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Chapter 2

NeSam: Okay! You do the decorations and food stuff. And Arjun Please give us a holiday.


After a few hours

Arjun : Radhika….Baby are you ready?

Radhika : Here I am.

Arjun : Then let’s go.

Radhika : Okay!

At the party…
Everyone is enjoying.
People are eating, drinking beer and having fun.
Neil says ” Come on guys and girls let’s dance ”
Everyone : YESSSSSS!!!!!
Neil : Okay then let’s do a slow romantic dance.
Neil : Okay then who should be the first pair? Should it be Arjun Sir and Radhika?
Everyone : Yess!!
Neil : Sir Please, Radhika………

They both agree
Radhika was wearing a red one piece which was a little above the knees.
Radhika kept her hands on Arjun’s shoulders locked.
Arjun was holding Radhika’s waist.
Both were engrossed in dancing so much that they didn’t realize that the song had stopped 20 minutes before only.

Credit to: ¤¤ Anna ¤¤


  1. muktha shivanand

    nice darling
    but why dont u give us long update with every scene

    update as soon as possible

  2. Kirti

    Hey very nice bt pls try to give longer update……thanks for giving us another ff of aradhika and nesam. Love you….update next part waiting…..

  3. Manha

    Nice. Lovely. But long updates. But when did neil start calling arjun, SIR? Just kidding. Waiting for next.

    • Roma

      Hi Natasha, I read your new story, it’s awesome start…leaving me curious to know what will happen next…please continue it…and update the next episode soon for this and other story where is heart there there is life….love you loads honeyyyy….take care

  4. Ameena

    Ohh gawd ur story is sooo nice….plzzzzz continue it…this looks like the continuation of our original manmarziyan….good???….keep going buddy ….love u from all my heart..??
    One lovee?

  5. Roma

    Hi anna, nice episode, please don’t mind, just a suggestion, if you can make a long update with all the details about the scenes, i.e. dress, features, location, decoration, emotions etc…it will be really very interesting…i looooove looooooong updates with all the details of little things, it make me visualize the scene in my mind… sorry if I hurt you. …please continue your story, it’s awesome and interesting. …one question are ardhika and nesam married couples in this story?
    Love you loads and very tight hug. ..take care deariiiiiiieeess

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..