren LSO joined them. From behind Vaibhav came and said mumma there is a good news.hum Jo sethiya’s ke sath business Karna chahtethe, they accepted it. And today we have a meeting with them. Kusum-Thats a very good news.?? Issue hsmare company ko bohot bara profit hoga… Meanwhile in sethiya’s House, kakusa started screaming, bhaisa bhaisa! Babasa replied- Kya huya prabhant? Aise chikh kyun reheho?kakusa- woh actually bhaisa Abhi mujhe phone ayatha AJ sham ko hamari mittal ke sath meeting HEI.

Babasa- iye TOH acchi Khabar HEI prabhant. Kakusa- ha bhaisa aur is contract se hame bohot fayda hoga.i hope yeh meeting acchi se ho jaye. Screen freezes on babasa and kakusa’s happy face.Precap:-sanchi goes to mall with her Friends Aryan also goes there with his friends. The both bumps with each other Sanchi was about to fall when aryan catches her…

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    Amazing dear u wrote so well i m really excited to read the next part u id an amazing job….??????

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  4. nice!!! awesome story line…waiting for next part eagerly

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