aradhya vs shawani (Intro)


hi guys.this is my first article here.hope all KD lovers will like it.

Once there lived a beautiful girl in a village.her name was Aradhya.she belonged to a rich family but at that current time her family was in a poor condition.

There also lived a young,handsome,charming boy named Aryan.he belonged to a krisnadasi family which was poor at first but initially became rich.inspite of many divisions and the enmity between their families, both Aryan and Aradhya fell in love with each other .After a long struggle they got married with each other and they thought of spending a happy life together.but destiny has something else for them.

Preview: Aryan and Aradhya went to digha for honeymoon.while they were playing with the water in the sea,aradhya felt thirsty and aryan went to buy coconut water for her.suddenly someone put a cloth on aradhya’s face………….

This is just the beginning of the story.


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    Different and interesting post soon and u can call me ayushi ????

  3. Aishasweet

    thank you Rebba didi and Manya didi for supporting me

  4. Seems .. interesting..

  5. …Waiting for d coming episodes…

  6. Tiyasa

    Nice intro, continue…….

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